Vote in Our Poll: What's the Best Black Friday Ad of 2015?

At this point, most of the important Black Friday ads are in, so we already have insight into the big doorbusters of the season. And naturally, we're curious to know what our readers think!

Walmart Won't Offer Free Shipping This Holiday Season

The big holiday retailer players are fully in the game, announcing free shipping, rolling out the commercials, and even offering a new take on curbside pickup. But one key retailer is missing from the free shipping mix: Walmart.

Deals That Make You Go Hmmm...: The 11 Most Unusual Black Friday Deals We've Ever Seen

TVs, laptops, toys — you'll see loads of these items discounted on Black Friday. But who expects to see a discount on a Wampa rug? How about an iPotty iPad Holder for kids? We've scoured the DealNews archives to bring you the 11 most unusual Black Friday deals.

88% of You Will Shop on Black Friday, But Only Half Will Shop on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is the number one day for deals, but it's still not the number one shopping day. We look at more revealing stats about when, how, and why dealhunters will be shopping this year on Black Friday and beyond.

Walmart Black Friday Ad Analysis: The Big-Screen TV Doorbuster You've Been Waiting For

Finally, Walmart has unleashed its Black Friday ad, choosing to debut the deals via the store's app rather than its website. And as per usual, the store is touting many high-caliber TV deals, but what else can you expect to find come Black Friday?

Meijer Black Friday Ad Analysis: A 55" Doorbuster That Matches Target

While ho-hum for the most part, Meijer's Black Friday ad does boast a couple of TV doorbusters that are worth seeking out, a great Wii U bundle, and savings on Amazon Fire tablets.

Roku Created a New Device to Confuse Us All During Black Friday

We've been doing this Black Friday thing for a while, so it takes something truly special to make us say, "What the what?!" But congrats to Roku, Best Buy, and Kohl's, because we're scratching our heads over the Roku SE, a product that, until this week, didn't exist.

Harbor Freight Tools Black Friday Ad Analysis: Tools From Just $15

Harbor Freight Tools recently released its Black Friday ad preview, allowing even DIY shoppers an opportunity to save during the holiday shopping season.

Staples Black Friday Ad Analysis: Best-Ever Price on the iPad mini 4

Staples is the first retailer to advertise a major discount on an iPad, in addition to a handful of other great offers. But watch out for items that are confusingly listed at full-price.

GameStop Black Friday Ad Analysis: Their Best Digital Sale in Over a Year

GameStop's 2015 Black Friday ad has leaked, giving gamers their first real look at the shopping holiday. The circular is full of highlights, promising both a great PC download sale and AAA games that hit our predictions. Read on for our full analysis of the best and worst bits of this ad.

Today in Retail Irony: Amazon Opens First Brick-and-Mortar Bookstore

Amazon opened its first brick-and-mortar bookstore, Amazon Books, at University Village in Seattle. Does it surprise you that the site known for easy online shopping has moved into physical stores?

Rumor Roundup: No More Android OS? Early iPhone 7?

Are you tired of reading rumors about the latest technology? Sick of hearing insane hearsay about Apple iPhone 7, Android phones, Microsoft Surface Phones, and more? Well, neither are we! Hooray! That's why we put all the latest speculations from the Internet into one place, the Rumor Roundup!

A Man Is Waiting in Line 33 Days Before Black Friday, but NOT for the Reason You Think

Kevin Sutton started camping outside a Best Buy in Orlando, Florida on October 25, a record-breaking 33 days ahead of Black Friday. Here's the kicker: Sutton is on a mission, but it might not be the one you'd think.

Rebuilt to Last: A DIY Expert Explains Why He ONLY Buys Refurbs

While the shopping ins and outs of refurbs get plenty of coverage, the electronic advantages don't get nearly as much media love. So Kyle Wiens — founder of iFixit — took time from his busy schedule to walk us through why refurbished products are even better than new sometimes.

Places to Be Thankful: 5 Inspirational Destinations Across the Globe

It's hard to believe that it's November and that Thanksgiving is just around the corner. We decided to take a moment and appreciate all the awe-inspiring places there are in the world with this week's best travel deals.

26 Stores That Will Be Closed on Thanksgiving Day

Not all retailers embrace the Thanksgiving shopping holiday. So which stores will be closed and which will be open this Thanksgiving? Let's take a look at the retailers that have already announced that Thanksgiving Day won't be the beginning of their holiday shopping season.

