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Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. HTC One: Which Android Phone Reigns Supreme?

The past and present champions of Android smartphones, HTC and Samsung, go head to head as we compare the recently unveiled Samsung Galaxy S4 and the HTC One. These contenders are well-matched, and a wealth of tech followers and writers have already fawned over their features. So when it comes to the crème of the 2013 crop of phones, which reigns supreme?

Music on the Run: How to Choose Headphones for an Active Lifestyle

Who doesn't workout better when paced by a good beat? Thankfully we live in the age of the MP3 player and the smartphone, so we're able to carry our music with us 24/7. Whether you need tunes for a run at the gym or jaunt around the yard on a riding mower, we've compiled some guidelines to help you pick the perfect pair of headphones for an active lifestyle.

Americans Will Rack Up a $245 Million Bar Tab This St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day shall soon be upon us. It's a time for counting the copious consumption of all things Irish, semi-Irish, or not even remotely Irish. And the consumer forecast this St. Patrick's Day calls for more than 133 million celebrants to take part in the action, with spending to reach to a whopping $4.7 billion. Here's how Americans will be spending the green on March 17.

Will the Samsung Galaxy S4 See the Same Price Cuts as the S3?

The soon-to-be released Samsung Galaxy S4 has many people geeking out over the phone's alleged new size and technology. But some consumers might not be ready to jump aboard the S4 train just yet, knowing that in a few months, it will probably drop in price. But how long will it take to find a deal on the S4?

Amazon Will Email You With Users' Questions About Things You've Bought

Amazon's got its reviews section, and now the mega retailer has implemented a Customer Q&A section to help those undecided buyers become even more informed about a product before purchasing. But those user-submitted questions don't go to Amazon experts; they are emailed to actual past customers who've bought the product(s) in question. As savvy Amazon consumers, how will this affect you?

How to Save on Any Online Order, from Groceries to Overweight Items

Living in the age of online shopping and m-commerce, it has become arguably harder for stores without an online presence to compete with the lower prices of many online merchants. But still, are there any items you'd never consider buying online? From clothing to groceries, we discuss how potentially problematic purchases are made easier through online shopping.

Find and Compare the Best Cell Phone Plans: A Definitive Carrier Comparison

Securing a new cell phone plan is far from straightforward; once you've decided what device you want, you still have to decide which carrier to sign up with, at which point you may wonder whether it makes sense to get a subsidized phone through a 2-year contract, or if the pay-as-you-go option is better for your needs. Then, of course, there's the question of coverage and plan pricing.

Before you throw your hands up in defeat and re-up with the same carrier for another two years because it's easy, take some time to compare the costs and potential savings of all the carrier options.

Moving Service Sites Think Outside the Cardboard Box to Save Time and Money

If you've ever hired a moving service before, how did you do it? Did you take the time to price out all competitors, based on your very specific inventory and distance to be traveled, thus requiring each company to visit your home and give you a quote? Probably not, even though that would be the only way to ensure that you're paying the best price possible. Unpakt and Moveline, however, aim to streamline the moving process and make it more cost effective.

The PS4 Announcement Will Drop PS3 Prices by 64%

Sony will reportedly release its long-awaited PlayStation 4 next week, exciting gamers everywhere. But while we're intrigued by the PS4, we also can't help but wonder what this means for the PlayStation 3, which will undoubtedly see a price drop after Sony's announcement. We looked back into our archives to see what kind of discounts shoppers can expect in the coming weeks.