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Best Freebies: Download a Black Panther Comic for Free!

The weekend is here, and whether yours is looking bright and sunny or less so, treating yourself to awesome freebies can make it better. Check out our roundup of the week's best freebie deals to score a DealNews Exclusive offer on a Black Panther digital comic, access to the Stupid Good Deals at That Daily Deal, and more.

Is the 'Pink Tax' Still a Problem?

If you've noticed products marketed toward women tend to have higher prices than gender-neutral items, you aren't imagining it. This is the so-called "pink tax." We look at prices on personal care items to see what today's shoppers can expect.

5 Deals You Need To Know Today: Shop the iPhone 7 Plus 128GB At An All-Time Low

Opt for a refurb and you'll nab the iPhone 7 128GB phone at an all-time price low. Check out this offer and more in our roundup of the top five Editors' Choice deals we found last night and this morning.

Best Camping Deals: Get 30% Off This Handy Cooler Tote

Even if winter is still hanging on in your area, and you can't fathom camping for another couple of months at least, now's a good time to start thinking about gear. Check out our roundup of the week's best camping deals to score a rechargeable lantern, a jumbo cooler tote, and more.

The 6 Best Travel Credit Cards for Small Businesses

You can't expect a credit card designed for regular consumers to give you what you need as a small business owner. Here's what you should know if you're considering a travel credit card that's designed for businesses.

Best Laptop Deals: Score a Lenovo Ideapad for Only $180!

Finding the right laptop is a matter of balancing specs with price. This week's roundup of the best laptop deals has plenty of options to help you find the perfect fit. Check it out to save hundreds!

8 Things to Buy in March (and 3 Things You Should Definitely Skip)

Seasonal clearance and post-Valentine's Day offers make this month a shopper's delight. March also begins a new travel season, so it's a prime time to book a cruise and upgrade your luggage. Read on to discover all the things you should be shopping for in March.

14 Confusing Things About Shopping on Amazon

Amazon is the first stop for many online shoppers, but that doesn't mean it's always easy to shop there. We've rounded up 14 of the most confusing things about shopping on Amazon. In some cases, we'll even tell you how to avoid them.

Save It for a Rainy Day: Gear to Keep You Dry in a Downpour

The rainy season will be here before you know it, so before the next downpour hits, prepare yourself. Our roundup of the week's best accessory deals will have you covered — literally! Score rain boots, umbrellas, and more.

Best Speaker Deals: Save $100 on an Alexa-Friendly Speaker

Whether you prefer to listen to the latest hits, your favorite podcasts, or just want your movies to sound as good as they look, our roundup of the week's best speaker deals has you covered. Score affordable sound bars, an Alexa-friendly speaker, and more.

Should You Do Your Own Taxes? 5 Questions to Ask

No matter how simple or complex your tax return may be this year, it's easy to get overwhelmed once you ask yourself the big question: should you do your own taxes or hire a pro to do them for you? We're here to help you figure that out.

Celebrate National Margarita Day With a New Blender!

According to the International Bartenders Association (IBA), the basic margarita recipe calls for 7 parts tequila, 4 parts Cointreau, and 3 parts lime juice. Shake it over ice and strain it into a cocktail glass rimmed with salt. But if you prefer something seriously frosty, check out our roundup of the week's best small appliance deals to find the perfect blender to turn your drink into a frozen concoction.

Best 4K TV Deals: The Best Price EVER for a 65" 4K TV!

If you've been thinking about making the jump to 4K TV, now is an excellent time to do it. This week's roundup of the best 4K TV deals is filled with prices that won't break the bank. Read on to save hundreds!

You're Getting Less Than You Think With These 6 Things

Whether it's misleading labels or mountains of fees, there are a lot of ways you can end up getting less than you thought you were buying. Here are six common instances where your purchase might not measure up.

All the FREE Ways to File Your Taxes Online

If you've got all your documents together, you can file your income tax return online and beat the April 17 cutoff. And you may not have to spend a dime! Check out our list of free tax-filing options.

5 Weirdly Specific Kitchen Gadget Deals to Make Food Prep Easier

Alton Brown is a big proponent of not using tools that are unitaskers. Sure, they can make quick work of your food prep chores, but then you have to find somewhere to store them. And if storage is already tight? Suddenly, that avocado slicer really doesn't seem worth it. However, we came across a handful of items that might make some of your food prep a little easier. Check out our roundup of the week's best kitchen deals to find a microwave egg maker, grape cutter, and more.

Best Phone Deals: Save $130 on an LG G6+

Whether you're off today or back to the daily grind, you can snag an awesome deal on a new phone. Check out our roundup of the week's best phone deals to score an unlocked LG G6+, a Galaxy S8+, and more.

4 Health Remedies You Might Be Wasting Money On

There are plenty of products that promise a quick cure without a visit to the doctor. While there are certainly products that work, many vitamins, supplements, and remedies exist solely to put a hole in your pocketbook.

7 Ways to Keep Your Money Secure While Traveling

Our money is never truly safe anywhere. Luckily, there are ways to protect your money when traveling at home or abroad. Consider these seven tips to keep your credit cards and personal finances secure the next time you go adventuring.

How to Buy a Men's Wallet

Despite an overwhelming number of options in terms of brands and models, many men's wallets are almost identical. You can save your time and money, and focus instead on finding the wallet that's right for you.

L.L.Bean Killed Its Return Policy, and I'm Not Okay

Recently, L.L.Bean informed customers it's changing its returns rules in a big way. Let's have a moment of silence for the legendary return policy that way too many shoppers took advantage of.

What It's REALLY Like to Buy a Mattress Online

Buying a mattress can be an anxiety-inducing experience. And buying a mattress online brings up a whole new set of concerns. We surveyed our DealNews colleagues to see what it's really like to shop for a new bed online.

Amazon's Prime Exclusive Phones Are Worth Buying Now

Amazon's Prime Exclusive phones have always been an affordable alternative to buying through the major carriers. Now Amazon is getting rid of lock screen ads, making these handsets an even better deal.

Your Shopping Apps Should Match Your Lifestyle

No matter what kind of shopper you are, there's an app for you and the way you like to do business. Find the apps that fit your shopping style.

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