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The dealnews Guide to the Best Deals on Black Friday

With so many ads out, are you wondering what to purchase on Black Friday? We took a panel of dealnews Editors, made them read through all of the ads from more than 70 stores, and measured their drooling (in ounces) and swooning (in seconds) to develop The dealnews Guide to the Best Deals on Black Friday. From 55" HDTVs to 10" netbooks, see our Editors' Choices for this season's best Black Friday electronics and computers deals.

DealNews 2009 Black Friday Predictions

Already, it's almost 100 days to Christmas. We've been watching the trends, analyzing the data, and it's time for us to put our soothsaying skills on the line. From Blu-ray players for $49 to 46" LCD HDTVs for $599 — and dozens more — check out dealnews CEO Dan de Grandpre's Black Friday 2009 predictions to see what this year's crop of Black Friday deals will be. Plus, Apple prophecies, advice on when to buy and when not to buy, and more. Nostradamus would be proud.

Tips to keep your car running like new

Tired of blowing your paycheck at the mechanic's? We've chatted with the editors at, Popular Mechanics, and AOL Autos for a few tips to keep your car in shape and avoid excessive trips to the auto shop.