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How to Find Deals on Apple iPads

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If you've never bought an Apple iPad, you might be confused about which model is right for you. A top-of-the-line iPad Pro could be the first device you gravitate toward, but do you need all of those features, and are there more affordable options that have what you really want?

iPads come in a range of sizes and with a variety of features, and our experts here at DealNews can help you find deals on iPads that fit your budget. We'll go over the different iPad models and accessories available. Once you know what to look for, check out the iPad deals and iPad sales our experts have found below.

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Tips for Buying iPads

Choose the Best iPad Deals for You

Best High-End iPad: If money is no object, look for iPad Pro or iPad Air deals — the latter device has an October 2020 release date — with the following specs:

  • Storage: The iPad Pro is available with up to 1TB of storage for $1,499 (WiFi only) direct from Apple, and the iPad Air maxes out at 256GB for $749 (WiFi only). If iCloud storage suits your needs for occasional photos and your Apple Music library, the smaller storage options (128GB for the Pro, 64GB for the Air) will do. But if gaming is your thing, or you take a lot of videos, you'll want at least 256GB. If cost isn't an issue, 1TB will pretty much guarantee that you'll never run out of storage space.

  • Processor: iPad Pro models boast the A12Z Bionic chip, which Apple touts as being faster than most Windows laptops. However, if you're going for maximum video editing and graphics capabilities, the just-announced iPad Air will be equipped with the new A14 Bionic chip, which will be the fastest processor in Apple's lineup. According to Apple, the new chip accounts for a 40% boost in CPU performance and a 30% improvement in graphics.

  • Display: If productive multitasking on your iPad is a must, go for the 12.9" iPad Pro. Side-by-side app use is easier on the eyes with the larger screen, compared to the smaller iPad Pro (11") and iPad Air (10.9").

  • Camera: Both the iPad Pro and new iPad Air have a 12MP wide camera with ƒ/1.8 aperture. The Air's front-facing FaceTime HD camera has ƒ/2.2 aperture, and so does the Pro's front-facing TrueDepth camera. If you're into selfies, you'll get Portrait mode, Portrait Lighting, and Animoji/Memoji on the Pro's front-facing camera.

  • LiDAR scanner: The iPad Pro is the only model available with a LiDAR scanner. It might be overkill for some users, but may come in handy for professionals who need state-of-the-art depth-sensing capabilities.

Best iPad Under $700: If you don't need a budget model, but also don't want to spend a fortune, look for these iPads:

  • New iPad Air: If you use iCloud and storage isn't a big priority, you may want to consider the new 64GB iPad Air, to be released in October. It sells for $599 direct from Apple. The 10.9" display is plenty big for most applications, and due to the device's new A14 Bionic chip, it will actually boast faster processing speeds and better graphics than the Pro model, albeit on a smaller screen. The rear camera is also being upgraded from 8MP to 12MP. These new features make the new Air far superior to the previous model, and well worth the extra $100 to $200 you'll pay over a refurbished 3rd-generation model.

  • Refurbished 3rd-Gen iPad Air: Refurbished 3rd-generation models range from $400 to just over $500 from third-party sellers on eBay and elsewhere. Look for 64GB storage and WiFi-only if you want to be budget-friendly; WiFi + Cellular models cost a bit more. This iPad Air has a 10.5" display, 8MP main camera, A12 Bionic chip, and 64GB/256GB storage options. It doesn't look all that impressive next to the new Air, but if you're looking to save a few bucks, it's still a solid design with ample storage options, a decent selfie camera, Apple Pencil support, and a better screen resolution than the base iPad.

  • Refurbished iPad Pro: The iPad Pro is currently in its fourth generation. If you're not one of the handful of people who need a LiDAR scanner, a 3rd-generation iPad Pro may have all of the features you're looking for. Refurbished 3rd-gen iPad Pro 11" 64GB WiFi-only models can be found from the low $600s from reputable eBay sellers. (Up to 1TB storage models exist.) They feature the ample A12X Bionic chip, 12MP and 7MP cameras, four speakers, five microphones for important business calls, and a Face ID sensor.

