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If you're looking for our current list of the finest gaming laptops at the finest available prices, welcome. There's deals aplenty on high end laptops and more budget conscious options as well as some associated accessories that might enhance your overall laptop gaming experience.

Best Speakers Deal
Razer Nommo Chroma 2.0 Gaming Speakers
Store: Amazon
Price: $139.99
Shipping: Free shipping
Lowest By: $30

Despite the fact that built-in speakers on laptops have come quite a long way in recent years, my aural obsessed colleague A. Byrne laughs at the notion of them. "Laptop speakers? More like craptop leakers." Yes, it's both an awful sentiment and terrible use of language but such antics are sadly of no surprise to myself or indeed you, faithful reader, at this point. Regrettably he does have something of a point and should you desire a decent audio upgrade, some dedicated external speakers are just the solution. Let us therefore turn to the Razer Nommo Chroma 2.0 Gaming Speakers which are at a $30 price low when bought at Amazon. They feature 3" woven glass fiber drivers, a 50Hz to 20kHz frequency response, as well as both 3.5mm and USB connectors. Yes, there's RGB lighting too.

Browse All Gaming Laptop Sales Today