W.A.T.C.H.'s 10 Worst Toys of 2009: What not to buy your kid for Christmas

Christmas should be fun, not hazardous. However, there are always toys just waiting to harm your kids. That's why W.A.T.C.H. puts together its list of 10 Worst Toys every year. See the toys to avoid.

Weekend Laptop Roundup: Gateway 2GHz 16" for $380 + $1 s&h, more

This weekend's most popular laptop deals include a Gateway 16" 2GHz laptop for $380, HP 14" 2.1GHz notebook for $450, Compaq 16" 2GHz laptop for $400, and more.

Holiday Shipping Deadlines for 2009 (updated)

Believe it or not, you're fast approaching Christmas delivery deadlines at some retailers. Find out which stores are offering the latest shipping cut off dates this holiday season so far. Update: 53 more stores added. No major stores hit their earliest deadlines til December 14.

Black Friday Cheers & Jeers 2009

The busiest shopping day of the year has come and gone. For the third year in a row, we here at dealnews are taking a look back at some of last week's biggest bargains and biggest failures. We present to you, the best and worst of Black Friday 2009.

Weekend Laptop Roundup: MSI 2.2GHz 16" for $430 + pickup, more

This weekend's most popular laptop deals include a MSI 16" 2.2GHz laptop for $430, Acer 10" 1.6GHz netbook for $239, Toshiba 16" 2.1GHz laptop for $550, and more.

The dealnews Guide to the Best Deals on Black Friday

With so many ads out, are you wondering what to purchase on Black Friday? We took a panel of dealnews Editors, made them read through all of the ads from more than 70 stores, and measured their drooling (in ounces) and swooning (in seconds) to develop The dealnews Guide to the Best Deals on Black Friday. From 55" HDTVs to 10" netbooks, see our Editors' Choices for this season's best Black Friday electronics and computers deals.

Stores that offer price matching on Black Friday (updated)

One strategy to get more out of Black Friday shopping is price matching. From Best Buy to Walmart, find out which brick-and-mortar retailers will price match their competitors on Black Friday. Update: Updated with new information on Target.

How to prep your car for the winter

Avoid snow, ice, and other winter hassles with our quick guide to winter-proofing your car.

The dealnews Black Friday Strategy Guide

It's two weeks until Black Friday, and despite the economy, this Black Friday is still expected to be a bargain hunter's paradise. But unless you know how to score the best deals, chances are you can wind up spending more than you wanted. Follow our Black Friday Strategy Guide and you'll not only find the best deals, but you'll do so without breaking a sweat. Or possibly without leaving home.

Gift Card Deals: A List of Gift Card Discounts & Bonuses

Looking for a gift that benefits both sender and receiver? From Outback Steakhouse to Neiman Marcus, purchase one of these gift cards and you'll reward everyone on your list, including yourself.

Motorola DROID: First Impressions

It's not due for another seven days, yet the Motorola DROID has become Verizon's most talked-about smartphone launch ever. We went hands-on to find out whether the DROID is worth the hype.

This Week's Rumor Roundup: DSi, Wii, The Who, more

After the world is destroyed in 2012, two things will survive: Cockroaches and Internet rumors. So we pay our respects to these invincible little buggers in our Rumor Roundup! (We mean rumors, of course, not the roaches. A roach roundup would just be icky.)

Weekend Laptop Roundup: Acer 1.6GHz 16" for $350 + $15 s&h, more

This weekend's most popular laptop deals include an Acer 16" 1.6GHz Aspire laptop for $350, HP 16" 2.1GHz Pavilion laptop for $550, ASUS 16" 2.1GHz laptop for $500, and more.

e-Book Readers Cheat Sheet: Amazon Kindles, Barnes & Noble Nook, jetBook, more

Barnes & Nobles has ripped the covers off its new eBook reader, the Nook. But how does it stack up to the Kindle and its growing list of competitors? Our eBook reader cheat sheet will help you pick the eBook that's best for you.

Dining on a Budget: Tips for saving money at restaurants

Eating out can put a major bite on your wallet. We offer a few money-saving tips to help you keep your budget in check.

Weekend Laptop Roundup: Sony 2.2GHz 16" for $650 + $15 s&h, more

This weekend's most popular laptop deals include a Sony 16" 2.2GHz VAIO laptop for $650, HP 16" 2.1GHz Pavilion laptop for $430, ASUS 10" 1.66GHz Seashell netbook for $310, and more.

