How To Save With Lowes' 5 For $10 Mulch Sale

Mulch ado about cutting (prices)
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What is mulch? It sounds like something regrettable that happens when you eat too much spicy food, or perhaps what you have to assume is the nickname of a high school bully in a middling 80s movie, but it's not like you ever hear anyone call him "Stephen", so who knows. But for the purposes of this article, mulch is any material, whether natural or synthetic, used to cover soil. And since costs generally land around $1.70 per cubic foot, that can quickly add up over an entire garden. Enter the Lowe's mulch sale.

Lowe's offers multiple kinds of mulch, from natural hardwood mulch from Scotts, to rubber mulch from Rubberific, to mulch with weed preventer mixed in from Preen. Better yet, mulch deals at Lowe's can drop the price substantially. But how and when can you accrue those savings? Read on!

Top Deals at Lowe's

Lowe's Spring Fest Sale: Up to 60% off

NuScape 37.5 Cubic Foot Black Rubber Nuggets Mulch for $487 (9% off)

Dominator 25 Square Foot Clear Mulch Anchor for $51 (18% off)

NuScape 37.5 Cubic Foot Green Rubber Nuggets Mulch for $414.50 (7% off)

Rubberific Brown Rubber 24" Tree Ring 3-Pack for $45.43 (23% off)

EnviroColor 32-oz Concentrated Black Mulch Dye for $23.61 (6% off)

Envelor Natural Brown Coconut Fiber 36" Tree Ring 12-Pack for $149.99 (11% off)

Vevor Driveway Trench Drain System 4-Pack for $73.79 (18% off)

How To Save With Lowes' 2024 5 For $10 Mulch Sale

Update: The Easter sale has now ended, alas. If you missed out on that sale for one reason or another, you don't have to worry too much – just make a note of some other key dates. Memorial Day (May 27 this year) should see another mulch sale at Lowe's; July 4 (usually falling on or around July 4) usually gets a sale; and Labor Day (September 2 this year) will likely be another opportunity to save.

How much can I save on mulch cost?

As we've said, you can expect to see mulch going for around $1.70 per cubic foot on an average day. But Lowe's mulch sale days are no average days. Experts agree that you shouldn't be paying any more than $1.50, and Lowe's 5 for $10 mulch sales often see prices dropping as low as a buck per cubic foot (Practically speaking, for a 500 square foot patch of garden getting a 2" layer of mulch, paying $1 instead of $1.70 adds up to a savings of $58. Just as an example.)

How do I get the best price on mulch?

The obvious answer, given the article in which this sentence is situated, is to keep an eye out for a 5 for $10 sale. And as luck would have it, there's one going on right now. And then keep the other eye out around Memorial Day – we saw a second 5 for $10 sale for that holiday last year.

Outside of specific mulch deals at Lowe's, you should also be wary of delivery prices, which start expensive and only get more so. If at all possible, it's worth opting for in-store pickup instead. And hey – it's not just a Lowe's game. You can also try stores like Home Depot, who offer similar 5 for $10 sales.

How does shopping compare online vs in-store?

Shopping online has advantages both big and small. The obvious big advantage is the ease of price comparison – when the cost per cubic foot adds up so significantly, the benefit of saving a few cents per bag can't be overstated. It's also easy to quickly home in on exactly the kind of mulch you're after; you can filter a Lowe's mulch sale by material, color, brand, texture, whether it's made from recycled materials, and more. You can also make quick use of a mulch coverage calculator, which does the hard math so you don't have to.

What else should I consider when shopping mulch deals?

Besides going for the best price-per-cubic foot, you can take a whole slew of things into consideration. Do you have a specific color in mind? Do you want natural or synthetic mulch? Natural mulch helps to enrich soil as it breaks down, which is a solid advantage; but then rubber mulch can last many years without breaking down or losing its color, which might be better if you'd like to set it and forget it.

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