VIDEO: What Do You Think About the New iPhones?


Since Apple has introduced the iPhone 5C and the iPhone 5S, our deal experts thought they'd take a moment to briefly talk about the "wow-worthy" features (if any) of these latest handsets. Did they live up to your expectations?

What about you, readers? What did you think was a hit — or miss — about the new iPhones? Leave us your opinion in the comments section below.

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I Think the iPhone 5S is a mistake. Making People wait another year for an iPhone 6 with a 5 inch screen is going to give Android phones to much of a lead. What I and many others have been waiting for is an iPhone with a larger screen and if Apple won't make it then I'll be holding on to my current iPhone for a long time.
So over the whole I phone thing. They are so behind the times. Android rocks. Love my android devices.
I think the 5c will be a hit especially among children and teens. A black iPhone 5c is missing though.

PS. You guys should revive the Dealnews podcast. Make it bi-weekly or maybe monthly so that it will take less of your time. I'm sure many are with me on this.
Hehe “butler” meant “bullet.” Maybe a good feature would be an auto-correct that actually corrects typos instead of mangling sentences?
Despite claiming your commentators are experts they aren’t because of the lack of any sort of insight or professional opinion. A pro would know the ramifications on battery life of a motion & GPS coprocessor, would know that the fingerprint scanner is a convenience for password entry (you can still enter a pass phrase) & that the sensor reads sub-dermally. All of his was easily apparent to anyone paying attention. Also the physical button does not need to be activated to read a fingerprint, meaning no extra wear. Also, a pro would reserve judgement about durability until they actually test it.
Next time you write the copy, you should be honest and say these are the uninformed opinions of guys who didn’t pay much attention to the announcement & skimmed the butler points. Zero mention of the light temperature matching flash which is a feature no other camera has.
I like the 64bit A7 processor, fingerprint reader and the golden design. 64bit processor makes all extra features available with good performance. with Touch ID I don't need to type password. The golden color one just looks really cool. iWorks will be free! The new iSight camera is great, too. With all the new features and my Apps and music in iTunes, I will go for iPhone 5S. If you don't understand all these, your lost.
If i am on a budget i'll buy the $600 5C, but i am not! So, i look further, and there aren't much beyond $699...HELP.
The operating system is the only thing to look forward to. And I can get that with my iPhone 5 and now that is hoping that it will run fine on the iPhone 5...that shouldn't be a problem right? I mean Android runs similar software between hundreds of phones.

Nonetheless, the S upgrades are usually nothing to fuss about. Apple is always a year or two late on certain features.
Honestly, what's new with the 5s? If you go back several years to the HP iPaq era, some of their devices had biometric finger print readers. Google the 5555. I'm not sure when people will come to their senses and realize the Apple doesn't innovate. They simply take ideas and technologies and put them in shiny metal cases then charge a premium. Who remembers the first iPhone that didn't do video? Then there was a huge marketing blitz selling that feature and people shelled out $400+ just to get video recording.

I'm sorry, I just don't buy into marketing hype. I have a Galaxy S3 and a Lumia 900. Both are still better phones than the 5S. In my humble opinion.

Just my $.02.
I'm wondering what people expect. Rumors spoil the surprise factor of course. But Apple improved the processor with speed and went to 64 bit, added an M7 chip, improved the camera and flash, added a fingerprint sensor, and a whole new operating system. Sounds like a pretty wide covering update. So people are underwhelmed. That is fine but why? What do you expect?
Its just another trick from apple to rob us. All my friends who bought iphone 5 are shouting because they discontinued that one and most of them bought it within last 6 months. Apple needs to think it through, not keep upgrading one hardware and keep people buying the new one, and for all those crazy's who stand in line for this crap, think about it someday you will have to quit. Finally only new thing apple did was fingerprint stuff, other than that the colors where already in the market by Nokia lumia (apple just copied all the colors they had) and the iOS is pretty much a combination of Windows Phone 8 and Android, lastly the cameras are much better in Lumia.
It's just a phone!. If buying a phone, it would just be another consideration. There's lots of competition.
BUT.... if you use drop-proof and water-proof cases - like Otter Defender or Incipio.. Home button is covered - how are you going to use the fingerprint function?
Howell Mark
What is there to be excited about? This is typical APPLE who does the same thing over and over. They do minor upgrades, slap an "S" on it and people will still stand in line for days and buy millions of them. Nothing innovative, creative, or magic about what apple does anymore. They are so far behind in the technology, when they used to be king.