Toys "R" Us Fabulous 15 2009: Hot toys of the holiday season

The 2009 Toys "R" Us Fabulous 15 list is out. Find out what toys your kids will have to have this upcoming holiday season.

This Week's Rumor Roundup: Gears of War, AppleTV, Verizon, more

Someone once said, "Man cannot live on facts alone." Even though we're pretty sure that person was lying when they said that, why take the chance? Check out our Rumor Roundup to see what the Internet is probably lying about.

DealNews 2009 Black Friday Predictions

Already, it's almost 100 days to Christmas. We've been watching the trends, analyzing the data, and it's time for us to put our soothsaying skills on the line. From Blu-ray players for $49 to 46" LCD HDTVs for $599 — and dozens more — check out dealnews CEO Dan de Grandpre's Black Friday 2009 predictions to see what this year's crop of Black Friday deals will be. Plus, Apple prophecies, advice on when to buy and when not to buy, and more. Nostradamus would be proud.

Tips to keep your car running like new

Tired of blowing your paycheck at the mechanic's? We've chatted with the editors at CarandDriver.com, Popular Mechanics, and AOL Autos for a few tips to keep your car in shape and avoid excessive trips to the auto shop.

This Week's Rumor Roundup: Apple, MySpace, and more

Rumors! They are the binding force of the Internet, just like rice is to your lower intestine. So, come on in and get your USDA-approved dose in our Rumor Roundup. Will you regret this? Probably!

Gazelle: How quickly can this site turn your old gadgets into cash?

Looking for a way to make some spare cash? Gadget recycling site Gazelle claims to offer the best prices and easiest way to trade in your old gear for cash. Find out how much we got when we put the site's motto to the test.

This Week's Rumor Roundup: Apple, Zune, WoW, and more

The Internet: Your reliable source for un-reliable news! What's to be done about it? Why, gather all the lies together and call it our Rumor Roundup, of course!

Beginner tips for getting more out of Twitter

Since its debut, Twitter has grown into a massive communication platform. Click through to find several tips on harnessing the micro-blogging service to suit your needs, from finding exclusive deals to avoiding traffic on your commute home.

Steak tastes and burger budget? Six tips for cooking meals on a budget

Is dining out putting a bite on your wallet? Food Network's Aida Mollenkamp and Sandra Lee give dealnews their advice on how to prepare tasty meals on a limited budget.

This Week's Rumor Roundup: Apple, iPhone, TIE fighter, PSP, PS3, and more

In real life, liars are shunned. On the Internet, lies get you major clicks. Come on in to our Rumor Roundup and see what lies have been making the rounds on the web. Yes, we'll bite the hand that feeds us and not feel at all ashamed of our hypocrisy.

Weekend Laptop Roundup: Toshiba 2.2GHz 15" for $300 + $15 s&h, more

This weekend's most popular laptop deals include a Toshiba 15" 2.2GHz Satellite laptop (pictured) for $300, HP 12" 1.6GHz Pavilion laptop for $550, Gateway 15" 2GHz laptop for $498, and more.

Weekend Laptop Roundup: Toshiba 2.2GHz 15" for $300 + $15 s&h, more

This weekend's most popular laptop deals include a Toshiba 15" 2.2GHz Satellite laptop for $300, Sony 16" 2.1GHz VAIO laptop for $630, HP 17" 2.1GHz laptop for $500, and more.

This Week's Rumor Roundup: Apple, NVIDIA, Xbox, Roger Rabbit, more

Step inside and marvel at all the wonderful rumors the Internet has created. Admission to our Rumor Roundup is free, so don't be shy!

DealWatch: Price trends on 10" and 9" Netbooks

Since our last price trends report, netbook prices have plummeted. Find out which types of netbooks have hit their lowest points of the year. With back-to-school sales on the way, should you wait?

How to buy a used bicycle

Buying a used bike can be challenging if you don't do your research. We'll show you how to choose a pre-owned bike that won't break down after your first ride.

Weekend Laptop Roundup: Acer 1.6GHz 16" for $300 + $15 s&h, more

This weekend's most popular laptop deals include Acer's 16" 1.6GHz Aspire laptop for $300, ASUS' 9" 900MHz Eee PC netbook for $238, Toshiba's 15" 2.16GHz laptop for $300, and more.

