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Check Out Our 'Top 5' List for Every Black Friday Category!

Today and tomorrow, the Black Friday deals will be fast and furious. Our diligent writers and editors are posting only the best offers, so you know that everything on the site is at the lowest price around.

But if you need another layer of guidance to navigate the hundreds of offers, the DealNews Blog team is curating the top discounts for each product category. Check out our "Top 5" lists for the hottest Black Friday doorbusters:

Best Black Friday Toys Ads: Best Price on BB-8 Ever!

If you're shopping for toys during Black Friday this week, we've rounded up all the best ads so far. Here are all the lowest prices from the major players, as well as the one place you might find Hatchimals, one of the season's hottest buys.

DealNews Has Everything You Need to Win Black Friday

With so many stores jamming the Black Friday highway with sales traffic, it's easy to lose your way. Let us be your "Black Friday GPS," giving you turn-by-turn directions for the biggest shopping day of the year! Our Black Friday Page has all the info you need to help you navigate this most deal-crazy season, including:

Avoid Crowds With Our Black Friday App

That ominous rumbling: Is it an earthquake? Is it thunder? Actually, it's just stampeding crowds, headed towards Black Friday sales!

You can avoid unnecessary lines by installing our free Black Friday app for iOS or Android; we'll tell you which stores have the best deals and which stores are worth your wait-in-line time. "An app install in time, saves waiting in line." Poor Richard said that.

Hatchimals Are Sold Out Everywhere, But Walmart Will Have Them on Black Friday

Every year, as children the country over begin writing letters to Santa, there are always one or two toys that rise to the top of their wishlists. With supply unable to meet demand, such items soon become sparse. This year the most coveted of toys is called a Hatchimal — and because of its desirability, it might end up being the biggest Black Friday doorbuster of the year.

10 Big Cyber Monday Myths — Busted!

Most of us know that Cyber Monday falls on the Monday after Thanksgiving. But what about the other "facts" surrounding this shopping holiday? To bump up your knowledge, we present 10 Cyber Monday myths — and the truths they conceal.

Quiz: What Kind of Black Friday Shopper Are You?

It's probably not surprising that a weekend full of overeating and overspending might bring out the crazier side of people. But here's the deal: your Black Friday behavior does tell us something about you. And so, we've categorized you via a very scientific online quiz, as is all the rage these days.

Take the quiz now to find out what kind of Black Friday shopper you truly are!