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Survey Says: Black Friday Is A Selfish Holiday!

Tradition suggests that Black Friday dollars are spent on a pretty good cause — buying holiday gifts for our loved ones. So we were surprised to discover that a whole bunch of you guys are turning convention on its head and snatching up the greater portion of Black Friday loot for yourselves!

Are These Money-Saving Gadgets and Services Worth the Money?

Ever since the Great Recession of '08, most shoppers have cut back on extravagant purchases. Lots of consumers have also pinched pennies on everyday items, from bottled water to gasoline. Simultaneously, manufacturers and retailers have been trying to sell a myriad of items to budget-minded consumers that purport to be effective tools for saving even more money. But are these gadgets, services, and memberships worth it?

In Case You Missed It: Recent DealNews Features

There's so much news to cover as we approach Black Friday and the holiday season, you might have overlooked some important information to guide your purchases. Here are some recent features you might have missed: ... and more!

We Haven't Found a Single Freebie Yet Through Amazon Kindle MatchBook

Earlier this week, Amazon launched its Kindle MatchBook program, which lets you download discounted Kindle eBook versions of select titles you've already physically purchased. While there are supposedly 70,000 eligible titles available, and some of them are reportedly free to download, we've yet to find great value in the service.

How Competition, Time of Day, and Even the Weather Can Affect Prices

Dynamic pricing is marketplace buzzword that has been around for a while, though it's being bandied about with increasing frequency as of late. Whether you're a consumer already planning your holiday shopping budget or just looking to save money on your regular household expenditures, it's important to understand what dynamic pricing is and how it can affect you.

Airlines Have Found Even MORE Ways to Annoy Their Passengers

The skies are about to become a bit friendlier, but that's not necessarily a good thing. It came to light last week that several major airlines are adding an extra seat to aisles in coach in order to boost their bottom line. Even frequent and elite travelers aren't exempt from airline changes: the Consumerist discovered that some airlines have done away with free checked bags and a number of Premium Economy seats on popular routes.

11 Ways to Get Cheap Cell Phone Service

Cell phone service providers thrive by peddling a plethora of extra features on top of basic service plans, but many people don't even look at their monthly cell phone bill. Checking your bill though can help you remove any of these unnecessary extras. Here are 11 ways to cut back on your wireless plan and put some extra money back in your wallet.

When to Buy an iPad mini & How to Get a Deal on the iPad 5

October 22 is shaping up to be a busy day for Apple. Not only is the company expected to announce the new iPad mini 2, but rumors indicate we'll also witness the debut of the iPad 5. As with all Apple announcements, consumers should gear up for discounts on previous generation devices. But just how low will prices go, and when will we see deals on the new tablets?

Checkout by Amazon Means Never Entering Your Credit Card Information Again

Love shopping online but hate having to enter your name, billing address, and credit card every time? You could checkout via PayPal, or you could opt to use the new payment system from Amazon: Checkout by Amazon. The recently released checkout system works a lot like PayPal, but Checkout by Amazon doesn't redirect users to a new webpage, and instead offers immediate access to users' Amazon address book and payment methods directly on merchant checkout pages.

Halloween Infographic: Americans Spend $330 Million on Pet Costumes

Does $6.9 billion sound like a spooktacularly high price tag for Halloween? It's true, Americans spend quite a chunk of change on costumes, decorations, treats, and, of course, fake blood. Here, we present a breakdown of Halloween spending, plus we threw in a few other fun factoids to delight you ghouls and boys. It's scary how informative our infographic is!

Steam's Free Gaming OS Wants to Take Control of Your Living Room

While Microsoft and Sony duke it out for your attention this November, the gang at Valve announced plans for new operating system, console, and controller designed to bring Steam into your living room. But despite Valve's recent flurry of announcements, there's still a cloud of mystery surrounding SteamOS and the company's so-called Steam Machines.

Despite Early Holiday Hype, December Is The Best Time to Buy Toys

Toys "R" Us recently released its Fabulous 15 list of the hottest toys for the holiday season. You may be tempted to get your kids' wish list completed early this Black Friday, but we tracked the deals on last year's Fabulous 15 to see when the toys hit their lowest prices of the season, and you could save money if you wait a bit longer.

10 Ways to Save Enough Money to Buy an HDTV on Black Friday

Autumn is in the air, and even though the season — and all its pumpkin spice glory — isn't in full force yet, there's something else we bet you can smell from a mile away: Black Friday TV deals. And while we're predicting that 55" 3D HDTVs will drop to $425 on Black Friday, we understand that money doesn't grow on trees. Here are 10 ways to trim your budget before Black Friday so that you can afford that new TV come November.

Black Friday Laptops 2013: Doorbuster Deals for $170

2013 was a roller-coaster year for the laptop industry. While we saw the introduction of a new, energy-efficient processor from Intel, much of the year was overshadowed by weak laptop sales. And although many analysts are predicting the death of the laptop, we know that when it comes to productivity, the laptop is still king. And with laptop prices lower than they've ever been before, it's a buyer's market. But how far will your money and which systems will see the best laptop deals this Black Friday?

10 Celebrity Pennypinchers: "I Only Have One Car, and It's a Toyota Prius"

The celebrity exploits, rumored or real, that most often make the tabloids involve excess. But by contrast, the stars who pinch pennies and drive beaters break the lavish Hollywood lifestyle stereotype, and their stories are just as much fun to read. Here we gather 10 celebs who are rich and frugal, practicing the kind of financial restraint and budgetary austerity you'd sooner expect from your sock-darning, fruit-canning granny.

This Week in Consumer News: Would You Like a Cocktail with Your Jeans?

Keeping up to date with the latest price and shopping trends involves the often arduous trek through business gibberish and nonsensical numbers. But instead, we've cut through the jargon to put together a roundup of this week's consumer news that you actually need to know about, including the much-publicized depreciation of Apple's shares, McDonald's mobile payments, and stores that will serve you drinks while you shop.

VIDEO: How Much Do You Access the Internet via Your Phone?

According to a recent survey, 21% of cell phone owners use their phone — and only their phone — to connect to the Internet. This is a strikingly high number, even if you factor in those people who only have a phone and not a computer. In this brief — yet lively — video, our experts discuss how they access the Internet through their phones, even if they're not part of that exclusive 21%.