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Best Black Friday Apple Ads: Buy an iPhone 7 and Get $250 Free

From the first real discount on the Apple Watch Series 1, to the cheapest iPad Pro yet, these ads are setting the bar pretty high.
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Update: Many stores have already unveiled their sales, and we've been rounding up the best Black Friday Apple deals. Check out our list of the top offers, or read on for what's still to come.

The Best Black Friday Apple Ads

You've probably read our guide to Apple Black Friday deals, so you know that we recommend not shopping at Apple itself when Black Friday rolls around. However, that doesn't mean there aren't still some awesome buys to look out for! Here, we've rounded up the best of the best Apple deals we've found so far.

Military Personnel Can Snag Surprisingly Awesome Apple Deals

Before we launch into our roundup of the top Apple ads that all shoppers can buy, we'd like to first point out a trend we noticed this year. AAFES, the Army and Air Force Exchange Service store for military personnel, recently released a Black Friday ad, and there are some astounding prices on Apple goods.

The store will offer an Apple iPad Pro 9.7" 128GB Tablet for $439, which is $260 off and less than what Target will charge for the 32GB model. Apple fans who want something smaller can instead snag the Apple iPad mini 4 32GB Tablet for $249, which is $150 off and a low by $26. (Best Buy recently knocked it to $274.99, a price that shocked us — until we saw this AAFES deal.)

Lastly, AAFES will offer the current-generation Apple MacBook Air Broadwell Core i5 1.6GHz 11.6" Laptop for $589, which will be the lowest price we've ever seen by a full $90. Currently this laptop sells for $899.99.

If you qualify to shop at AAFES stores, then be sure to take keep these offers in mind when considering any of the ads below.

The Best Black Friday Apple Ads

Apple Watch

  • Apple Watch Series 1 for $198 at Target
    This is the first real discount we've seen on the Series 1 and by far the best deal we've seen (thus far) for Black Friday. After all, it's been priced at $269 since it was announced.


  • NEW! iPad Pro 9.7" 128GB WiFi Tablet for $589.99 at BJ's Wholesale Club
    Technically, this is the best confirmed price we've seen in the ads for this model. Previously, the best price we'd seen for this storage size was $630.

    That said, Best Buy is advertising a sale in which it knocks $125 off select iPad Pro models. It remains to be seen whether that includes the 128GB model, but if it does, that should cut the price to $574.99. That's only $15 cheaper, but it's also at a store that doesn't require a membership.

  • iPad Pro 9.7" 32GB WiFi Tablet for $449 at Target
    The lowest we've seen for a new 32GB model of this iPad was $550, and that's what we expected to see on Black Friday. This sale definitely exceeds our expectations.

  • iPad Air 2 Tablets from $274 at Target
    This marks the best deal we've seen, as well as beating our predictions by a whopping $76. Previously, the lowest price this model had dropped to was $300.

  • iPad mini 2 32GB WiFi Tablet for $199 at Walmart
    While Target will have the iPad Mini 2 starting around $199, Walmart is offering a better bang for your buck. The lowest we've seen a 32GB new Mini 2 fall to is $219.

  • iPad Air 2 Tablets for $125 off at Best Buy
    Based on the regular prices listed in the ad, these models should theoretically start at around $274. Since you can snag it for the same price at Target, and both stores will have it online, it comes down to which store you want to shop more.


  • NEW! Apple MacBook Air Broadwell Core i5 1.6GHz 13.3" Laptop for $799.99 at Best Buy
    This deal might not knock our socks off, but it's still a great opportunity to save on an Apple computer. We've seen this model drop to $800 a few times before, but only for short periods of time. Currently this model sells for $1,000, so this sale offers a $200 discount.

  • NEW! Apple MacBook Laptops for $200 off at Best Buy
    We're giving this one a tentative stamp of approval, because any Mac shopper should at least check it out when it goes live. It's possible that any individual MacBook in the sale could be selling for cheaper elsewhere, but this is definitely worth perusing for price comparisons.


