People Are Already Camping Out in Front of a Best Buy in Ohio

What kind of people camp out in front of a Best Buy 10 days before Black Friday?
The above image was taken outside the Best Buy in Akron, Ohio on November 19 at 1:26 pm. That's a full nine days, four hours, and 34 minutes before the store opens on Thanksgiving (since retailers are now celebrating Black Friday early). These people have technically been camping out even longer, since we're only basing this 9+ day hunkering down on the timestamp of the original tweet from a local news station:

Now, no matter how hungry the media are for "crazy Black Friday shopping" images, it still must have taken that news crew some time to drive over to Best Buy after receiving the hot tip that people had already started lining up; these people were most definitely setting up their tents hours before the original tweet.

If you're like us, then you're probably perplexed about what motivates someone to take Black Friday to this extreme level. To better understand what goes on in the mind of super-early Black Friday camp-outers, watch this hard-hitting "news" report from USA Today:

DealNews advocates staying at home on Black Friday, as all the best deals of the season tend to appear online. We're not sure why anyone would spend days sleeping in a parking lot when you could shop from the comfort of your own heated home. Oh, right, because (to paraphrase one of the interviewees in the video): They are crazy. After all, one woman is camping out despite the fact that she doesn't even want to buy anything. "I just wanted to hang out with everyone," she told the paper. Perhaps our Black Friday haters were right about those parties after all.

Readers, have you spotted any diehards waiting in line already?

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Lindsay Sakraida (DealNews)
@tagban You would think, but USA Today interviewed the people camping out and they're all discussing Black Friday deals.
Wouldn't this be waiting for the XBOX one? It releases tomorrow.
I would love to go there on Thanksgiving and start a line on the other side of the front doors. Fight and hillarity ensues...
Lol isn't time money??? Is it really worth saving three hundred and sleeping outside for nine plus days. Don't see the math.
God are they all on disability??
You have got to be kidding me! I like a bargain too but I am not about to take like a week off from work just to be the first in line for Black Friday! And for that matter, how much did the tents cost as well as the generator?
These campers are hired by Best P.R.
wow, they must be best buy workers camping outside. They have to work extra hours for the holidays, so why not just sleep outside the store in the tent than come back to work the next shift : D
This actually isn't funny...these people need to seek professional help!!
They are probably not see this year's BB BF AD yet.
Did there really see best buy this year's BF AD? What item do they line up for? iPad2 wifi LOL...
These ppls are so pathetic
Lindsay Sakraida (DealNews)
@kellycook11 USA Today interviewed people in line for Black Friday actually, in Ohio.
People are probably camping out for this Friday's release of the XBOX One, not for Black Friday.
Maybe they are there for the release of the new Microsoft Xbox One tomorrow at midnight.
The "news" is what I meant to type not the "new". (Ha Ha.)
The new never asks "Don't you have a job?" Are you on any government benefits, WIC, food stamps, Medicade...
Actually #BlackFridayIsDead
A person with questions
@wlau89 Lol
I assume people do not need to work. The irony in my statement.