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How to make spare cash online

We know, it sounds like an infomercial come-on. But you can actually make money online in your spare time, from Amazon, Google, and even The New York Times. We'll show you a few ways to save up for that flat-panel (or just earn some extra beer money) by doing what you do best: surfing the interwebs.

Don't Panic: Expect Last-Minute Shipping Deals til December 23

Worried that holiday shipping deadlines are coming soon? Don't panic! Expect a long list of stores to offer free or discounted last-minute shipping — as late as December 23 — with guaranteed Christmas Eve delivery. To ease your fears, we compiled a list of stores that had such offers last year. We expect an even bigger list this year, and we'll post last-minute shipping deals as soon as we find them. So sit back and relax. Your holiday shopping is under control.

The dealnews Black Friday Strategy Guide

This year's holiday shopping season is expected to be a bargain hunter's paradise. With struggling vendors and a sagging economy, everyone's vying for your dollar. But unless you know how to score the best deals, chances are you can wind up spending more than you wanted. Follow our Black Friday Strategy Guide and you'll not only find the best deals, but you'll do so without breaking a sweat. Or possibly without leaving home.

Hands-On MagicJack

Can a small device the size of a pack of gum save you money on your phone calls? That's what MagicJack, a phone service provider, promises. The USB-based device uses your Internet connection to let you make and receive calls without the hefty costs levied by traditional telephone operators. But can this device become your main phone line?

Hands-On MySpace Music

A new iTunes competitor stepped into the ring last Friday, promising DRM-free tunes and free, unlimited streaming. But does MySpace Music have what it takes to challenge Apple or did the site's new overhaul miss the mark? We spent the past three days with it to find out.

For the Guys: How to Dress for a First Date for Under $100

Okay, you've been e-dating for weeks, and you've finally asked her out. She says yes. SHWEET. You'll want to look sharp, but unfortunately, all you have to wear is your Wi-Fi Detector Shirt and a pair of pale $5 jeans you bought off of dealnews ... from 1998. The good news is, we've gathered a list of tips and examples — from a woman's perspective — that will let you put together a men's "first date" outfit for under $100, from head to toe. It's dealGQ to the rescue.

Savings accounts that force you to save

Saving up for a big ticket item? In order to help, we've dug up accounts that automatically deposit money into your savings when you do everyday things like use your debit card or pay your bills online. So whether you're saving for a short-term goal, like a new computer, or just looking to fatten your emergency funds, these methods are a fool-proof way for the lazy person to save money, all FDIC-insured.

DealNews 2008 Black Friday Predictions

It's already 100 days to Christmas. We've been watching the trends, analyzing the data, and it's time for us to put our soothsaying skills on the line. From $149 Blu-ray players to 50" plasma HDTVs for $699 — and dozens more — check out dealnews CEO Dan de Grandpre's Black Friday 2008 predictions to see what this year's crop of Black Friday deals will be. Plus, Apple prophecies, advice on when to buy and when not to buy, and more. Nostradamus would be proud.

dealnews Learns Italian

Buongiorno! For an upcoming feature, dealnews will be reviewing and evaluating different methods to learn a language. Starting today, and continuing over the next month, three of our editors will each take a different approach to learning Italian. Jeffrey Contray will be using Rosetta Stone's online software; Louis Ramirez will be using Pimsleur Basic Italian audio lessons; and Jeff Somogyi will be using whatever he can find for free online. (Podcasts, mostly.) Click here to read more.

Rumor Roundup Roundup Part 2: The Trues

In this, the second part of a 2-part series exploring a year's worth of Rumor Roundups, I've further pushed the limits of the faith my editors have in me to deliver interesting content. So read on! I might not be around much longer if this is the kind of pap I write about!