  • iPhone for AT&T NEXT or Verizon Device Payment + $250 Gift Card for $0 down at Walmart
    Several retailers are offering similar deals, so if you're planning to upgrade, it'll likely come down to which store you prefer to shop most often.

  • iPhone SE for Verizon, AT&T, or Sprint from $9.99 at Best Buy
    The only similar offer we've seen is a BOGO free sale from T-Mobile back in the summer. This phone was released earlier this year, and this deal definitely makes an affordable upgrade. It requires a 2-year agreement.

  • iPhone 5s 16GB No-Contract Smartphone for Straight Talk for $99 at Walmart
    This is the best price we've seen for this model on Straight Talk. Walmart has been offering this deal at $149 consistently for the last few months.

  • iPhone 7 + $250 Gift Card for $0 down at Target
    The only similar kind of offer we've seen for the newest iPhone was back when it was first released — customers could score a free iPhone 7 when they traded in their old iPhone. This deal isn't quite as awesome, but it's still pretty solid.

  • iPhone 7 Plus + $250 Gift Card for $0 down at Target
    It's the same offer as the one above at Target. However, this one will net you the larger phone and its exclusive features.

  • iPhone 7 + up to $250 Gift Card at Best Buy
    Upgrade your phone to the new iPhone 7 on an installment billing agreement, and you could score up to a $250 gift card. It might not be as good as what Walmart and Target are offering (you could end up with a lesser gift card) but it's still not a bad deal.

Apple TV

  • Apple TV Media Receivers for 25% off at Target
    We could potentially see prices drop to around $112 on the 32GB model, which is only a couple of bucks more than what we expected. And we're anticipating the 64GB hitting around $150, which is not only what we predicted, but the same price we saw last year.

  • Apple TV 64GB Media Receiver for $159.99 at Best Buy
    While it's higher than what we're expecting to see from Target, this is still a solid option for getting your hands on the streaming device. This could be ideal if you prefer to shop Best Buy or if Target runs out of stock before you can score one.


  • iPod Touch 6th Generation for $50 off at Toys"R"Us
    Based on the current prices on the site, we expect these music players to start at around $140. The best price we've seen for this generation was about $250 for a 64GB model all the way back in April.

  • iPods for 20% off at Target
    It's not a huge discount, but it is the only one that's versatile enough to let you grab the model you prefer. This offer will apply to all iPods at Target according to the ad, and should include the Shuffle, Nano, and Touch.

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VERY DISAPPOINTED!!! I had been following your site every year for several years now and found it very useful, that is until this year. This year I specifically sought iPhone 7 Plus deals. I found your info on the iPhone 7 & 7 plus deal from target that states "In-store and online, Confirmed" and became extremely ecited. So, as I trust this site as an authority in sniffing out the details of the Black Friday deals and since i had to work today (Black Friday) I didn't make plans to drudge out with the masses last nigh or this morning. Instead, I decided to wait until my wife went to bed last night and order her new iPhone 7 plus and $250 gift card from target "ONLINE" only to become extremely frustrated/infuriated that this deal IS, in fact, AN IN-STORE ONLY deal!!! Seems as though I'll be missing out on this deal now. Thanks Deal News for getting this one wrong and royally screwing up my shopping plans.

Oh, and dido for the Walmart ad
When I spoke to Target Mobile staff this weekend, they said as long as you are upgrade eligible you are good to go. They said if you want to make it faster, print your last bill and the page from the VZW website that shows you can upgrade. Happy shopping!
Does anyone know if this is good if you just want to upgrade your phone or does it have to be a new number activation?
Not to discourage you from going to Target but from the one time we went they passed out slips to the first people in line and no one else could claim the items. We have not gone since. Good Luck if you go.
Concerning the iPhone SE for $9.99 from via BestBuy with 2 year Contract, it's my understanding that Sprint no longer allows subsidized 2 year upgrades at BestBuy. Does someone know anything different?
Does anyone know from experience how busy the iPhone 7 deal at Target will be? I am considering going to Target, even willing to arrive about 90 minutes early. I just hate crowds but need a phone. I guess my question asked in easier wording:

- Will there be enough supply for demand if I arrive 90 minutes early?