The dealnews 2008 Christmas Card: USB X-MAS! (video)

What's all that racket?! Why, it's Christmas, celebrated USB-style!! We gathered together as many USB Christmas decorations as we could find, just to see what would happen. The results? Magical. (And loud.) It's a Christmas card, from us, to you. Happy Holidays!

Holiday shopping mistakes (and stores) to avoid

Linens 'n Things, Circuit City, KB Toys ... all bankrupt. The current economic crisis is going to put more stores in bankruptcy or out of business. How can this affect you? What other pitfalls should you avoid as the holiday shopping season peaks? We'll break down the potential trouble spots and warn you of other potential problems. Plus, a list of stores to avoid.

How to Research an Unknown Retailer

Here at dealnews, we take multiple steps to ensure every deal we list is verified, price-checked, and sold by a reputable store. But what happens when we come across a deal from an unknown vendor? Here are some of the investigative steps we take that you can take too, to safeguard your credit card information before making that online transaction.

How to make spare cash online

We know, it sounds like an infomercial come-on. But you can actually make money online in your spare time, from Amazon, Google, and even The New York Times. We'll show you a few ways to save up for that flat-panel (or just earn some extra beer money) by doing what you do best: surfing the interwebs.

Don't Panic: Expect Last-Minute Shipping Deals til December 23

Worried that holiday shipping deadlines are coming soon? Don't panic! Expect a long list of stores to offer free or discounted last-minute shipping — as late as December 23 — with guaranteed Christmas Eve delivery. To ease your fears, we compiled a list of stores that had such offers last year. We expect an even bigger list this year, and we'll post last-minute shipping deals as soon as we find them. So sit back and relax. Your holiday shopping is under control.

Revisited: Ditching cable for free Internet TV ... is it time yet?

Like it or not, cable TV prices are going up. Fortunately, new online TV sites have launched, and the old sites are improving. Budget-conscious couch potatoes have more options than ever for free Internet TV. We revisit this issue: Has online video matured to the point where you can ditch cable and just watch free TV on the Internet?

Holiday Shipping Deadlines for 2008

In case you missed it, here's our list of holiday shipping deadlines for Christmas Eve delivery. Browse through our list and mark your calendars, as these are the dates you can't afford to miss.

Black Friday Cheers & Jeers 2008

The busiest shopping day of the year has come and gone, and as we did last year, we here at dealnews are taking a look back at some of last week's biggest bargains and biggest failures. We present to you, the best and worst of Black Friday 2008.

The dealnews Black Friday Strategy Guide

This year's holiday shopping season is expected to be a bargain hunter's paradise. With struggling vendors and a sagging economy, everyone's vying for your dollar. But unless you know how to score the best deals, chances are you can wind up spending more than you wanted. Follow our Black Friday Strategy Guide and you'll not only find the best deals, but you'll do so without breaking a sweat. Or possibly without leaving home.

dealnews Family Holiday Recipes: What we're cookin'

In this, the season of giving, we thought we'd share some of our favorite family recipes for the holidays. Some have been passed down from generation to generation, others are new traditions. Either way, these are the recipes that would cause a revolt at the table if they were left off the menu. Enjoy!

Online Thanksgiving: Buy it all with a few clicks

Did you know that you can buy everything you'll need to make Thanksgiving dinner on the Internet? Well you can! Check out our Online Thanksgiving Buying Guide, in which we show you how you can shop for the "big day" from the (relative) safety of your own home.

Hands-On BlackBerry Storm: 24 hours with RIM's touchscreen smartphone

The world's love affair with touchscreen smartphones continues as RIM and Verizon Wireless unleash the first touch-sensitive BlackBerry. But can does this button-less smartphone let you push out e-mail as fast as its counterparts? We spent 24 hours with the new BlackBerry Storm to find out.

CPG ( files for bankruptcy: What you need to know

Continental Promotion Group, Inc., a major rebate processing company that runs, filed for bankruptcy late last week. Here's what you need to know if you've recently submitted a mail-in rebate or received a rebate check from this company.

The ins and outs of layaway

With consumers tightening their belts, it's hard to justify buying those cool, sought-after gifts this holiday season. So how do you fulfill those wish-lists without going bust? One option is to use the old-fashioned layaway method. We've reviewed six stores' layaway policies so you can see the pluses and minuses of this shopping option.

How to choose the right engagement ring

Finding the perfect engagement ring can be as difficult as asking your girlfriend to marry you. While we can't help you with the latter, we can show you how to pick a ring that will match both her style and tastes.

