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There's no feeling worse than showing up to your local Lowe's at 2pm on Thanksgiving Day, all set to satisfy your newfound addiction to mulch, only to find its doors closed to customers on account of it being a "holiday". Mulch savings don't take a holiday, man. But inescapably, Lowe's does, and we have the holiday hours schedule to prove it. All your home improvement and DIY dreams must be organized around the table of holiday hours you'll find on this page, which admittedly indicates that Lowe's will be open for its regular hours of 6am to 10pm for most of the year's special occasions, only fully closing for Easter Sunday, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. But do note that store hours will vary slightly by location, usually by an hour either way, so check Lowe's store finder for specifics.

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New Year's Day

Monday, January 1

Opens 7am to 9pm

Presidents' Day

Monday, February 19

Opens 6am to 10pm

Easter Sunday

Sunday, March 31


Easter Monday

Monday, April 1

Opens 6am to 10pm

Memorial Day

Monday, May 27

Opens 6am to 10pm

4th of July

Thursday, July 4

Opens 6am to 10pm


Thursday, October 31

Opens 6am to 10pm

Thanksgiving Eve

Wednesday, November 27

Opens 6am to 10pm


Thursday, November 28


Black Friday

Friday, November 29

Opens 6am to 10pm

Christmas Eve

Tuesday, December 24

Opens 7am to 6pm

Christmas Day

Wednesday, December 25


New Year's Eve

Tuesday, December 31

Opens 7am to 9pm

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Lowe's Holiday Hours FAQs

New Year's Day - 7am to 9pm

You have a 14-hour window to both shop at Lowe's and also to sing one of U2's more bearable hits .

Presidents' Day - 6am to 10pm

And welcome to the norm: regular opening hours. We've opted for the oft-spotted 6am to 10pm variation, but as we said above, regular hours vary by location, so double check with your local Lowe's to make sure you've got the most accurate info.

Easter Sunday - Closed

Bam, first closure of the year! On dark days like this, we're glad we took up hobbies like sleeping, so we can safely hibernate until 6am on Monday morning, when…

Easter Monday - 6am to 10pm

… Lowe's opens its doors once more! We made it. We're safe.

Memorial Day - 6am to 10pm

Memorial Day holds no sway over Lowe's operations. "I'm a real holiday!" it ineffectually yells, while Lowe's goes about its business with a practiced cool. Regular hours, even as the ghost of Memorial Day screams chillingly into the May skies that this disrespect will not go unavenged.

4th of July - 6am to 10pm

Independence Day? More like six-til'-ten-dence day..

Halloween - 6am to 10pm

Halloween is scary enough without Lowe's adding to the terror by altering their opening hours. So luckily, they don't do anything of the sort.

Thanksgiving Eve - 6am to 10pm

Thanksgiving Eve is probably the least grateful day of the year, since everyone's saving up for Thursday. But you can be thankful that Lowe's is open for its regular hours, at least, since you won't get the same privilege on the big day.

Thanksgiving - Closed

Lowe's is cLowe'sed. It's the situation we've been dreading since Easter Sunday. We had resolve enough to see us through that day, but now? Now we're weighed down with turkey meats and family obligations, and we just don't know anymore.

Black Friday - 6am to 10pm

Regular hours! The most famous shopping day of the calendar year, and every other kind of year, comes and goes with no change to the schedule.

Christmas Eve - 7am to 6pm

Reduced hours! It's the acceptable compromise that civilizations are built upon, and a perfect opportunity for us to once again stress: hours vary by ZIP code. Be prepared.

Christmas Day - Closed

While I assume you wouldn't actually want to spend Christmas Day in Lowe's, the decision has been taken out of your hands. The only way you'd get to do it would be to commit criminal trespassing, and we hate to think of our readers going to jail for anything other than being illegally smart and good-looking.

New Year's Eve - 7am to 9pm

Reduced hours again, to bid farewell to the year that was. Appropriately so, as with the passing of each year, do not our own hours reduce? Grains of sand, finite and insignificant, lost to the brutal entropy of the universe? Yes. We shall spend the new year cursing the arrow of time.

How does Lowe's holiday shopping differ from regular shopping?

Outside of the timing discrepancies we've described above, shopping at Lowe's is a very consistent experience no matter when you happen to try it. But details are always interesting. Look:

Return Policy

Holiday items specifically must be returned on or before the day of the holiday (e.g., Christmas). Items purchased after the holiday are final sales, and no returns will be accepted. Outside of this, Lowe's generally gives a 90-day return window, with some notable exceptions. The following items get a 30-day window:

  • TVs and electronics
  • Outdoor power equipment (Craftsman and Black + Decker get 90 days, though)
  • Water heaters
  • Air conditioners
  • Liquid Paint
  • Highway Trailers

Meanwhile, appliances only get a 48-hour window, but plants get a full 365 days. You can generally return items without a receipt, so long as you can provide the phone number attached to your MyLowe's account, your MyLowe's Rewards Credit Card, the debit or credit card that was used on your purchase, or your checking account number.

Price Matching

Lowe's price matches both online and in-store, so long as you can provide proof of a competitor's lower price (and show that said competitor ships the item to your location). This policy excludes special offers and one-time discounts, though, which means you'll need to be more careful around Black Friday and during holiday sales.

Curbside Pickup

Curbside pickup is available on select Lowe's purchases – all you need to do is wait for confirmation your order is ready, park in a designated pickup location, and give the store a call to let them know you're waiting (with a valid ID to prove you're the right customer). Regular in-store pickup is also available. Neither seems to require any specific considerations for holiday periods.

Other Lowe's FAQs

What time does Lowe's open?

We've said it before and by Zod we'll say it again: we've run with the fairly common 6am to 10pm schedule for Lowe's. But hours can and will vary by location, so we'll once more point your to their store finder so you can double-check before making any trips.

How to save the most at Lowe's?

For starters, keep a keen eye on our Lowe's store page, where we'll provide all the most tantalizing and up-to-date deals – when Lowe's were one step ahead of Home Depot in offering 5 for $10 mulch this year, we were right there to tell you about it. You can also investigate the MyLowe's Rewards Credit Card, which gives 5% off every day, along with other timed special offers.

How does shopping compare online vs in-store?

The tactile experience of seeing and touching things in what one might call "meatspace" is the obvious advantage of shopping in-store. But shopping online offers a bevy of benefits, from user reviews to easier store-vs-store price comparisons. You might have to factor in shipping times and costs, but you can avoid that and get the best of both worlds by choosing one of the store pickup options.

What else should I consider when shopping at Lowe's?

There are lots of things you might consider, but the most relevant to this article include:

  • The DealNews app, a stalwart companion for those who enjoy both phones and deals.
  • Deal Alerts, which will notify you whenever we see a price drop on your products of choice.
  • The DealNews Select newsletter, which airdrops dozens of our latest and greatest deals directly to your inbox.
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