Got iOS 9? Make Sure to Turn This Setting OFF to Avoid Overage Fees

There's now a class action lawsuit over Apple's latest Wifi Assist feature.
Wifi Assist

If you upgraded your iPhone to iOS 9, or if you bought a brand new iPhone 6s or 6s Plus recently, then you might want to turn off the Wifi Assist feature.

Wifi Assist is a setting that prompts your phone to switch to cellular data when your Wifi connection is poor. In theory, this could be a nifty feature that allows for more seamless loading.

Watch Out for Overage Fees

The problem is that Wifi Assist is on by default in iOS 9, and you don't easily know when it's switching to data. If you have a small monthly data allotment, then you could quickly eat through your plan without realizing it and end up paying overage fees.

While Apple has tried to clarify the details behind Wifi Assist, a couple this week filed a class action lawsuit for $5 million. These consumers are annoyed that Wifi Assist is on by default without proper warning from Apple that the feature could potentially result in data overages.

How to Turn Off Wifi Assist

As we mentioned though, this feature can easily be turned off. If you're worried that it might push you over your monthly data limit, then go into your settings and select "Cellular." Then, scroll all the way to the bottom of the screen and turn off Wifi Assist.

Readers, have any of you experienced overage fees due to Wifi Assist? What do you think about the lawsuit? Sound off in the comments below!

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:-) Thanks Lindsay for that. I actually turned it on as I have a 30Gb AT&T plan and I would rather use it in case of bad WiFi connectivity.
These ppl are just looking to get a come up get a job yeah bums XD
Apple tells everyone about the feature when they install iOS 9. You have to hit Yes/Agree twice. If you didn't read the darn thing beofre saying yes (twice) then it's your own fault not Apple's.
How sinister is it that this setting is at the very bottom (beneath the list of apps) whereas every other setting is at the top. I hope it comes out that Apple and the mobile carriers were in on this.
I would be more interested in Apple providing a retrograde (revert to previous) iOS option for older iPhones.
I can imagine that the fine folks over at Verizon and AT&T loved having this "feature", and it wouldn't be surprising both of those monstropolies had their hands in it.
Another good example of apple monopoly! This is why i quit using apple products! Its productive but deductive!!:-)
smusherface & nestormart posted the same exact comment. Can we therefore presume that they may be from pro-Android(ian) types of posters (or poster if it's the same person using two different logins)??
This is definitely something that Apple should have made special note of or just not made a default setting & let customers choose for themselves.
This is definitely something that Apple should have made special note of or just not made a default setting & let customers choose for themselves.