This Week's Rumor Roundup: Apple, iPhone, LittleBigPlanet

Oh Internet, you're such a gossip! Always saying things that might not be 100% true! Well, thanks, because we take what you say and put it all in our Rumor Roundup.

dealnews 2008 Technologies of The Year: You vote for #1!

This week, the dealnews staff got together and decided what technology made the biggest impression on us this year. We've made our list, checked it twice, and here are our picks for 2008 Technology of the Year. Plus, vote for your favorite in our reader survey!

Toys "R" Us Fabulous 15: Hot toys of the holiday season

The 2008 Toys "R" Us Fabulous 15 list is out now - what toys will your kids have to have this upcoming holiday season?

Smartphone Showdown: BlackBerry Bold vs. iPhone, T-Mobile G1

In the market for a new smartphone? With their laptop-like features, today's all-in-one models can keep you entertained and connected no matter where you go. From the Blackberry Bold to the T-Mobile G1, we tested three of today's most sought after models to find out which mobile is worth your hard-earned cash.

This Week's Rumor Roundup: Apple, iPhone, YouTube

Come on in and check out this week's Rumor Roundup. We search the web and bring all the crazy ideas that are out there into one, convenient location: here.

Do-it-yourself websites that save you money: Instructables, eHow, more

Need to replace a corrupted hard drive? Looking for a quick way to upgrade your laptop's memory? Why pay someone to perform these services when you can do them yourself for free. These do-it-yourself websites will show you how.

Comparison shopping with Google Android

Using your cell phone to find online deals isn't new, but T-Mobile's G1 is taking the concept to a new level. Currently, there are three barcode-scanning applications that use the Internet and the G1's GPS capabilities to zero in on low prices. We put the three Android-based apps to the test to find out how well they worked.

dealnews Learns Italian: The results

Our 1-month-long experiment to learn Italian is over. Want to know who in the office has the most "Italian cred"? Who did the best on the exam? Who did the worst? And, more importantly, which method of learning a language is most cost-effective? (Does the pricey Rosetta Stone have a chance?) Then click on through to find out!

Hands On with the T-Mobile G1 by HTC: Is it the next iPhone?

We got our hands on the T-Mobile G1, the new Google Android-equipped smartphone from HTC. We've been putting it through the ringers over the past couple of weeks to see if it's truly an iPhone killer, if it's worth the switch to T-Mobile, or if it's just a lot of hype. See what our Features Editor Louis Ramirez discovered ...

eBook Readers Compared

Sony and Amazon are pushing digital books into the mainstream, but despite repeated attempts, eBook readers have remained a luxury rather than a necessity. We examine some of the benefits of owning a dedicated eBook reader, along with some budget-friendly alternatives Amazon and Sony don't want you to know about.

A Black Friday like no other: How the economy is changing Black Friday

dealnews' Chief Dealguy Dan de Grandpre discusses how what's been called the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression will affect Black Friday sales and retailers in general. It's a dark, threatening cloud with one silver lining: the deals.

How to Save Money for Gadgets by Cutting Daily Expenses

Have a weak spot for gadgets? So do we. But you can't always afford the gear you want. Or can you? We created a list of five daily expenses you can eliminate to help you save up for the tech gear you want. You'll be surprised at what you can save up for in just one week.

This Week's Rumor Roundup: Microsoft, Xbox, Tony Hawk, more

Our Rumor Roundup is back to fill your hearts with gladness. Come on in and see what kinds of madness has been circulating on the 'nets!

Apple's new MacBooks: Worth the upgrade?

Apple's latest notebook updates have the tech world on fire, but are these upgrades worth your money or can you get a better deal by hitting the clearance bin? We compare the new models to their refurbished counterparts to find out.

Hands-On with Vuzix Video Eyewear: A 62" TV for $350?

It may look like a prop from a sci-fi movie, but Vuzix's futuristic video goggles claim they're like watching TV on a 62" screen — for less than half the price. We donned a pair to find out how much big screen real estate these goggles deliver.

Head to head: Mobile Broadband Plans

Checking your e-mail on the road has never been easier thanks to a host of new mobile broadband services that keep your laptop connected when there's no Wi-Fi. But which of these data plans offers the most affordable rates? We looked at each carrier's bottom- and top-tier plans to find out.

Free alternatives for everyday PC apps

Why spend good money on bloated software when you can find leaner, faster apps that can do the same job for free? We found 13 free alternatives for eight commercial apps you use everyday.