Hidden airline fees to avoid

Airline fares may be low, but the price of luggage and in-flight amenity fees is on the rise. Brace yourself as we uncover some of the latest charges the airline industry is trying to make you pay.

This Week's Rumor Roundup: iPod, Windows 7, World of Warcraft, more

C'mon, gang, let's make up some tech rumors! Wait ... the Internet already beat us to it? FINE! Then we'll just gather them all up and make fun of them in our Rumor Roundup. See if we don't!

Netbook cheat sheet: Old and new models compared

With so many netbooks vying for your dollar, choosing the right model can be a painful task. To ease some of the burden, we compared the newest wave of netbooks with their older counterparts to find out where your money is best spent. Surprisingly, older is usually better.

DealWatch: Price trends on 15" Core 2 Duo Laptops

Deals on laptops have never been better, but many of you don't want an underpowered machine that chokes on Hulu. We tracked down the past 10 months of deals on Intel Core 2 Duo-based 15.4" laptops to find out what you can expect to pay today and in the near future.

Weekend Laptop Roundup: Toshiba 2GHz 16" for $580 + $15 s&h, more

This weekend's most popular laptop deals include Toshiba's 16" 2GHz Satellite laptop for $580, Dell's 13" 2GHz Inspiron laptop for $500, Lenovo's 15" 2.16GHz laptop for $450, and more.

Weekend Laptop Roundup: HP 2.16GHz 16" for $500 after rebate + free shipping, more

This weekend's most popular laptop deals include Toshiba's 15" 2.16GHz Satellite laptop for $330, HP's 12" 1.6GHz Pavilion laptop for $600, Acer's 14" 2GHz Aspire laptop for $450, and more.

"All You Can Eat" Free Shipping Programs

No one likes paying for shipping, and now thanks to these annual all-you-can-eat shipping programs, you don't have to. From Amazon's Prime to Wine.com's Steward-Ship, we'll show you which programs can save you money and which ones are worth skipping.

This Week's Rumor Roundup: iPhone, Google, GameStop, more

Making up news is so much fun! And no one makes stuff up like the Internet does. In our Rumor Roundup, we gather together these un-realities and make fun of them. Check 'em out inside.

High-End 13" laptops comparo: Apple, Lenovo, Dell

Apple has drastically lowered the entry-level price on its MacBook Pro line, beating many of its PC rivals in the high-end 13" laptop category. But in specs and features, how does the new 13" MacBook Pro compare to its counterparts from Dell and Lenovo? We examined them to find out.

Weekend Laptop Roundup: ASUS 2GHz 14" for $615 + $15 s&h, more

This weekend's most popular laptop deals include Lenovo's 15" 2GHz laptop for $550, Toshiba's 15" 2.16GHz Satellite laptop for $395, ASUS's 10" 1.66GHz Eee PC netbook for $350, and more.

DealWatch: 42" and 50" 720p Plasma TVs

Once the king of the HDTV world, plasma TVs have since fallen in popularity and dropped in price. We've tracked the past year's deals on these sets so you can decide if now is the right time to buy.

This Week's Rumor Roundup: Pre, Pre, PS3, more

Now that all the Apple news has simmered down, the Internet can get back to doing what it does best: Making stuff up. So, come inside and check out our Rumor Roundup to see what's being said.

Risk-Free Online Shoe Shopping: Stores with excellent return policies

Buying shoes online can be risky. What if the sizing is off and you're left with huge, floppy clown-shoes (like Beyoncé, pictured)? Thankfully, many online footwear retailers help you avoid just such a situation. We summarize the return shipping policies of the web's top shoe stores.

Palm Pre vs iPhone 3GS: Feature by feature comparison

Palm's latest handset packs a powerful punch, but is it strong enough to topple Apple's new iPhone 3G S and discounted iPhone 3G? We compared this year's three hottest phones to find out.

DealBase: Finding and sharing hotel deals made easy

Looking for a good hotel deal? DealBase is a new deal aggregator that claims to list the best hotel deals for the U.S., Mexico, and Caribbean. We compared it to its competition to see how well it stacks up.

DealWatch: Price trends on Blu-ray players

In the past year, prices for standalone Blu-ray disc players have fallen over 60%. We've analyzed the numbers to see if now is the best time to make the jump to high definition.
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