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Did You Buy A "Hoverboard" From Amazon? Get a Refund!

Known by many different names — though "hoverboard seems most ubiquitous — these misnamed personal vehicles were at the top of all the holiday gift hype lists. And then the fire reports started rolling in. Lucky for consumers, Amazon is taking the initiative to offer easy refunds for those purchased on their site.

Synthetic Diamonds Are Still Forever: A Guide to Cheaper Man-Made Gems

Increasingly common on the market, synthetic or lab-grown diamonds are perfect replicas of nature's diamonds, but they're grown in a laboratory instead of being mined from the earth. Plus, at costs that can be 20% to 40% cheaper than a natural diamond, they might help you get the ring you want without breaking the bank (or maxing out your credit cards).

Norwegian Cruise Line Will Offer Unlimited Drinks for Free on Bahamas Cruises

When we read that Norwegian Cruise Lines was adding a free Unlimited Drinks package to all 2016 cruises on their Norwegian Sky ship we nearly fell off our chairs. In general cruises are notorious for serving over-priced drinks and cost of adding a drinks package is often exorbitant. So is this new offer from NCL all it's cracked up to be?