Why Is Target Charging More Than Apple for the iPad Pro?

You'll pay as much as $100 more for some versions of the 9.7" tablet.

One of the most popular items to show up in the Black Friday ads so far is the 9.7" iPad Pro, and Target in particular will be offering a great price on the high-powered tablet.

But in the process of analyzing that ad, we found something very peculiar: Target is currently selling some iPad Pro models for more than what the Apple Store charges.

The 32GB Model Will Be Great

According to Target's Black Friday ad, the store will discount the 9.7" iPad Pro tablet by $150.99, with prices starting at $449.

Presumably that $449 price tag is specifically for the 32GB WiFi model, currently listed at $599 on Target's site. When that goes live, it will be the lowest price we've seen by $100. (See our full Target Black Friday ad analysis for more of the best offers from the store's ad.)

But We're Not Sure of the Pricing on the Other Versions

When it comes to the 128GB WiFi model, however, we're a bit stumped. Apple's retail price for that version is $699, and a $150.99 discount would knock that to $549. That price would again easily be the best price we've seen.

Aside from the standard 32GB WiFi option, every version of the 9.7" iPad Pro at Target is priced $50 to $100 more than Apple.

But as it turns out, Target isn't currently charging $699 for the tablet — it's charging $749.99, about $50 more than Apple. It's very rare for a store to charge more than Apple unless there's some added accessory or care package, but there doesn't appear to be any added value here.

And it doesn't stop with just the 128GB model; aside from the standard 32GB WiFi option, every version of the 9.7" iPad Pro at Target is priced $50 to $100 more than Apple.

If those prices hold, then Target's offer of $150.99 off during Black Friday isn't quite as amazing as it seems. With a starting price of $749.99, the 128GB Wifi model would instead drop to $599, which is $10 more than what BJ's Wholesale will charge. Make no mistake: That's still a great price, considering the next cheapest 128GB model we've ever seen was $630. It just wouldn't be as phenomenal as we had originally hoped.

So Should You Buy Target's iPad Pro Deals?

Time will tell whether Target prices the higher-capacity iPad Pros differently once Black Friday rolls around. Shoppers should remember that the 32GB WiFi option will indeed be a great deal at $449, but the 128GB model will be cheaper at BJ's if you have a membership.

And thus far, we haven't seen stores offering discounts on other versions of the 9.7" iPad Pro. So even with the higher starting price, Target's sale is still worth checking out, if you want those options.

Readers, have you noticed other retailers charging more than Apple? Let us know in the comments below!

Julie Ramhold
Senior Staff Writer/Consumer Analyst

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