Macy's Black Friday Ad Analysis: Best Price for a Dyson Since 2014

The full Macy's Black Friday ad has leaked, and there are new deals to keep on your radar. Topping the list are rare discounts on a Dyson and Melissa & Doug toys.

Hard to Swallow: 8 Foods That Will Be Pricier This Fall and Winter

Some common food staples have "high price" and "rising price" written all over them. We took a look at eight foods in for possible price hikes and continuing stratospheric prices this fall and winter, to help you plan your grocery list wisely.

6 Crazy Deals That Could Actually Happen This Black Friday

Black Friday is all about best-of-the-year prices, but there are some deals that are so promising, we have to single them out. From TVs to video games, these are the ultra low prices and the unpredictable products that could make Black Friday worth it.

Rumor Roundup: A Buttonless iPhone? Oh, SNAP (dragons)?

Are you tired of reading rumors about the latest technology? Sick of hearing insane hearsay about Apple products, Grand Theft Auto, Ant-Man, and more? Well, neither are we! Hooray! That's why we put all the latest speculations from the Internet into one place, the Rumor Roundup!

13 NYC Restaurants Will Eliminate Tipping While Charging Up to 25% More for Food

In November, an influential NYC restauranteur will roll out a no-tipping policy at 13 locations, with the goal of having the restaurants be completely tipless by the end of 2016. But at what cost?

The Law of Diminishing Returns: 10 Items That Lose Value the More You Spend

Paying more doesn't always mean you get more. In many product categories, you're actually better off buying the cheaper version of an item. If you want to avoid diminishing returns on your next big purchase, we've rounded up 10 items that rarely provide a lot of added value over a certain price point.

Got iOS 9? Make Sure to Turn This Setting OFF to Avoid Overage Fees

If you upgraded your iPhone to iOS 9, or if you bought a brand new iPhone 6s or 6s Plus recently, then you might want to turn off one of the default settings to avoid overage fees.

Skipping the Holidays? 7 Ways to Book a Cheap Vacation

Celebrate the holidays by snagging an awesome vacation deal. We consulted two experts and gleaned plenty of great advice on how to get out of town as the winter holidays approach.

Which One of Your Coworkers Is Shopping for Cyber Monday Deals at Work?

While Black Friday has long reigned as the start of the holiday shopping season, the subsequent shopping holiday of Cyber Monday has become increasingly important. We look at how many workers will be taking a coffee break to score some deals.

Rumor Roundup: Is Comcast Going to Buy T-Mobile?

Are you tired of reading rumors about the latest technology? Sick of hearing insane hearsay about the Zune Phone, iPhone 7, Furious 8, and more? Well, neither are we! Hooray! That's why we put all the latest speculations from the Internet into one place, the Rumor Roundup!

Battle of the Mega-Retailers: Will Walmart or Amazon Win Black Friday This Year?

While Amazon might dominate the online space, Walmart is still at the top for brick-and-mortar stores. The shopping titans will battle it out on Black Friday. Which one will win?

The Clock Runs Out on Free Shipping at 6pm

The popular shoe and apparel discount site instituted a $50 free shipping minimum. With so few of its best standalone deals qualifying and Black Friday right around the corner, is 6pm still a deal contender?

We Asked Men & Women About Black Friday Shopping; Results Are NOT Surprising

Nearly half of men put themselves as the top purchasing priority this Black Friday season, compared to 26% of women. Such a drastic difference made DealNews to take a deeper look at men's and women's holiday shopping habits.

Dell Home Black Friday Ad Analysis: Highly-Rated 60" 4K TV Hits New Price Low

Dell Home's 2015 Black Friday ad has arrived and we've just finished hand-picking the circular's top deals. From budget 2-in-1s to an Xbox One bundle that's perfectly in line with our predictions, these are the Dell deals you shouldn't miss.

VIDEO: Do We Need More Drone Regulations? What About Louis?!

Lawmakers are considering tighter regulations on drones and may require drone owners ("drone-ers") to register their tiny remote-controlled flying machines with the government! In this brief, delightful video, our panel of experts discuss if this is even feasible.

Then we say goodbye to Louis, who is off to bigger and better adventures!

7 Things Your Smartphone Camera Still Can't Do

Smartphone cameras have made leaps and bounds in quality, but there are times when we realize their limitations compared to advanced cameras. Here are seven things your smartphone camera still can't do.

