Poll: Will the Outcome of the Presidential Election Affect Your Black Friday Spending?


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While studies suggest that presidential elections have no impact on consumer spending, businesses have been pessimistic about how the outcome of this year's contest could affect their bottom lines.

The election is over and the results are in, and now we want to know if the outcome has changed any opinions on Black Friday spending. So we're asking you, our readers, once again, to let us know if the outcome of the election this week has changed your minds about how you'll spend your hard-earned cash once Black Friday rolls around on November 25.

Stephen Slaybaugh
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I agree with both pakanom & skaets. I will continue to be a frugal spender only now I can spend more. That's if the outgoing administration didn't permanently damage the economy and the free enterprise system will once again be the the way we do business in the USA.
Trump's approach to economic stimulus consists of tax cuts for the middle class and wealthy, reduction of entitlement programs, investment in infrastructure and energy, and defaulting on debt obligations.

For the average consumer, this means more money in your pocket for everyday spending. This means an increase in retail spending. This also means a devastating reality for future generations as a result of reduced revenue and increased government spending. Eventually, the nation will have to pay its bills.
I was on DN every few hours for the last four or five years. This is my first time since the results were in. Shopping seems like it's much less important now.
I will continue to spend frugally, even though our country will become so much better as soon as the roaches will begin scurrying out of our corrupt government as it exists now.
I agree w/ Ovaltine .. time to batten down the hatches and await the coming financial meltdown.
I will spend more now that socialism and racism is about to leave the people's house.
Yeah because Our obsessed national spending and obamacare have made us better
You might as well spend up, because democracy as we know it ends in January.

I doubt we'll survive long enough for you to spend your gold. I never thought I would say that.
I'm going to put all my money in gold. It's the only safe thing in the coming recession that will make the Bush recession seem mild by comparison.