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Even outside of Black Friday and Christmas sales, we've all purchased something only to see it drop in price shortly after. It's like that sad trombone sound effect for your wallet when you realize you could have had a better deal if you could have just waited a little longer. Particularly as the cost of goods has risen, saving everywhere you can has become even more important, and even a few dollars can make a difference to budgets. While this is a question that comes up a great deal more during the holiday season when consumers are concerned about catching the absolute best holiday prices, Costco's price matching policy is relevant all year long.

Fortunately, the Costco price adjustment policy heavily favors customers; this should come as no surprise as Costco goes out of its way to ensure its members are completely satisfied with their purchases, even including a 100% risk-free guarantee on returns of nearly any item in the store. While the Costco price adjustment policy is simple and intuitive for customers, there are a few rules to keep in mind. That said, members can shop safely in the knowledge that, in nearly all instances, they will not have to be concerned about the price dropping after their purchase and the subsequent disappointment and fear of missing out that ensues.

Yes, and, at Costco, price matching is a very simple process. Costco's 30-day price match policy means that members can obtain credit for items that drop in price within that time frame. A receipt is not even required, though it can help in tracking down your order, as all purchases are linked to your membership information. Costco also reserves the right to deny price adjustments at its discretion, as well as the right to restrict its price adjustment policy in the future. Given Costco's generous policy, it's unlikely that your item will be ineligible, but nevertheless, it is always in your best interest to approach price adjustment as a request rather than a demand.

The majority of the items sold directly via Costco, whether online or in a warehouse, are eligible for price adjustment so long as they are within the 30-day limit. If you make a large purchase, make sure to check back in on your item throughout the month to see if the price has dropped; if it has, you can get the difference credited back to your account.

To start, Costco does not price match with any other stores. Costco curates a mostly unique inventory, so it's unlikely that you'll find the bulk of its products at other retailers. Even if you do find an item elsewhere, Costco will not honor another merchant's price on an item.

Likewise, Costco does not match between its online inventory and its warehouse inventory. Online purchases take into account shipping and handling fees not applicable to warehouse purchases; therefore, many warehouse prices are lower than their online counterparts, as noted on the item.

Due to the volatile nature of the market, gold bullion is not eligible for price adjustment. Special Order Kiosk and Home Improvement Installed Products also have their own policies based on what promotions are available at the time of signing your contract. If you feel you should be eligible for additional Shop Card value, you will need to contact your Costco authorized dealer for specifics.

If you made your purchase at your local warehouse, you will need to go back to the same location and find the Returns counter. There, an employee can look up your information and make the adjustment so long as your item was purchased within Costco's 30-day price match period.

If you need to make an adjustment for an online purchase, you will need to click on "Request a Price Adjustment", sign in to your account, locate the item in question, and submit some information. Once approved, you should receive the credit for the difference back to the original form of payment within five to seven business days.

You can manage all of your account information, including requesting a price adjustment, from the app.

The Costco 30-day price match policy is pretty well set in stone; that said, Costco does offer returns that range anywhere from up to 90 days to possibly "whenever". While we don't recommend waiting years to return your item like a now-viral news story illustrates, there's certainly nothing stopping you from returning your item past the 30-day window and then repurchasing it at a lower price, save perhaps your own conscience.

Costco price matching is limited to its own warehouses and website. If you do manage to find something shared between Costco's inventory and another retailer's inventory, Costco's price adjustment policy won't include it, but you may be able to price match at the other retailer if Costco's price is lower. That said, Costco's price matching policy is considerably more generous than most competitors, so limiting its adjustments to its own massive inventory should come as no surprise.

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