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Best Black Friday TV Ads: These Are the 4K Sets You Can't Miss

Black Friday and TV deals go together like peanut butter and jelly. Or Jagger and Richards. Or football and beer. (You get the idea.)
Black Friday TV

Update: Black Friday deals are now live! We're rounding up the best TV deals here, so make sure to bookmark the page and check back often throughout the week.

Best Black Friday TV Ads

If there's one thing that's synonymous with Black Friday, it's TV deals. We're continuously amazed each year at just how low TV prices can go, and 2017 is no different — especially when it comes to 4K HDR sets.


So without further ado, here are the best TV Black Friday ads of the 2017 season.

  • NEW! Sony 70" 4K LED Smart TV for $1,199.99 at Amazon
    While we're not sure exactly what the model will be, Amazon is calling it a "2017 model", so it's at least part of the latest tech. The lowest price we've seen for similar sets is $1,198 (also from Amazon, and on Prime Day). It's entirely possible that this'll be the exact same TV.

  • NEW! Samsung 55" 4K LED Smart TV for $897.99 at Amazon
    We haven't seen many deals for this Samsung (model number UN55MU8000) — in fact, we've only seen two. Both were in-store deals at Micro Center, which excluded many people. This might as well be the first discount ever on this set for most shoppers.

  • NEW! 32" 720p TV for $69.99 at Amazon
    This deal matches our predictions perfectly, and while it's a no-frills set, that price tag is undeniably great. But because it's so low, odds are this is one of those deals that'll be hard to actually score. If you're interested, be ready to jump on it as soon as these deals go live.

  • NEW! 49" 4K TV for $159.99 at Amazon
    We predicted 4K sets of this size to hit a doorbuster price of around $210, but this deal beats those expectations by a full $50. It's even cheaper than our prediction for 49" 1080p sets ($179). Once again, though, this deal is so great that it's likely to go super fast.

  • Vizio 65" 4K HDR LED LCD UHD Smart TV for $598 at Sam's Club
    Sam's Club members can score the Vizio E65-E for just under $600, which is a good price for this midrange brand — and right in line with our predictions. (We expected to see $470 for off-brand sets and $970 for higher tier TVs of this size.)

  • Hitachi 60" 4K HDR LED LCD Roku Smart TV for $498 at Sam's Club
    Another solid offer for Sam's Club members, this Hitachi usually goes for about $100 more. What's more, $500 is a good price for any 60" 4K Smart TV.

  • Avera 49" 4K LED LCD TV for $200 at Newegg
    While admittedly not as good a deal as the Sharp set below, this is a good backup if you're unable to score that one or can't get to a store to purchase one. At $200, this set is still $10 below our expected doorbuster price for 4K TVs of this size, and one of the lowest prices we've seen for a 49" UHD TV all year.

  • Sharp 50" 4K LED LCD Roku Smart TV for $179.99 at Best Buy
    We predicted that we'd see 50" 4K doorbusters for $210, so we certainly didn't expect to see TVs of this size to come in below $200 — and with Smart TV capabilities no less! We saw this 50" Sharp (model no. LC-50LBU591U) just last month for $350, so this is nearly half off. The only caveat to this deal is that it's only available in-store. Get to your local Best Buy early if you want it!

  • Westinghouse 55" 4K LED LCD Smart TV for $249.99 at Target
    Sure, Westinghouse is as off-brand as they come and we don't have any specifics like the model number to give you. But at $250, this TV is almost at our predicted doorbuster price of $239. It has Smart TV capabilities, too, so if you're looking for a big cord-cutter, this option is a real bargain.

  • Samsung 55" 4K HDR LED LCD Smart TV + $150 Kohl's Cash for $499.99 at Kohl's
    At a net price of only $350 when you factor in the Kohl's Cash, this 55" Samsung set is well below our predicted price of $500 for name-brand 4K TVs. That's even more remarkable when you consider it's a set with HDR and Smart TV capabilities. Moreover, that net price is half of what most stores normally charge for this model (UN55MU6290). In short, if you know you'll spend the Kohl's Cash, this one is a must-have.

  • LG 65" 4K HDR LED LCD Smart TV with $200 Dell Gift Card for $799.99 at Dell Home
    Another Black Friday ad where the credit makes the deal, the $600 net price on this LG 65UJ6300 bests the deal we saw last month by $50 (and you also shell out less money upfront). It's also decidedly better than the $970 average price we're expecting to see for name-brand 65" 4K TVs, even without the gift card.

  • Haier 55" 4K LED LCD TV + $90 Kohl's Cash for $299.99 at Kohl's
    At first this deal might seem underwhelming; after all, we've frequently seen Haier 55" 4K TVs for $300. However, that's already a darn good price for a 55" 4K TV, and now this one comes with $90 Kohl's Cash! At a net price of $210, that's the best price we've ever seen for any 55" 4K TV. This should be a no-brainer if you're looking for an entry-level set.

  • LG 49" 4K LED LCD Smart TV + $120 Kohl's Cash for $399.99 at Kohl's
    At a net price of only $280 when you factor in the Kohl's Cash, this is a doorbuster-caliber deal. This price is below what we expect to see for 1080p sets of the same size. It's also the best deal we've ever seen for this specific model (49UJ6300). And with HDR and IPS, you not only get a great price, but a great viewing experience.

  • Vizio 80" 4K HDR LED LCD Smart TV for $2,499.99 at Costco
    If you have a Costco membership, you can score big on a super-size TV this Black Friday. This is the lowest price we've seen for the Vizio E80-E3 by $100, and it's about $500 less than what most stores charge.

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The LG 65 inch is showing a $150 gift card not the $200 in the narrative


Really disappointed that none of these black friday deals match the deal Target had on their TCL 4K HDR line a couple of weeks ago. Their 65" 4K HDR Roku model was $699, then with 10% off via cartwheel and 5% off via redcard. The closest we have so far is Sams Club but the TCL model blows it out of the water in quality and features. No membership fee, no black friday crowds...