Does Target Price Match?

Savvy shoppers can get a lower price at Target under the right circumstances, and even after shopping in some cases.
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Target has a loyal following, thanks to the retailer being easy to shop and providing affordable prices for a variety of items. But there's another reason shoppers may flock to Target: their generous price match policy.

Whether you're trying to get a lower price when shopping or want a price adjustment after you've already bought an item, Target can help. Read on for everything you need to know about getting a Target price match.

Does Target Price Match?

Target will price match, select online competitors, and local Target or competitor print ads. Shoppers can request a price match at Target at the time of purchase, but can also seek a price adjustment within 14 days of buying the item they wish to price match.

If you want a price adjustment for a purchase, you'll need to speak with Guest Services at 1-800-591-3869.

What Qualifies for a Target Price Match?

To qualify for a Target price match, an item must be an eligible Target product bought from Target today or in the past 14 days. It must also be identical to the product you're comparing to, including its brand name, size, weight, color, quantity, and model number.

Target price matches select competitors and offers a 14-day window for price adjustments.

Target has other qualifications, too. The item needs be in stock at the lower price at the time you ask for the price match, and be listed on the competitor's website or in their print ad. Items that are lower in price on at the time of purchase or are lower in price at your local Target store may also qualify for price matching.

What Doesn't Qualify for Target Price Matching?

If your purchase checks any of these boxes, save yourself the hassle — Target can't price match in the following circumstances:

  • The product is sold by a "Marketplace" or third-party seller
  • It's from a Target Plus partner
  • You received a Target gift card as a promotional offer with the original purchase
  • The item is currently part of a promotion that offers a Target gift card
  • You're using a Target Circle offer or coupon
  • The competitor's price is from a doorbuster or Lightning Deal, or the lower price is displayed only after logging in to the competitor's website
  • The item's lower price is due to clearance, closeout, liquidation, or refurbished circumstances. Additionally, if the price is due to a typo, Target won't be able to price match
It's important to note that these only cover some situations and that other exclusions could apply, as well.

How to Price Match at Target

You can ask for a Target price match at the time of purchase at any register — you don't have to go specifically to the service desk. Have proof of the lower price in the form of the entire printed ad, digital ad, or the retailer's primary website.

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Target won't accept photos and photocopies, so carry physical copies or be able to easily find the product on a competitor's website. The price must be listed and valid when you ask for the price match, and Target reserves the right to have associates verify both the advertised price and the availability of said item.

While price matching at the time of purchase is ideal, you can also seek out a price adjustment for qualifying products. These must be eligible Target products purchased within the last 14 days. As long as the item meets these requirements, you can expect Target to adjust your payment to the lower price.

Does Target Price Match Online?

You can receive a Target price match online by chatting with an associate. Head to the Contact Us page to live chat with a Target employee. You'll see a drop-down box and just have to choose " Order Experience" from the topics.

You'll see links to popular options, including the Price Match Guarantee, as well as a red button labeled "Chat Now". There's also a phone number to call, if you prefer to chat on the phone instead of typing.

You'll still need proof of the current price you want to match in the form of a digital ad, approved retailer's website, or a Target store price. Have your order number and item information handy so that the associate can easily find your order to make the adjustment.

What Stores Does Target Price Match?

Target has a current list of eligible competitors at Guest Services, but you can also find the full list of online competitors here. Popular retailers include:

  • Amazon
  • Apple
  • Best Buy
  • Costco
  • GameStop
  • Home Depot
  • Kohl's
  • Lowe's
  • Macy's
  • Walmart
This is just a small selection of the online competitors Target will price match. Check with Guest Services or the list we linked to above to see which others Target has approved. And if you aren't sure, feel free to ask an associate if an item qualifies.

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What Else to Know About the Target Price Match Policy

Target's price match policy includes guidelines and limitations to keep in mind if you're seeking a match or price adjustment. For instance, if Target can't verify the competitor's price, they may decline the request. Here are other tips to know when requesting a price match.

You Can Use Deal Sites for Target Price Matching

Deal websites (like DealNews!) aren't off the table. If you find a lower price listed on a deal site, a Target employee will need to verify the offer at the retailer's primary website. Additionally, the deal must meet all the other price matching requirements. And if you want a price adjustment, know that you'll need the original receipt or packing slip in order for Target to honor it.

Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart are a few of the big-name retailers that Target price matches.

Location Matters on the Target App

While Target will match in-store to online prices or vice versa, individual stores won't price match other stores. Because of that, when you're price matching with the Target app, the lower price will need to show the current Target store location. So if you're standing in one store, you can't show prices from another Target store across town and expect the former to match the latter.

Rules Vary by State

Note that Target stores in Alaska and Hawaii are excluded from price matching online competitors. Also, Target won't issue rain checks for out-of-stock items at Target or the bull's-eye's website to match a competitor's price.

Politeness Pays

Be polite when asking for a price match or price adjustment. Target reserves the right to "limit price quantities of price matches per identical item per guest for local and/or online competitor matches," according to the Target Price Match Guarantee. So don't try to abuse the policy, or you may not get anything for your trouble.

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