Black Friday Phone Deals 2022: What iPhone and Samsung Galaxy Offers Can You Expect?

The Samsung Galaxy S22 could be free, while the iPhone 14 lineup could be bundled with gift cards worth hundreds.
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Phone manufacturers release different models throughout the year, but regardless of when a new device drops, there's one undeniably great time for deal-hunting: Black Friday. Whether you prefer Android or iOS, you're bound to find noteworthy savings on gadgets you're interested in. And yes, that includes the latest and greatest from Apple, Samsung, and Google.

Check out our guide on what to expect from Black Friday phone deals in 2022.

What to Expect From Black Friday Phone Deals in 2022

Smartphones are pricey investments these days, so any help to make the cost less staggering is much appreciated. The good news is that you can still find free smartphones around Black Friday — they may just come with specific requirements.

For instance, last year the Samsung Galaxy S21 was free at AT&T for the 128GB model. The phone launched in January 2021, so it's no surprise that by Black Friday, the deals were there. Even so, shoppers still had to be AT&T customers or be okay making the switch to take advantage of this promotion. It also wasn't outright free, as customers had to stay on a qualifying plan that cost at least $75 per month. Then, they would receive $800 in bill credits. Still, if you met those conditions, that was an excellent deal; in fact, it was good enough to earn our Staff Pick badge.

We expect older Samsung phones to also see notable deals, especially for refurbished models. Last Black Friday, we saw a refurbished Samsung Galaxy S20 128GB model for Verizon for only $350 at eBay. We also found a deal for a refurbished Samsung Galaxy S20+ with 128GB of storage for $420, also at eBay. Both of those were excellent enough to earn the Staff Pick designation, as well.

One way retailers help to mitigate the high costs of the latest smartphones is by offering gift cards worth hundreds of dollars. And iPhones are often prime candidates for these promotions, which is good news for Apple fans. That's because Apple doesn't do Black Friday sales outside of their own gift card offers — and Apple's gift card promotions for iPhones don't tend to be as generous as the ones other retailers have.

Look for the latest smartphones to be bundled with gift cards to make the prices more budget-friendly.

If you're interested in the iPhone 14 lineup, watch for stores like Walmart and Target to offer big gift cards with purchases of these new devices. For instance, last year shoppers could get anywhere from $300 to $500 in Walmart gift cards when they purchased iPhone 12 or iPhone 13 devices at Walmart. In fact, the retailer offered up to $750 in gift cards with select iPhone purchases, though that did involve jumping through several hoops: buying on an installment plan, activating, and trading in your old devices.

As Google tends to release its latest Pixel flagships in October, we probably won't see huge discounts when Black Friday rolls around. But that doesn't mean we won't see any. And if you're not opposed to buying previous generations, you may be able to find more significant savings. For example, even though they were three generations old by 2021, we were still seeing deals for the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL for $180 and $200, respectively, at eBay.

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During Black Friday 2021 sales, we saw deals for unlocked Pixel 6 phones at Best Buy with savings of $50 off. That might not seem like much, but the starting price for the Pixel 6 lineup was only $599. The Pixel 6 Pro started at $899, but even so, both of those are more reasonable than some other smartphone alternatives. The iPhone 14, for instance, starts at $799 for the lowest tier.

Motorola's claim to fame is still probably the Razr, especially now that it's returned with modern smartphone features. But the Razr isn't where you'll find the lowest prices. Rather, you'll want to look at other models if you're hoping to minimize your costs. For instance, last year we saw an unlocked Moto G Power for $163 at Amazon, while the retailer also offered an unlocked Moto E for only $120.

It's also worth watching Amazon for sales on Motorola devices in general. During Black Friday 2021, we saw select smartphone models on the site with discounts of up to 43% off.

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