Paramount Plus Student Discount: Join for 25% off in 2024

Why study when you can stream? Paramount Plus has students covered with 25% off their streaming service to help further procrastination.
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In the pantheon of streaming services, Paramount Plus is one of the more veteran options, having been around for longer than you might realize. It originally launched in 2014 under the name of CBS All Access, but was rebranded as Paramount Plus in 2021. The name change was an effort to expand the service on a global scale and whether or not this endeavor can be considered a success years later is of little concern to us.

Today it's all about the student discount. Yes, those downtrodden penny-pinching students are at it again, once more attempting to pay less for a thing us regular folk have to pay more for. While we may justifiably throw jealous ire in their direction, the fact remains that Paramount Plus offers a 25% off student discount. How to seize upon this shall remain a mystery no longer. Onwards!

Top Paramount Plus Student Deal

Paramount Plus Essential Monthly Subscription: 25% off for Students

Paramount+ logoParamount Plus Essential Monthly Subscription
Store: Paramount+
Price: $4.50 per month

Actively enrolled students can cut their Paramount Plus Essential monthly cost from $5.99 down to $4.49. All you'll need to do is follow the above link and verify that you are indeed a student and the floodgates of entertainment shall open wide. For more information, cast your eyes down this page.

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Paramount Plus Student Discount FAQs

How Much Is Paramount Plus With the Student Discount?

The Paramount Plus Essential monthly subscription normally costs $5.99. With the 25% off student discount, it gets reduced to $4.49 per month. It should be noted that this discount is only applicable to the monthly plan and not the yearly plan.

How Do I Sign up for the Discount?

In order to take advantage of Paramount's 25% off discount for students you will need to be a student. There's simply no getting around this requirement. If you are a student, you can head to this area of their website to begin the process. There you'll be asked to verify your student-ness by logging into your SheerID account to confirm your current enrollment status. Once you've successfully done this, follow the instructions to get that sweet, sweet discount.

What Types of Membership Tiers Are Offered?

Paramount Plus offers two tiers of membership: Paramount Plus Essential and Paramount Plus with SHOWTIME. The former has ads while the latter is commercial-free and also comes with SHOWTIME programming. However, only the Essential plan is covered under the student discount so if you're hoping for no commercials and SHOWTIME while also receiving the 25% off discount, unfortunately such a thing is not possible.

Which Account Levels Have Ads?

The Essential plan has "limited commercial interruptions" while the more expensive plan that also bundles in SHOWTIME does not. However, as previously mentioned, only the Essential plan is eligible for the student discount.

Can an Account Be Shared With Family?

You can create up to six different viewing profiles per Paramount Plus account. You can also use up to a maximum of three simultaneous streams on different devices at any given time, allowing for multiple individuals to stream at the same time on the same account. It seems Paramount Plus doesn't have an official policy on whether or not these are intended to only be within the same household but it appears steaming simultaneously across different households in different locations does work as long as the three stream limit isn't exceeded.

Can I Add Someone to My Account?

Officially it doesn't seem like you can add an individual to your account but given the profile system and allowance of simultaneous streams, it should be possible if you're comfortable with sharing your password with the individual in question. Do so at your own peril.

Can I Get the Discount if I'm Already Subscribed?

If you already have an active Paramount Plus subscription, you can't avail of the student discount. In order to, you'll need to cancel your current subscription and then resubscribe using the steps above to get the 25% off student discount.

Can I Change My Plan?

You can indeed change your plan. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Paramount Plus website.
  2. Click on your profile in the top right corner, then select Account from the dropdown menu.
  3. Select Change Your Plan.
  4. Select your new plan.

It should, however, be noted again that there's only one plan that qualifies for the 25% off student discount and that's the Essential plan. Do be aware that if you're going from a student discounted Essential plan to the more expensive SHOWTIME plan, you will not get a 25% off discount on the new plan.

Is There a Trial?

There is indeed a trial for Paramount Plus. You can get seven days for free. Remember, you will be charged for your chosen plan at the end of trial so be sure to cancel it before then, if you aren't planning to stick around.

Popular Shows on Paramount Plus

This is obviously highly subjective. Opinions, in this fact-based and generally objective piece of writing? Unprecedented! Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is NuTrek but an iteration of it that harkens back to the Trek of old with a greater emphasis on telling stories within a single episode while also maintaining an ongoing serialized season long storyline. Rabbit Hole is an utterly ludicrous single season spy thriller starring the ever-entertaining Kiefer Sutherland being very confused about what is happening around him for eight episodes. Those are really the only two Paramount Plus shows I've watched enough to feel like commenting on but The Good Fight lasted for six seasons so that must have been at least decent too, right?

Now that you know everything there is to know about Paramount's student discount, it's time to get back to studying. Or! Don't do that and instead procrastinate by using your shiny new subscription. The choice is yours. The resulting consequences will also be yours to deal with.

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