Cheap Smart TV Deals In February 2024

Best Smart TV Deals in 2024

The TVs keep getting smarter and deals keep getting better.
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Smart TVs come in all shapes and sizes and perhaps concerningly, they're only getting smarter. We won't worry about them gaining sentience and enacting revenge for all the terrible TV you watch just yet. Rather, we will concern ourselves with the best-reviewed and best-selling models and perhaps most crucially, the best available deals for said models. Best Buy, Walmart, Amazon, and more have you comprehensively covered in this regard. There's many smart TV deals to be had at all times and to see the absolute latest up to the nanosecond smart TV deals, you can click here. Or! Remain on this very page to see some of the most coveted and desirable smart TVs on sale in numerous different sizes.

What Are The Best Smart TV Deals 2024 Right Now?

Top 24" to 43" Smart TV Deals

Insignia F20 Fire TV 24" 720p LED Smart TV

$69.99 at Amazon

Proving that you don't need to break the bank to get a smart TV is the Amazon exclusive Insignia F20 24" 720p Fire TV LED Smart TV. It's certainly petite and at 720p it won't be showcasing the greatest level of detail in whatever you use it to watch but that's ok because every TV should be judged according to what it's needed for. In this case, if you're on a tight budget but still want to be able to experience some of the benefits of a smart TV such as Alexa voice control, Apple AirPlay support, and a ton of apps then it may serve you well. It has three HDMI ports.

Samsung QN90C QN43QN90CAFXZA 43" 4K HDR QLED UHD Smart TV

$898 at Amazon

$900 at Best Buy

$900 at Samsung

This here TV features Samsung's Neo QLED technology, which is not to be confused with OLED technology. It has better black levels than their older versions of the tech and while you won't get perfect black levels like you would with an OLED smart TV, you will get better overall brightness. You also don't have to worry about burn-in like you would with an OLED although careful and crafty OLED owners will tell you that this isn't much of a concern these days if you play it smart. While 43" might be on the smaller side of things in the grand scale of televisions, it can be an ideal size for the likes of a bedroom. The included remote control can charge via built-in solar panel which means that sun ruining light rays disrupting your viewing finally actually have some sort of benefit.

Top 55" Smart TV Deals

Samsung S90C QN55S90CAFXZA 55" 4K HDR OLED UHD Smart TV

$1,498 at Amazon

$1,500 at Best Buy

$1,500 at Samsung

The almighty OLED TV has become the go to TV type for many and it's not hard to see why. Since they don't need a backlight they can be thinner and more energy-efficient than TVs using other display technologies. Since OLED smart TVs light each pixel on an individual basis, they have per-pixel dimming which allows for the beautiful inky black levels and infinite contrast ratios that they are synonymous with. It's lovely stuff and many OLED owners agree that once you witness it for yourself there's no going back. Luckily for us all, OLED prices have dropped in recent years and they aren't that much more expensive than the upper tier QLEDs so if you really value picture quality and color reproduction, an OLED is well worth considering. The Samsung S90C QN55S90CAFXZA 55" 4K HDR OLED UHD Smart TV is an easy recommendation within the 55" size category.

LG C3 Evo 55C3PUA 55" 4K HDR OLED UHD Smart TV

$1,296.99 at Walmart

$1,299.99 at Best Buy

$1,506.99 at Amazon

It's not just Samsung who makes those fancy schmancy OLED TVs. LG is in the game too and this is of great benefit to us all because as it turns out, they make some fine OLED smart TVs. Yes sir, the C3 range from LG comes in a variety of sizes and the 55" model is what has caught our eye in the here and now. It should probably catch yours too because it's a fantastic all rounder for TV shows, movies, video gaming, and anything you might want to do with a smart TV.

TCL A6 Fire TV 55" 4K HDR QLED UHD Smart TV

$349.99 at Amazon

Within the 55" 4K range, there's cheaper options than the likes of Samsung and LG that can still get you a significant portion of the features you might want at a much lesser price. Of course there will be compromises to be had but the Fire TV range nonetheless represents a good bang for buck whilst still maintaining a good quality of product. The TCL A6 Fire TV 55" 4K HDR QLED UHD Smart TV has Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos support, covering two major visual and audio bases. Surprisingly for a TV in this price range, it supports AMD FreeSync and so offers VRR support up to 120Hz, making this a solid choice for gamers too.

Top 65" Smart TV Deals


$1,506.99 at Amazon

$1,596.99 at Walmart

$1,599.99 at Best Buy

LG is known for their fine OLED smart TVs and the LG C3 is evidence that this reputation is well deserved. It's 65" of spectacularly marvelous black levels and eye popping HDR. Nvidia G-Sync, AMD FreeSync Premium, and variable refresh rate capability are here for the games players looking to get the most out of their PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, or Xbox Series S with the trio of mentioned technologies capable of providing silky smooth and responsive feeling performance. High color accuracy, perfect contrast, and wide viewing angles as one expect from a top line OLED are present and accounted for too.

Samsung The Frame QN65LS03BAFXZA 65" 4K HDR QLED UHD Smart TV

$1,598 at Amazon

$1,600 at Best Buy

$1,600 at Samsung

For the more aesthetically conscious TV users among us, the Samsung Frame TV functions as both a capable smart TV and sizeable picture frame. Conveniently the Samsung Slim-Fit Wall Mount is included. Also included is an anti-reflective matte screen, tantalizingly titled Quantum HDR, and a Solarcell sun powered remote control.

Smart TV Deals FAQs

How do the best Smart TV deals 2024 compare to 2023?

Right now at this particular time of the year, smart TV sales are always guaranteed to occur ahead of what one might casually refer to as The Big Game. The discounts can be plentiful and wonderful however around the time of Black Friday later this year and in the summer for likes of Prime Day, we'll see a fresh batch of discounts. As such, 2024 smart TV deals should be expected to fall roughly in line with last year's and occur around the same general time periods. In short, whether you're looking for 50" smart TV deals, 40" smart TV deals, 32" smart TV deals, or anything above, in between, or below, there's deals to be had.

How do Smart TV deals compare in-store vs online?

If you opt to purchase in-store, you'll gain the considerable advantage of being able to check out the potential smart TV of your dreams in person which is a huge plus. You won't likely find a better smart TV sale or price in store and you will need to cart what could be a potentially very sizeable smart TV indeed all the way back home which may or may not prove bothersome. So to play it totally safe you may want to do some in-store recon and then fall back to the online world of ordering convenience when it comes time to purchase.

What else should I consider when purchasing a Smart TV?

Focus on the features that matter to you. If the smart TV you're purchasing will mainly be used for gaming, a high refresh rate, adaptive sync, and the fastest response time may outweigh a larger size or higher resolution. Meanwhile, if it's OLED or bust, know that going cheaper for the likes of QLED simply won't match the godly picture qualities of the almighty OLED.

There's always another sale around the corner. Smart TVs on sale is an all year round phenomenon. Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Prime Day might be three of the big tentpole sale events in the savings calendar most likely offering the best smart TV deals of 2024 but fear not though because sales, deals, and price reductions of varying degrees will always happen on and off between the big events.

Smart TVs are constantly getting bigger and better, and the discounts will match. We've listed some of them above, and you can always check our TV deals page to keep up with the best smart TV deals going right now.