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No One Needs to Know You Saved Money by Buying a Used Engagement Ring

Boy meets girl. Boy courts girl. Boy gives girl a diamond ring, and they live happily ever after. Well, not always. Sometimes, the fairytale doesn't end so well, and someone is left with a valuable piece of jewelry filled with painful memories. Enter the diamond ring resale website I Do Now I Don't, which allows sellers to connect directly with buyers on a budget. In theory, all parties involved get a better deal than going the traditional retailer route — but how does it work?

An Expert in Mobile Devices at PCMag Dishes on His Favorite Gadgets

Mobile has come a long way since flip phones with LCD screens. Nowadays few can keep up with all the latest developments in mobile with the savviness and stamina of Sascha Segan. He is PC Mag's lead analyst for mobile, and one of the nation's top experts on mobile phones and tablets. We're privileged that he's shared the five gadgets that are part of his high-tech arsenal.

Experts Agree: It's Not a Great Idea for Airlines to Charge Passengers by Weight

The trend towards offering a la carte flight services — with customers incrementally paying for everything from checked baggage to seat assignment and refreshments — has benefited the bottom line of many airlines. In some cases, this itemized approach has even offered passengers a wider array of relatively inexpensive flights. Yet, a number of industry experts believe that Samoa Air's "Fat Tax" pay-by-weight fee structure goes a step too far.

Rich People Buy the Darndest Things: The 8 Craziest Celebrity Over-Shoppers

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and author of Friday Night Lights, Buzz Bissinger has spent more than $600,000 on clothes, and has bought 81 leather jackets in the past few years alone — one of them cost $22,500. Surely Bissinger could use some remedial education from the dealnews crew in Bargain Shopping 101, but he's not alone. Buzz joins the ranks of some pretty notorious celebrity over-consumers.

T-Mobile Offers Cheap Service Plans for the iPhone 5

Last week, T-Mobile announced it will carry the iPhone 5 and permanently do away with yearly contracts. The wireless carrier's "un-leashed" contract-free plans make it the first major U.S. carrier to offer the iPhone 5 with no annual service contract. So what's in store for customers who choose to take the seemingly budget-friendly and non-binding leap? Here's a look at the cost and caveats to signing up contract-free with T-Mobile.

The First Blu-ray Player Cost $1,000: Crazy Price Milestones in Our 16 Years

This month, dealnews is celebrating a milestone: We're turning 16! Since we're a shopping site with a penchant for tech and other nerdy things, we decided to reflect on the most earth-shattering product releases from the last 16 years, that have also drastically changed in value since their inception. From Blu-ray players that originally cost $1,000, to annoying toys that inexplicably doubled in price since their advent, here are the 16 craziest price milestones in the history of dealnews.

Tax Day Fast Facts: Romanian Witches Pay a 16% Income Tax

If death and taxes represent two of life's certainties, then articles about taxes in the days leading up to April 15 come in a close third. And in this one, we've crunched the tax day numbers with enough exactitude to make your accountant jealous. Better yet, you don't need a sharp pencil or calculator to make sense of the facts and figures — past and present — that surround Uncle Sam's mandate.

A Grand Tour of European Deals: Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Greece, and Italy

Did you know that dealnews has an office in Ireland? That's right, and this week we're hijacking the travel feature to tell you about some amazing travel deals we found on our side of the pond and across Europe. We'll take you on a tour of our own fair isle of Ireland and then on to Spain, Portugal, Italy, and Greece. Grab your passport and your camera, you won't want to forget anything on this vacation!

Easter by the Numbers: 3 in 4 Americans Eat a Chocolate Rabbit's Ears First

Easter marks yet another holiday made for spending, as well as consuming copious quantities of chocolate. This year the National Retail Federation estimates that the average celebrant will spend approximately $145.13 on candy, decor, apparel, and food. And after conducting our own Easter egg hunt for stats, we've got other numbers on tap regarding this Spring holiday.

Your Smartphone Is Making You Spend More on Groceries

It's a commonly held belief amongst grocery store chains that the further a shopper walks into a store, the more likely it is that he or she will spend more money. But as it turns out, most shoppers actually end up covering less than half the area of an average supermarket, which means grocers aim to get us to walk around even more — and our own smartphones may be helping them accomplish this end.

Consumer Outlook Good: February Retail Sales Higher Than Expected

With the first quarter of 2013 drawing to a close, February's retail numbers brought a surprise to many sectors. While analysts expected to see a continued dip in sales across the board — what with higher payroll taxes, sequestration, and rising gas prices — February actually saw a surprising increase in retail sales. Here's a look at what that means could mean consumers.