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Consignment Stores Go Online: Save Up to 70% on Designer Duds Every Day

While fans of high-end fashion have long been privy to buying secondhand designer goods at a discount, the fashion consignment industry has gotten a big boost recently with an influx of specialized online marketplaces for vintage luxury goods. Not only does this trend offer greater opportunities for budget fashionistas to save money, but it ultimately exposes a greater audience to the potential for savings.

The Weirdest Celebrity Endorsements: Snoop Dogg Loves Minivans?

While some celebrity endorsements rank as classic and classy (think of Ray Charles singing the praises of Diet Pepsi), there are a host of off-beat ads and pitches that seemingly defy reason. Inside are our favorite, nonsensical celeb endorsements, from Method Man rapping about Sour Patch Kids to Ozzy Osborne shilling for I Can't Believe It's Not Butter.

The iPhone 5S vs. iPhone 5C: Which Model Should You Buy?

Apple's new flagship smartphone, the iPhone 5S, made its debut today, but for the first time in the company's history, there was more than one smartphone announcement. Thus, shoppers looking for a new smartphone may be wondering which model is right for them; is the iPhone 5S worth the $100 premium, or can the iPhone 5C satisfy even power users? We compared both phones to find out.

Early H&M Report Card: Online Orders Take Up to 2 Weeks to Arrive

The hotly-anticipated e-commerce home for H&M took almost two years to arrive, and now it looks like shoppers may have to do even more waiting — to the tune of 2-week delivery times for their orders. Combined with some site design hiccups and unfavorable return policies, there may be reason to skip and just shop in-store at H&M instead.

We Hope You Didn't Pay Money to See These Box Office Bombs

The summer blockbuster season has come to an end, and while there were some notable success stories, there were also a handful of box office bombs that laid waste to Hollywood studio budgets — namely, Disney's The Lone Ranger. We decided to look at some other costly cinematic failures that put the tin in Tinsel Town, and make our own blown budgets seem trivial.

Why Experts Say the TiVo Roamio Is 'The Best DVR Ever'

Last week TiVo, the company responsible for revolutionizing the DVR market at the turn of the century, unveiled its highly anticipated new Roamio line — its first product upgrade in three years. With the company touting its new offering as the "best DVR ever," we've took to the reviews to see if the experts agree and if, in this age of countless streaming services, they think consumers even need a TiVo anymore.

8 Gimmicks That Retailers Use to Get Shoppers Into Their Stores

The online shopping industry is exploding, and with e-commerce slated to generate $262 billion this year, brick-and-mortar stores are scrambling for a piece of the pie. From virtual dressing rooms to pimped out electronics stores, we've rounded up a few of our favorite (and not so favorite) gimmicky ways that retailers attract shoppers to stores.

Eating Your Way Across America: The USA's Most Loved Cheap Eats

From Augusta, Maine to San Diego, California, delicious American fare is everywhere. Unfortunately, we don't have bottomless stomachs — or wallets — so our travel plans to eat our way across America are progressing slowly. But, that's not to say we haven't dined on some of the most popular cheap eats in some of our favorite great American food towns.

This Week in Consumer News: The NOOK Is Not Dead, Google Maps Get Waze

Tired of being bombarded with a constant flow of unimportant information day in and day out? We're here to help sort through all the noise; like a real life cheat sheet, this handy roundup of consumer news from the past week highlights what's important for savvy shoppers to know. While some of these stories are just outright amusing, in many ways they can also help keep your wallet happy, too

The High Price of Caped Crusading: Batman Pays Too Much for His Gadgets

A superhero can expect to incur a few work-related expenses, and as the only founding member of the Justice League to not have superpowers, Batman understands that a real hero needs gadgets. As such, it costs Bruce Wayne approximately $134,735,100 to do all that crusading. While he can certainly afford it, we wondered if we couldn't help Batman cut back on his overhead costs.

What to Expect from 2013 Labor Day Sales

Summer's last hurrah is almost upon us, but before you fire up the grill for one last cookout, you may want to jump online: September typically begins with a wave of discounts thanks to the culmination of back-to-school, end-of-summer, and Labor Day sales. We analyzed last year's trends along with current summer sales to find out what kind of bargains should you look for during Labor Day weekend.

Point of No Returns? Stores Are Tracking Your Returned Merchandise History

Questions the reach of Big Brother are reaching an all time highs, as the government monitors phone calls, social networks and phone service providers sell their customers' data, and retailers track customer movement using WiFi. And now, retailers are tracking customer returns. But is a "return profile" an effort to prevent return fraud or just an invasion of privacy?

The Top 10 Ad Campaigns That Made Us Run Out and Buy Stuff

Some brands and companies have been especially effective at getting consumers to hand over their money. From ads for products that overcame major obstacles (like a Nazi-fueled background) to achieve popularity, to innovative campaigns that resulted in massive sales, these advertisements have earned their place on our list of the top 10 most effective ads.

Cheap iPads and Kindle Fire HDs Coming This Fall

Both Apple and Amazon are reportedly releasing new tablets this fall, and while that's great news for early adopters, it's even better news for bargain hunters. Based on our deal data from the last two years, we can expect to see new price cuts on today's current generation of tablets once the new models are announced. So how can you get your hands on a cheap iPad or Kindle Fire HD?