Online sites with free HD programming

High definition is the holy grail of video. However, unless you're subscribed to a monthly cable or satellite plan, finding HD content can be difficult. Fortunately, the Internet has a growing number of sites that provide free (and legal) HD programming. From the Tonight Show to Grey's Anatomy, the following sites can help satisfy your HD fix

This Week's Rumor Roundup: iPhone, Rock Band, more

Don't call it a come back, the rumors never left. Our Rumor Roundup, on the other hand, is back for a new year of tearing apart those who would have us believe in nonsensical things.

Hands-On MagicJack

Can a small device the size of a pack of gum save you money on your phone calls? That's what MagicJack, a phone service provider, promises. The USB-based device uses your Internet connection to let you make and receive calls without the hefty costs levied by traditional telephone operators. But can this device become your main phone line?

TripAdvisor: Weekend getaways on a tank of gas

Itching to go somewhere new this weekend? TripAdvisor's new Gas Tank Getaways tool claims it can find inexpensive destinations you can reach with a tank of gas or less. Is it accurate? We put it to the test to find out.

Head to head: Online Photo Sharing Sites

Digital cameras let you unleash your inner Ansel Adams, but what you do with the pictures you take afterward is another story. To help you get the most out of your digital camera, we looked at five online photo-finishing services that let you store and share your shots, as well as buy prints and merchandise.

Hands-On MySpace Music

A new iTunes competitor stepped into the ring last Friday, promising DRM-free tunes and free, unlimited streaming. But does MySpace Music have what it takes to challenge Apple or did the site's new overhaul miss the mark? We spent the past three days with it to find out.

For the Guys: How to Dress for a First Date for Under $100

Okay, you've been e-dating for weeks, and you've finally asked her out. She says yes. SHWEET. You'll want to look sharp, but unfortunately, all you have to wear is your Wi-Fi Detector Shirt and a pair of pale $5 jeans you bought off of dealnews ... from 1998. The good news is, we've gathered a list of tips and examples — from a woman's perspective — that will let you put together a men's "first date" outfit for under $100, from head to toe. It's dealGQ to the rescue.

Savings accounts that force you to save

Saving up for a big ticket item? In order to help, we've dug up accounts that automatically deposit money into your savings when you do everyday things like use your debit card or pay your bills online. So whether you're saving for a short-term goal, like a new computer, or just looking to fatten your emergency funds, these methods are a fool-proof way for the lazy person to save money, all FDIC-insured.

Comparo: T-Mobile G1 Android v. Apple iPhone 3G

Google's first smartphone, the T-Mobile G1, made its official debut Tuesday morning. Like Apple's iPhone 3G, the $179 G1 has full touch-screen functionality and works on both Wi-Fi and 3G networks. But does this new smartphone pack enough muscle to beat Apple's industry leader? Our first Android v. iPhone comparo is on.

Money Saving Tips: How to save on books

In our on-going investigations into how you can save a little bit of cash, yet still consume the media at a rate you're accustomed, we look into thrifty book-buying habits.

Hulu's new competitors: The WB vs Internet Movie Database

It's been roughly seven months since Hulu's inception and already the NBC Universal- and News Corp.-backed giant has won over viewers with its clean interface and well-balanced mix of content. But creeping up behind Hulu is a small wave of new aggregators eager to steal some of its followers. Are these new sites worth your time or is Hulu still on top of its game?

DealNews 2008 Black Friday Predictions

It's already 100 days to Christmas. We've been watching the trends, analyzing the data, and it's time for us to put our soothsaying skills on the line. From $149 Blu-ray players to 50" plasma HDTVs for $699 — and dozens more — check out dealnews CEO Dan de Grandpre's Black Friday 2008 predictions to see what this year's crop of Black Friday deals will be. Plus, Apple prophecies, advice on when to buy and when not to buy, and more. Nostradamus would be proud.

dealnews Learns Italian

Buongiorno! For an upcoming feature, dealnews will be reviewing and evaluating different methods to learn a language. Starting today, and continuing over the next month, three of our editors will each take a different approach to learning Italian. Jeffrey Contray will be using Rosetta Stone's online software; Louis Ramirez will be using Pimsleur Basic Italian audio lessons; and Jeff Somogyi will be using whatever he can find for free online. (Podcasts, mostly.) Click here to read more.

Rumor Roundup Roundup Part 2: The Trues

In this, the second part of a 2-part series exploring a year's worth of Rumor Roundups, I've further pushed the limits of the faith my editors have in me to deliver interesting content. So read on! I might not be around much longer if this is the kind of pap I write about!
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