Best Cheap iPads: If you want a budget-friendly iPad, these models are by far the most affordable:

  • 8th-generation iPad: It comes in at the same price point as the 7th-gen iPad — $329 for the 32GB WiFi-only model, and $429 for the 128GB WiFi-only model. But it has an upgraded processor, the A12 Bionic, instead of the A10, giving it a faster maximum frequency. It features a 10.2" 2160×1620 Retina display, Apple Pencil (1st generation) and Smart Keyboard compatibility, and Touch ID.

  • iPad Mini: The new iPad makes the iPad Mini a head-scratcher. Currently in its 5th generation, the iPad Mini features the A12 Bionic processor and supports Apple Pencil, though the display is only 7.9", and it only supports aftermarket Bluetooth keyboards, not Apple's Smart Keyboard. You might look at its size as a positive for its portability. But at 10.2", the 8th-generation iPad offers plenty of it compared to the 12.9" iPad Pro. The 64GB iPad Mini will set you back $399 from Apple direct, while the 256GB version retails for $549. So you do get more memory than 8th-gen iPad models, but you sacrifice screen size and Smart Keyboard compatibility, and pay a lot more for it.

  • Refurbished iPads: If $329 for the new iPad is still too much, try your luck with refurbished iPads. Many discontinued models are still supported. iPad Air 2 goes for $230 and up on eBay, and 5th- and 6th-generation iPads can be found for under $300. Don't waste your time with the first four iPad generations, iPad Air (1st generation), or iPad Mini through iPad Mini 3. They aren't supported, so they offer little functionality beyond eBook and email reading at a very slow pace. (If that's your thing, it'll only set you back $65 to $85 on eBay, which isn't too bad of a price for a 2011 period film prop.)

Apple iPad Accessories to Get You Started

Apple Pencil Deals

1st-generation Apple Pencil: This device costs $99 new from Apple and is compatible with the 3rd-generation iPad Air, 5th-generation iPad mini, 6th- and 7th-generation iPad, 1st- and 2nd-generation iPad Pro 12.9", and iPad Pro 10.5" and 9.7" models. It pairs and charges with a Lightning connector.

2nd-generation Apple Pencil: It pairs and charges wirelessly, and is compatible with the 3rd- and 4th-generation iPad Pro 12.9", as well as 1st- and 2nd-generation iPad Pro 11" models, and the new 4th-generation iPad Air. It attaches magnetically and allows you to double-tap to change tools. Apple will even engrave it for free.

Apple iPad Keyboard Deals

Apple Magic Keyboard and Smart Keyboard Folio: iPad Pro models and the 4th-gen iPad Air are compatible with Apple's Magic Keyboard and Smart Keyboard Folio. Apple's Smart Keyboard, meanwhile, is the choice for the 3rd-generation iPad Air, 7th- and 8th-generation iPad, and iPad Pro 10.5". The keyboards are available directly from Apple and other retailers like Best Buy.

Aftermarket iPad Keyboard Cases: They're typically much less expensive than Apple's offerings. Search Amazon for brands like Proslife and IVSO, and be sure to check for compatibility with your specific iPad model.

Apple AirPods Deals

AirPods: Currently in their 2nd generation, AirPods go for $159 new from Apple, but we've seen open-box models for as low as $90.

AirPods Pro: They're noise-cancelling as well as sweat- and water-resistant, and retail for $249 new at Apple. We've seen them new for as low as $220 from Rakuten and Verizon Wireless.

WiFi iPads vs. WiFi + Cellular iPads

The WiFi-only iPad is sufficient if you'll be using your iPad exclusively at home or in office environments where WiFi is accessible. If you'll be out and about where WiFi isn't always available, and if you'll be making phone calls with your iPad, you'll want to consider the WiFi + Cellular option, which adds to the cost. For example, an iPad Pro 12.9" 128GB WiFi-only model retails for $999 direct from Apple, while the same model with cellular costs $1,149.