What People Want on Black Friday Might Surprise You

What are the Black Friday deals we'll be coveting the most this year? We surveyed 2,472 DealNews readers to find out, and the answers might surprise you.

Black Friday Media Streaming Devices 2015: Big Discounts on Roku & Fire TV

Media streamers have gone from luxury items to near-necessities. Expect to see modest deals on the latest Apple TV this Black Friday, while the Roku and Amazon Fire TV will have bigger discounts.

10 Ways to Use Social Media to Save Money

Whether you're a social media mastermind, or only active on one or two sites, chances are you aren't taking full advantage of social media to save you money. Complaining on Twitter, sharing referral links, and more can help you save serious cash.

Rumor Roundup: Pepsi Phone? Waterproof iPhone? More?

Are you tired of reading rumors about the latest technology? Sick of hearing insane hearsay about Apple iPhone, Marvel Movies, Pepsi phones, and more? Well, neither are we! Hooray! That's why we put all the latest speculations from the Internet into one place, the Rumor Roundup!

11 Things You Need to Know About the New Microsoft Surface Book

Microsoft unveiled the Surface Book laptop last week, and while it seems similar to the 2-in-2 Surface Pro 4, they're actually very different devices. Here's what you need to know about the buzzworthy laptop.

The 8 Most Confusing Things About Phone Plans Right Now

From the death of the subsidized phone to the rise of the installment plan, the wireless industry has been turned on its head. So just what are the biggest hurdles consumers now face when buying a new phone? Here are some of our biggest pet peeves.

Apple iPad Pro vs. Microsoft Surface Pro 4: Which 2-in-1 Device Should You Get?

More and more people are being persuaded to replace laptops and tablets with a device that can be both. Microsoft and Apple are about to go head-to-head in this space with the Surface Pro 4 and the iPad Pro. Which one is right for you?

Switching to Straight Talk: Which Cell Phones Are Compatible?

Switching from your current smartphone carrier to Straight Talk Wireless is unlikely to alter your service. But is your current phone eligible to make the switch to Straight Talk?

HBO Now Arrives on Roku Devices

The most popular media streamer on the market now gives its users access to the HBO Now app. Find out how soon you can download the app and which models are supported.

Infographic: This Is How People Will Shop During Black Friday 2015

We're always curious to know how people will shop during the Black Friday season, so we once again polled our readers to see what their plan of attack is for 2015. When will most people start perusing the Black Friday ads, and will they shop on Thanksgiving? Read on to find out!

Maybe It's Time to Say Goodbye to Verizon's Unlimited Data Plan

Verizon is set to increase the price of its now-defunct unlimited data plan by $20 per month. That's bad news if, like our writer, Marcy Bonebright, you're in the estimated 1% of Verizon customers who were grandfathered into keeping these plans — or is it?

How to Save the Most on Holiday Travel: The Best Days to Buy and Fly

There really is no place like home for the holidays. The key is just getting there without breaking the bank. Here are tips for booking holiday air travel this year — and saving some money in the process.

Netflix Is Raising the Price of Its Standard Streaming Plan

Netflix announced today that it will increase the price of its standard streaming plan for new users, as well as current subscribers after a one year grace period. Will you change your plan?

Americans Will Spend $6.9 Billion on Halloween This Year

We've already told you about how to save on your Halloween spending, but now we want to look at how all that spooktacular celebrating will go down. And so straight from the DealNews Crypt, we present our 2015 Halloween by the numbers.

Can You Guess How Much These People Paid for Their Costumes?

With Halloween almost here, we wanted to know what it takes to make an awesome costume. How much time and money would one have to invest, in order to impress one's friends? Last year, we went to New York Comic Con to interview cosplayers to find out!

Why You Should Say No to Layaway (And What You Should Do Instead)

The promise of layaway is alluring. What you would have to pay in cash — or put on a credit card, hoping to be able to pay it off when the bill comes — you can string out with regular payments over a couple of months. So what's the catch? Here's what to watch out for with layaway programs.

Staples Will Be Closed on Thanksgiving This Year

While most retailers scramble to open as early as possible on Thanksgiving Day, Staples has announced it will close its door for the holiday. Is this the start of a new trend?

Amazon Will No Longer Sell the Apple TV or Chromecast to 'Avoid Confusion'

Amazon just gave Apple and Google an unexpected punch in the gut. The online retailer announced that later this month it will ban sales of the Apple TV and Chromecast media players. With the holiday season just weeks away, will Amazon's tough stance have a negative affect on deals?
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