Price Matching At Home Depot: What To Know in 2024

The home improvement retailer has a decent price matching policy with few exclusions. Here's everything to know.
Home Depot storefront.

Price matching is a common best practice among seasoned deal hunters — and for good reason! It's a popular way to save, and everyone can benefit from saving money. If you can get the exact same product at a cheaper price, why would you pay any more than you have to?

Think of price matching like shopping homework. You'll need to shop around and compare prices at other retailers, in order to find the best one. Price matching is also referred to as a price guarantee or promise that a retail store will match the lower price of a competitor, making sure the consumer is getting the best price possible! Sounds easy, right? It is! But, like anything in the world today, there is fine print and exceptions that you should be aware of.

Here we will break it all down for you, and you'll be a Home Depot price matching information wizard at the end of it!

Does Home Depot Price Match?

Yes! Home Depot is known for their already great prices on all things home-related like tools, appliances, and paint — but did you know you can get the lowest price here versus any other retailer for in-store and online purchases? You don't need a coupon, discount code, or promotional sale to get the benefits of the lowest price out there for an item. The most important stipulation is that the item you're price matching must be identical in color, size or quantity, and it must be in stock at the retail store, or ready to ship if online.

Home Depot's Guaranteed Low Price Policy

For customer service and lowest prices guaranteed, Home Depot is hard to beat. Their website is emblazoned with "Nobody Beats Our Prices" — so let's dig into that and find out exactly what that means.

In store

If you haven't already purchased the item and you're in store and can use your phone to check the price at another retailer, consider doing so in order to save. If you see that the exact same item is priced lower at a competitor, just show the ad, screenshot, or printout of the item and price for validation to an associate to have them match it.

The associate may need to contact the other store to confirm that the item is in stock and available for purchase. If you've already purchased the item, make sure to bring proof of the lower price when you head to the store to get your price adjusted.


For online purchases, their lowest price guarantee also must include the cost of shipping. For example, if Home Depot is selling the item for $50 with free shipping, and the competitor is selling the item for $40 but the shipping fee is $10, then Home Depot considers that $50 and you won't get the lower price. The item must also be identical in all aspects, like color, size/quantity, etc., and must be available to ship from the competitor to your location. It can't be out of stock or backordered.

To start this process, you'll need to submit your request through customer service, either through an online chat or calling their customer service number, 1-800-HOME-DEPOT(1-800-466-3337).

What Qualifies for Home Depot Price Matching?

Basically anything that isn't on the list of excluded items! And of course follows all the other requirements mentioned above — must be an identical item, available in store or to ship, you have your original receipt (if you've already purchased it), and you have proof of the lower price.

Home Depot's Price Adjustment vs Price Match?

You may have seen the term "Price Adjustment" and wondered what the difference is between that and a "Price Match". A price adjustment is simply adjusting the price of something that you've already paid for, and they are adjusting the price you paid by issuing a refund of the difference. Home Depot only gives you a 90 day window to get an adjustment on an item you purchased, though. Depending on the store's policies, the refund can either come in the form of actual refund to your original method of payment or as a store credit. Price adjustments can save you a ton of money, especially during times like Black Friday when you're frantically scooping up all the deals. There are restrictions around big shopping holidays like these though, so be sure to check first.

Is a Receipt Needed for a Price Adjustment?

Absolutely. You'll need to show proof of the price you paid and the specifics for the item purchased. If there is no way to verify your purchase, they can't give you a price adjustment. There may be other acceptable ways to show proof if you've misplaced your receipt, such as your credit card or order history, but that is at the discretion of Home Depot.

What Doesn't Qualify for Home Depot Price Matching?

Well, there's a whole long list apparently! So while their policy is mostly consumer-friendly, you'll be disappointed to know these restrictions are quite broad so be sure to ask a store associate if you need clarification. Below are some items listed that do not qualify for price matching:

  • Discontinued or obsolete items
  • Auction or bidding sites
  • Labor, delivery, or installation services
  • Custom orders
  • Special order items
  • Open-box and refurbished merchandise
  • Clearance or liquidation sale merchandise
  • Volume or bulk sales discounted items
  • Lower competitor prices that are accidental typographical errors or misprinted
  • Reconditioned or previously discounted products
  • Seasonal sale like Halloween- or Christmas-themed items
  • Financing or credit products
  • Rebates that lower the price of an item after purchase
  • Items sold by a third-party on the retailer's website — most likely seen on Amazon or Walmart websites
  • Pricing from membership-based retail wholesale clubs like Costco or Sam's Club

How To Get a Price Match at Home Depot?

Simply bring your proof of the lower priced item (it can be a printed ad, screenshot or photo, or online link) and present it to a cashier or associate; if it's verified, you will be granted the lower price. It's pretty straightforward and shouldn't be any hassle as long as it's not an excluded item. Rest assured, price match policies are pretty standard across big name retailers like Walmart, Target, Sam's Club, etc. and have the same requirements and rules, give or take a few details like the return window and exclusions.

How Long Does Home Depot Price Match After Purchase?

Home Depot's price adjustment policy follows the guidelines of their return policy for most merchandise, which is 90 days. There may be exceptions or exclusions, so when in doubt be sure to contact either customer service online or check with the service desk at your local store.

Which Stores Will Home Depot Price Match With?

Home Depot will match any retailer's low price. There are no exclusions except for the ones listed above, like bulk warehouse prices, liquidations and used goods, auction or bidding sites, etc. They will match any other competitor retailers' pricing. One thing to be aware of when comparing prices with Amazon or Walmart is they often have third-party sellers selling from their websites. Home Depot will not price match against third-party sellers so be sure the item you're comparing is "sold and shipped" by the actual retailer.

Does Home Depot Price Match With Lowe's?

Yes! Home Depot will price match Lowe's. Lowe's is probably one of their biggest competitors, and they definitely will price match as long as the criteria of identical item and in stock/available to ship is met. However, each store carries exclusive brands that the other doesn't. For example, HGTV Home paint by Sherwin Williams is exclusive to Lowe's, while Behr paint products are only carried at Home Depot, so those items would not be eligible for price matching.

Does Home Depot Price Match With Amazon?

The answer here is technically yes, they will price match with Amazon, but it has to obviously be the identical item as we mentioned before. It also has to be sold and shipped directly by Amazon as well. It can not be an item sold by a third-party seller on Amazon. Check the product details of the item you're wanting to price match — it will show you who the seller is.

Would Home Depot Price Match Local Retailers?

Home Depot will price match local retailers, mom and pop hardware stores, and even medium sized hardware stores like Ace Hardware. As long as it's an identical item that is in stock and available for purchase, they will price match!

Does Home Depot Price Match for Black Friday Sales?

Unfortunately, this falls into the category of exclusions for price matching. Home Depot will not price match for special seasonal sales from any retailer. Special seasonal sales usually include Black Friday, Back to School sales, Tax-Free special events, One Time Only promotions, or other special promotions linked to specific events.

Can You Use a Coupon and Price Match at Home Depot?

Amazingly, Home Depot will price match and honor a coupon if it's applicable to the item being purchased! Some shops will not allow a price match and coupons stacked on top of that, but Home Depot is one of the few retailers that allow it. They may even price match coupons from other retailers, so if you have one for your price matched item, it's worth a shot to ask customer service!

Do your shopping homework to compare prices of items you're shopping for at Home Depot. If you find a better price for the exact same item, chances are you can get a price match and save yourself some hard earned cash!

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