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Best iPad Under $700
4th-Gen. Apple iPad Air 10.9" 64GB Tablet
Store: Amazon
Price: $569.99
Shipping: Free shipping
Lowest By: $29

You can order this in Green (which will be back in stock in mid-December) or Silver (add another month's wait), but if time is less of a factor for you than cost, ordering from Amazon will save you $29 compared to buying direct from Apple. Tom's Guide called it "one of the best iPads ever", noting that it's "essentially a more affordable iPad Pro". It's compatible with Magic Keyboard & Apple Pencil, and features an A14 Bionic chip with Neural Engine, 10.9" 2360x1640 Liquid Retina display, 12MP rear camera, 7MP front camera, and USB-C connector.

Best iPad Accessory
Apple Smart Keyboard and Folio Case for 12.9" iPad Pro
Store: Amazon
Price: $119.97
Shipping: Free shipping
Lowest By: $22

Every review you read of almost any iPad model will tell you it's a fantastic productivity machine... so long as you budget in the Smart Keyboard. This $22 low should make that an easier ask. This full size case/keyboard combo for the 12.9" Pro requires no charging or pairing, and protects the front and back of your tablet.

Amazon · 2 days ago
$570 $599
free shipping

Apple charges $29 more. Buy Now at Amazon

  • It's in stock December 20th but can be ordered now.
  • A14 Bionic chip with Neural Engine
  • 10.9" 2360x1640 Liquid Retina display
  • 12MP rear camera, 7MP front camera
  • USB-C connector
  • compatible with Magic Keyboard & Apple Pencil
  • Model: MYFM2LL/A
↑ less
Amazon · 4 days ago
$335 $399
free shipping

That's the best price we could find by $64.

Update: It's in stock on December 17, but can still be ordered at this price now. Buy Now at Amazon

  • In several colors (Space Gray pictured)
  • 7.9" Retina display with True Tone A12 Bionic chip
  • Touch ID fingerprint sensor
  • 8MP back camera, 7MP FaceTime
  • HD front camera
  • Model: MUQW2LL/A
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eBay · 3 days ago
from $150
free shipping

Save 50% on a selection of Apple iPad Tablets. Choose from Apple iPad 3 & 4, Air, Air 2, and Mini 2. Shop Now at eBay

  • Sold by Flying Sale via eBay.
  • A 1-year Flying Sale warranty is provided.
↑ less
eBay · 1 mo ago
$108 $629
free shipping

That's a savings of $521 off the list price. Buy Now at eBay

  • In Black or White.
  • Note that this item no longer receives the latest iOS updates.
  • Sold by Bidallies via eBay, and backed by a 30-day Bidallies satisfaction guarantee.
↑ less
Verizon Wireless · 1 mo ago
up to $250 off

Save on the new 8th generation Apple iPad. Trade in your eligible phone to save up to $150. Plus, save $100 more when you purchase an iPad and iPhone with a 24-month plan. And, you'll enjoy 6-months free Apple News+ on your iPad. Shop Now at Verizon Wireless

  • Credits up to $250 will be spread out over 24 months.
  • Apple News+ will be billed at $9.99 each month after free trial. Be sure to cancel before your 6-month trial is up if you don't want to continue the service.
  • Available in three colors (Space Gray pictured).
↑ less
eBay · 4 wks ago
free shipping

That's an all-time low for this tablet in any condition and the best price we could find for a refurb now by $25. Buy Now at eBay

  • Available in Space Gray or Silver.
  • Sold by BuySpry via eBay in excellent condition.
  • A 60-day BuySpry warranty applies.
↑ less
eBay · 1 mo ago
$740 $1,199
free shipping

It's $459 less than buying it new directly from Apple. Buy Now at eBay

  • Available in Gold or Space Gray.
  • No warranty information is available, although the seller does offer a 30-dsy return policy.
  • Sold by Bidallies via eBay.
  • 12.9" IPS LCD touchscreen Retina display
  • Bluetooth 4.2
  • 4K video recording
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B&H Photo Video · 1 mo ago
up to $400 off
free shipping

Save on Macbooks, iPads, Apple Watches, and more. Shop Now at B&H Photo Video

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Apple · 3 days ago
Up to $500 credit w/ eligible trade-in

Verified: 11/28/2020

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