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Don't Like Your Gifts? Regifting Rules for 2011

You've put the wrapping paper in the recycling bin, you've put away the tree, now what about the gifts in the reject pile? If you've got a few there that just aren't for you, you are going to join the 68% of people who claim they've regifted, or considered regifting, a holiday present. Here's how to do it right…

This Week's Rumor Roundup: iPad, Android, YouTube, more

Welcome to this, the last Rumor Roundup of 2010! For the most part, it looks like the Internet Rumor Engine has already gone on winter vacation, so it's slim pickin's. But, well, it's winter and traditionally a time of hardship, right? So tighten your belt and dole out small portions, because these are the last you're getting for a while! See you in 2011!

5 Contenders to the Groupon Throne

There's Groupon, and then there's a growing, massive list of other daily deal sites of all stripes. They're easy to confuse and impossible to rate if they're worth your time on your own. Cull your browsing down to just these five that we've selected, and you'll likely end up saving time and money.

Gift Card deals: Jamba Juice, AMC Theatres, Bonefish Grill, more (updated)

Below we've rounded up several discounted and buy-one-get-one gift card deals from participating merchants and restaurants. The deals:
  • AMC Theatres: Get a free $10 Concession Card for every $50 you spend on gift card purchases.
  • Bonefish Grill: Get a free $20 gift card when you spend $100 or more on gift cards.
  • L.L. Bean: Get a free $10 gift card when you spend $50 or more on gift cards.
  • Jamba Juice: Purchase a $25 gift card and receive a free 16-oz. smoothie.
  • see all gift card deals, almost 30 in all

The 2010 Guide to Gift Card Exchange Deal Sites

The average person is going to spend $145 on buying gift cards this year, whether any wants them to or not. So we've got one question for you: Why pay full price? And for your recipients, we offer three suggestions: Sell, sell, sell. Here's how to navigate the choices that are out there right now and what cash value you'll get for your cards.

The All-New Mac vs. PC Debate for 2010

You thought we settled this debate? Think again. Even though Mac has cornered the market on music players and tablets, people are still spending days like Cyber Monday sorting through hundreds of laptops deals and opting for PCs. So we have at the debate again to see who wins with today's rules.

Can Free Purple Slurpees Unite the Country on Black Friday?

Can something as simple as a free purple Slurpee — a mix of red for Republicans and blue for Democrats — really change the country? Or it is just a great marketing ploy to refuel thousands of shoppers who hit the malls on Black Friday. Check out what you missed on one of the busiest days of the year in our new video.

Winner: Best Gadget for Black Friday 2010

We have a winner! After much fierce competition and thousands of votes, we narrowed our choices among eReaders, video game systems, HDTVs and mobile computers, to just four. Now, just one champion gadget of Black Friday 2010 stands. Come find out who won!

Pillow Pet Battle Over Fakes Tells Cautionary Tale

What's a poor stuffed pig have to do to fend off impostors? We take a look inside the battle that the hottest products have against fakes and knockoffs, and what you need to know as a consumer. Oh, and we have a little video fun imagining what our Pillow Pet pig would like to do to his competitors.