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So Much at Steak: 8 Tips for Buying the Right Gas Grill

In pondering that chowhound question of the ages, "Where's the beef?" know that the answer could be as close as your own backyard — that is, if you own the right grill for the job. But before you get burned, seared, or otherwise broiled on your gas grill search, here's a handy buying guide to landing the grill of your dreams: this checklist will help you separate necessities from the frills.

Grown Ups Just Want to Have Fun: 10 Kids' Items We Wish Were for Adults

Ah, the golden years of being encouraged to sleep, eat, and burp whenever possible. And those pirate-themed beds, treehouses, LEGOs! Do kids even know how lucky they are?! When was the last time you got to wear your batman suit to dinner, hmm? And how handy were bibs!? In our opinion there are some things that really should come in adult sizes. And no, we don't mean diapers.

The New MacBook Air Is a Better Value Than Deals on the Previous Generation

Normally after Apple releases a new version of one of its devices, we recommend that shoppers save money by skipping the latest model and instead look for deals on the previous generation; often the new upgrades are minor and "older" models are barely a year old. But when it comes to the 2013 MacBook Air, we're recommending shoppers buy the latest model.

Know Where Your Money Goes: Hidden Fees for College, Flights, Banking, more

Nowadays many "hidden" fees added to the base price of everyday utilities (like banking, high-speed Internet, etc.) are not so hidden. And while they allow companies to charge more without officially raising its prices, their costs to consumers adds up quickly. Here's a look at a handful of below-the-line fees and some tips on how to avoid potentially surprising bills next month.

Deal Highlight: A Kindle Fire Sale Just as NOOK Is Predicted to Fail

Analysts have been predicting the NOOK's demise for a while, which means Amazon's Kindle line may be the way to go for those hesitant of the shaky Barnes & Noble device. And as luck would have it, we found two exceptionally good Kindle Fire deals today, including a rare discount on the current generation tablet and an all-time low price on a refurbished model.

The State of Gaming Survey: The Xbox Reigns Supreme

With new consoles debuting, cheap Android game systems on the market, and E3 around the corner, it's shaping up to be an exciting time in gaming. To tap into that anticipation, we polled our game-playing readers to find out what they're playing, how much they're spending, and what they're doing with their consoles — when they're not shooting aliens, of course.

How to Maximize the Trade-in Value of Your Old Video Games

Concrete details for the newest Xbox and PlayStation consoles are just around the corner, but since it's almost certain that both consoles will not be backwards compatible, it's likely that all of your video games are about to become outdated. How will this affect the trade-in value of your current-gen video games, and what can you do to get the most money when selling?

4K TV Deals May Be Awesome, But You'd Be Stupid to Buy One

When they debuted for consumers earlier this year, 4K TVs carried a $20,000 price tag. For this reason, we'd wager that few dealnews readers realistically ever considered buying one — that is, until Seiki released a 50" 4K TV for just $1,500. Despite that crazy low price, there are still many reasons why it's not worth investing in 4K technology just yet.

Some of Your Favorite Retail Sites May Be Giving Your Data to the Government

The Electronic Frontier Foundation just released its annual "Who Has Your Back?" report, which offers an in-depth look at the digital companies that protect your data from the government — and its findings may surprise you. Looking at the privacy policies of ISPs, email providers, cloud storage providers, social networking sites, and more, it's become clear that not all of our online data is safely guarded.