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Why Wait? The Best Black Friday Deals You Can Get NOW

The deals are starting early this year, which means you might be able to get your shopping done before Thanksgiving.

In-Store Only Black Friday Deals Are Dying Out

For years we've said you can shop for most Black Friday deals online, aside from the few doorbusters that are in-store only. But our research shows that even that might be changing.

12 Ways to Prepare for Black Friday Like a Pro

We've got 12 strategies to help you navigate Black Friday like a pro. Read our tips to see when you should start watching for deals, how to keep your budget intact, and how to avoid disappointment.

Thanksgiving Will Top Black Friday for Deals (Again)

Thanksgiving once again beat Black Friday for deal quality in 2016, and we think it'll do it again this year. But with stores cutting back on Turkey Day hours, Black Friday could reclaim the crown soon.

Thanksgiving & Black Friday 2017 Store Hours: Know When to Go!

Black Friday is this week, and if you have your eye on some in-store-only deals, then you may be asking yourself an important question: What stores are open for Black Friday?

The Top 5 Stores for Black Friday Deals Online in 2017

Where can you get the biggest Black Friday savings online? To help you find out, we combed through last year's sales to see which sites offered the most and best deals.

5 Black Friday Deals That You Can Find at (Almost) Any Store

You're not going crazy. With every store determined to outdo its competitors, there is a very good chance that you are seeing the same price over and over in ads for especially popular items. Here's why that's a good thing.

These Are the Top Black Friday Freebies to Look For This Year!

Savvy in-store shoppers know that Black Friday brings serious savings as well as awesome freebies. We've rounded up the top freebies for Black Friday early birds.

Have You Fallen for the 13 Biggest Black Friday Myths?

Is there any point to shopping on Black Friday? Is shopping online really easier? We've rounded up the biggest misconceptions and busted them wide open in our list of the 13 most common Black Friday myths.

Amazon Just Released Its First Ever IN-STORE Coupon

We expected Amazon to roll out in-store deals sooner or later. But this 20% off coupon isn't quite what we predicted.

10 Ways Black Friday Will Be Different in 2017

While the 2017 Black Friday season is bound to be familiar, it definitely won't be the same as last year. Because savvy shoppers are already prepping their Black Friday strategies, we've created a list of the biggest changes to expect.

'Leaked' Black Friday Ads Aren't Leaked, but You Should Still Read Them

What's the deal with Black Friday leaks? We spoke to an expert to see how stores are making the most of Black Friday hype by "leaking" ads. Find out whether any of these so-called leaks are real — and how they can benefit shoppers.

7 Ways Cyber Monday Is Different From Black Friday

Cyber Monday is often written off as Black Friday's less-awesome sibling, but that's unfair. Read on to learn a little more about everyone's second-favorite shopping holiday.

All the Best Discounts and Freebies for Students

Going to college can be expensive, so it only makes sense to save wherever you can. If you're a student, you can get lots of discounts just by flashing your student ID.

Men Are Shopping For Themselves on Black Friday

Everyone goes shopping on Black Friday, but they're not going to the same stores or shopping for the same reason. Check out the results from our latest survey!

Black Friday Sales Predictions 2017: Inside Info on the Most Likely Doorbusters!

We've made it to November, and the big ads are about to start dropping. Many items will be at their lowest prices of the year during Black Friday, including the usual suspects like TVs and tech. But even clothing, airfare, and beauty items will see big price cuts.

So how good will the prices be? Will they actually be worth waiting for? We took a close look at deal prices throughout the year, as well as trends from Black Fridays past, and made 2017 Black Friday predictions for just about every item you might want to buy.

Reduce, Reuse, Save: 10 Ways to Help the Earth AND Your Budget

Recycling and reusing items reduces waste, preserves resources, and leaves planet Earth an overall nicer place to live — but can it save you money in the long run? You bet! Follow these 10 tips to go green and save green at the same time.

8 Champion Outlet Picks to Make Winter Workouts Happen

Warm, comfy clothes will be key to your survival this winter, and luckily Champion is taking up to 75% off outlet styles. We've picked eight pieces for exercise and everyday life to help you get in gear — even when it's freezing.

8 Clever Shirts From BustedTees' 50% Off Sale

BustedTees is taking 50% off select regular-priced T-shirts via coupon code "FCKQHNP". We've picked out eight shirts that are a bit more clever than just literal logos, so you can feel good about wearing your fandom.

11 Ways Black Friday Will Be Different in 2017

While the 2017 Black Friday season is bound to be familiar, it definitely won't be the same as last year. Because savvy shoppers are already prepping their Black Friday strategies, we've created a list of the biggest changes to expect.

8 Things to Know About Amazon's New Echo Devices

Amazon has added three Echo devices to its lineup just in time for the holiday season. Here's everything you need to know about the new Echo models, how they compare to older versions, and what deals to expect on Black Friday.

9 Fall Camping Essentials on Sale at REI

October is a great time for camping. If that sounds appealing but you don't have the gear, head over to REI Garage and get up to 60% off a selection of apparel, shoes, and camping gear. Here are nine outdoor basics you'll need to camp in comfort.

What's the Deal With Layaway?

Looking for a way to afford the holidays without killing your monthly budget? Here's everything you need to know about layaway, including which stores will offer it this holiday season, and which ones won't.

Toys"R"Us Declared Bankruptcy. Now What?

Toys"R"Us recently filed for bankruptcy, but that doesn't mean the company is closing its doors. On the contrary, the retailer plans to operate normally during the bankruptcy process. Read on for our full analysis.

Embrace Your Weirdness With These Picks on Sale at ThinkGeek

Some interests will always remain a bit niche. Never fear — ThinkGeek has those covered, and is taking up to 60% off select items as part of its Friday the Halloweenth Sale. Here are seven picks that skew a little weird, but in the best way.

10 Costumes to Buy at Target's Sale Before They're Gone

If you're still browsing for a Halloween costume, check out Target, where you can buy one costume or accessory and get 50% off a second. We've rounded up 10 costumes that qualify, so you can take care of your costume before pickings get slim.

8 Cool Pieces on Sale at adidas

adidas has added a selection of new stock to its men's, women's, and kids' sale sections, in which items are marked up to 50% off. We've picked out eight discounted adidas items that are sporty and stylish.

The First Black Friday Ad of 2017 Is Here!

The very first Black Friday ad is already here — and it's 10 days earlier than last year! Harbor Freight Tools is once again the first leak. Read on to see which stores we think will be next.

8 Things You Need from Northern Tool, Even if You Don't DIY

You don't have to be a handyman to benefit from Northern Tool's Fall Power Sale. With discounts on over 2,100 items, there are great deals for even the anti-do-it-yourselfer. We've rounded up eight items that are useful to own, no matter your skill level.

8 Ways to Get HBO for Free (or Cheap)

Ready to start binge-watching your favorite HBO shows? Here's all the places where you can find free trials, free content, and discounted subscriptions — as well as everything you need to know to get started.

Touchdown! This Football Fan Gear Is on Clearance at Dick's

People love fall for many reasons, including the return of football season. If that speaks to you, then check out the clearance fan gear at Dick's Sporting Goods, which is marked up to an extra 60% off. We've found nine ways to rep your faves.

T-Mobile Will Pay for Your Netflix

Recently, T-Mobile announced that it's giving new and existing customers a present: free Netflix! But is it a good deal? Here's everything you need to know.