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What Is Layaway?

Looking for a way to afford the holidays without killing your monthly budget? We go over everything you need to know about layaway, including which stores will offer it this holiday season, and which ones won't.

Thanksgiving & Black Friday 2018 Store Hours: Know When to Go!

It's never too soon to start thinking about it: Black Friday will be here next month! For the sake of planning, it's vital to know when stores will be open. To help you keep track, we've compiled a comprehensive list of Black Friday store hours.

Today's Your Last Chance to Get a Cheap Price on a Thanksgiving Flight

Thanksgiving is a month away, but you should be booking your travel today. Read on to learn why now is the best time to book your holiday airfare if you want to save money.

How to Sell Your Old iPhone to Pay for a New iPhone

From carriers and trade-in sites to digital marketplace apps, you have many options to consider if you want to sell a smartphone. Check out this guide for the best ways to offload your old iPhone.

Black Friday Nintendo Predictions 2018

Nintendo isn't known for cutting prices. However, Black Friday is a good time to keep an eye out for discounted Switch consoles and Joy-Con controllers. Check out our Black Friday Nintendo predictions.

Black Friday Sales Predictions 2018: Inside Info on All the Doorbusters!

We took a close look at deal prices throughout the year, as well as trends from Black Fridays past. Check out our expert sales predictions for every item you want to buy during Black Friday 2018.

11 Scary-Good Ways to Save on Halloween

Haunted house parties and scary decorations are fun, but Halloween festivities can be frightening for your wallet. Here are 11 simple ways you can save this Halloween and still have fun celebrating.

Amazon Quietly Killed a Popular Prime Shipping Perk

Amazon used to offer an extra month of Prime for free if your order arrived after the guaranteed delivery date. But Amazon appears to have scrubbed this policy from its site. Worst of all, it's not clear what Prime members will get instead.

What Happens When You Submit a Complaint to the Better Business Bureau?

Filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau is straightforward, but what happens next? DealNews got the scoop on how customer complaints are filed, mediated, and ultimately resolved.

This Bad Food Habit Could Be Costing You $1,800 a Year

Planning for dining out can help you save money, stick to your budget, and enjoy those meals without guilt. Here are nine ways to save when eating out.

How to Get a Deal on the New iPhone XS

Apple recently announced the new iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, and carriers are already offering deals. Check out our guide on how to buy the new iPhone XS, and you can take advantage of promotions that'll save you hundreds!

The 130 Best Military Discounts in 2018

Businesses of all kinds offer military discounts, and while many of these deals are worthwhile, they can be tricky to redeem. Check out our list of the 130 best military discounts in 2018 to see what you can expect.

Here's Why You Probably Don't Need the Most Expensive New iPhone

Apple announced three new iPhones recently, including a "budget" model. They're all impressive, but it turns out there are very few differences between the cheapest and most expensive iPhones.

8 Ways to Watch HBO for Free (or Get It for Less)

Ready to binge-watch your favorite HBO shows? Here are all the places where you can find a free HBO trial, free content, and discounted subscriptions — as well as everything you need to know to get started.

The 104 Best Birthday Freebies in 2018: Get Free Stuff Just for Showing Up!

It's always nice to get an extra treat on your birthday. We've rounded up the best 2018 birthday freebies from major retailers and restaurants, and put them in a handy chart for you to consult before your big day arrives.

How to REALLY Erase All Personal Data From Your Phone, Tablet, or Laptop

Selling or giving away a device shouldn't become an opportunity to lose private data. Read on for instructions on how to wipe a laptop, smartphone, tablet, or streaming device the right way.

What Is Vudu?

Vudu is a Walmart-owned streaming service that simplifies your media library by merging your digital and physical media collections. Here's how it works.

Are Unlimited Data Plans Ever Worth It?

"Unlimited" data plans can seem pretty confusing these days, with their multitude of names and features. So are these plans worth the cost? We help answer your questions with our guide to unlimited data plans.

Why Is It So Expensive to Be Overweight?

You've probably heard that being overweight can have health consequences, but it can also impact a person's finances. Here are five ways a wider waistline can drain your cash.

13 Things That Are NOT Worth Spending More On

At a certain point, the benefits you receive from a product are less than what you invested in it. With that in mind, we look at 13 items you don't have to spend a ton on.

Connecticut Is the Last State to Offer Tax Free Shopping This Year

It's back-to-school season! Connecticut is taking a week to exempt clothes and footwear from sales tax, giving shoppers an opportunity to save on essentials before the new school year begins.

Texas and Maryland Both Have Tax Free Shopping This Weekend

It's back-to-school season, and Texas and Maryland created tax free days to give residents a break on school essentials. If you're a resident of these states, then prepare to shop this weekend.

How to Throw an Awesome Cookout on a Budget

You may love hosting backyard barbecues, but what if you have more enthusiasm for entertaining than money for a big bash? With these inexpensive cookout ideas, you can save and still have a great time.

A LOT of States Have Tax Free Shopping This Weekend

From August 3 to August 5, several states will give shoppers an opportunity to skip the sales tax. This weekend, shoppers in Iowa, Arkansas, Florida, Missouri, New Mexico, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Virginia, and Wisconsin can save.

Would You Rent a Mattress?

In the past, we've advised against buying your furniture via rent-to-own companies. However, some companies are hoping to change minds about renting furniture — even mattresses!

Both Mississippi and Tennessee Have Tax Free Shopping This Weekend

It's back-to-school season! Starting soon, Mississippi and Tennessee will be waiving sales taxes on school essentials. Read on to find out what qualifies for the exemption!

Would You Buy Refurbished Outdoor Gear?

More retailers are starting to sell used and refurbished outdoor gear — in particular, clothing. With our guide, you'll learn all about these programs, so you'll know how you can save serious money on some serious gear.

7 Stores Where You Can Take FREE Classes

Free in-store classes are cheaper than college, less of a commitment than learning an entire trade, and — best of all — completely free! Read on to see which stores offer free classes, plus the different topics you can learn about.

Delta Is Giving Us Wider Seats, and That's a Nice Change

Airlines are notorious for trying to squeeze as many passengers onto a plane as possible. But Delta is bucking the trend and providing more room for its international flights.