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WTF: 10 of the Weirdest Products Ever

During a recent heat wave, we had a dream that we were in a glow-in-the-dark bed using cufflink cigarette lighters to set fire to the tail of a 12-foot inflatable spider. A moment of whimsy led us to Google the dream, and guess what! It was not so far-fetched after all! Subsequently we put together this list of weird and wonderful stuff you can buy that has made us gasp and giggle and shake our heads no less than 10 times.

When Amazon Reviews Get Ridiculous

Last year, we compiled an ultimate list of the best joke reviews on Amazon, and now we're back for another round. Join us again as we wade through the many products on Amazon's intimidatingly vast digital shelves and go in search of the one thing the internet produces above all else (aside from lists and cat memes and deleted search histories): snark. And spelling errors. But mostly snark.

This Week in Consumer News: ZIP Code Scandal, Canon Warranties Extended

More often than not, it pays to stay up to date with what's going on in the world of retail and consumer goods. For example, a recent study shows that men get distracted by flashy colors while shopping, which causes them to buy things that aren't actually good deals. Another report from last week suggests that the average price of iPhone apps is steadily dropping — but that might not be a good thing for your wallet in the long run.

Not an iPhone Fan? Here Are the Hottest Android and Windows Smartphones

Buying a smartphone isn't as easy as it used to be. Faster processors, sharper screens, and a never-ending line of new releases have made it a lot harder for consumers to make a single purchase without a tinge of regret. Fortunately, this Android and Windows smartphone buying guide is chock full of some of today's best phones at the best prices around.

The Stage Is Set: Summer Concert Series by the Numbers

The KFRC Fantasy Fair & Magic Mountain Music Festival and the Monterey International Pop Festival in June 1967 gave birth to outdoor rock festivals as we know them today. And since then, countless musicians have performed countless songs, but there's more to the summer's festivals. Here's the rundown on stats, spending, and trivia surrounding the summer concert season.

A Model Idiot: Real Life Zoolander Moments

Have you ever wondered if there's more to life than just being really, really, ridiculously good looking? With rumors circulating that the much-anticipated Zoolander 2 is in the works, we thought it was apropos to take a closer look at the models that we comes across every day. As our writers sort through sale after sale, they tend to unearth various photographic gems that seem to embody that Ben Stiller fashion classic.

Did Microsoft Fans Ensure Higher Game Prices By Hating on the Xbox One?

It's been an interesting few weeks for gamers, particularly Xbox fans. After initially planning a host of seemingly draconian online connectivity requirements and restrictive resale policies, Microsoft announced some big changes to its original Xbox One plans in response to gamers' reactions. But could new and used video games have been cheaper under the Xbox One's original model?

What's in a Name? How 7 Cornerstone American Companies Got Their Names

When it comes to chains like Walgreens, Macy's, or McDonald's, you don't have to be a genius to figure out the establishments were named after someone who got the enterprise off the ground, but wherefore Target? You can keep imagining what the story behind Apple Computers is, too, or we can talk about how the these seven major national brands chose their names.