Microsoft Reverses Xbox One DRM Policy, Kills Required Online Check-In


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The Xbox One is reborn! In perhaps the biggest public display of backpedaling the tech industry has seen in recent years, Microsoft announced yesterday that it will terminate the Xbox One's much-disputed DRM policy, which would have restricted the way users trade, lend, and resell their games. The company also nixed the console's required 24-hour online check-in, which would have prevented users with limited or no Internet connection from playing games.

"We have listened and we have heard loud and clear from your feedback that you want the best of both worlds," wrote Don Mattrick, President of Interactive Entertainment Business at Microsoft. The blog post went on to say that regional restrictions would also be dropped. Previously, the Xbox One could only play games bought from the country of origin where the console was purchased.

After losing the E3 war and being ridiculed by Sony in a brilliant viral video, Microsoft has finally made amends with its fan base in hopes of winning gamers back. It's a good thing too, because if our own readers are any indication, it wasn't looking good for the Xbox One.

However, the console will still be $100 pricier than the PlayStation 4, so some gamers might still side with Sony. Readers, now that Microsoft has dropped its most controversial "features," are you back on camp Xbox, or will you be sticking with Sony?

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Winning the "E3 War" is like having the best record during the preseason. It doesn't mean anything. Why anyone would buy a console at launch is beyond me. If all the games they claim will be available at launch are great(which they won't be), It won't be worth buying either new system. The biggest drawback I see for both systems is the lack of backwards compatibility. If I could still play ps3 games and xbox 360 games on the newer systems, I might jump on a black friday deal. As it stands now, it will be holiday 2014 before I consider buying either.
lots of irrational ms haters here.

your loss stupid people
I dont think they should have changed their positions at all. 80% of online polls favored the PS4 but as far as preorders went the "hated" was only being outsold by 2:1 maybe 3:1 at the most. Come one. Losing strategy, plz. Most people are sick of physical media. Saying otherwise is like saying people will never give up their Audio CDs. Worse it's like saying Steam and iTunes is a failed business model. Basically Microsoft was bringing an app store to the console but actually letting you share the digital content which is way better. Instead of just buying PS4 or staying with the 360 the media and whiney gamers ruined it for people that were looking forward to the death of physical media. Total entitlement mentality. Why didn't you guys just leave...especially since the gaming line up is sooooooo great on the Sony Android...I mean PS4.
I pre-ordered the Xbox One on day one. I have a Xbox 360 (2 of them) and a Playstation 3 now. I was always going to buy the One, but I thought of cancelling my pre-order and waiting for the fire sale. I remember back when the PS3 launched and the noise that the community made. Sony paid no mind to the gamers and lost their position in the console wars. I think that Microsoft's big mistake was that there forward looking set should have been opt in. People who opt in get all the new features and what not. People who didn't opt in their Xbox One operates just like the 360. They are still supporting the 360 so it couldn't have been to hard to have an opt in system. You can lead horse to water but only the thirsty ones will drink. I travel and take my Xbox on vacation with me and I have no internet available at times. So I wanted to be able to use my Xbox One during those times, by using the disc if nothing else.

You need another option to this question: Were you buying anyway
A little to frightened to give them a shot, nothing says they won't switch it back.
to add.....its because we have to teach them a lesson like JCP customers taught their beloved company a lesson.....b/c we know that when we hit their pocket books....thats the only time a large company learns the lesson
GREEDY GREEDY GREEDY. did we learn nothing from the valuable lessons JCP has so foolishly displayed in the last few months???? had a good thing going why mess with it. Seriously what they've been doing has been short of commanding a customers decisions. You MUST buy the kinect. You MUST have internet. You MUST this and this and that. I loved my xbox, I love my 360......but just because they pulled that crap, even if they drop the price by the $100, I will learn to love the PS4, they lost this customer. PS, yea halo is the only thing xbox has over ps.....but i think as we get closer to halo 25 or whatever number they're on.....its starting to lose its momentum.
PS4 is not the "better" system. There is one thing with the graphics card that makes it 50% better at rendering shadows and all of the non technical people think it is 50% more powerful because they didnt read carefully. Microsoft also combats he 50% weaker rendering on the machine by allowing games to pass lighting effects and physics of characters off to the cloud so its not much of an advantage at all. As for the kinect I get it that it seems like a gimmick right now, I agree it does and with that thinking its not worth the extra 100 for it. The big thing is that its a gimmick because developers dont develop for it. They dont develop for it because such a low percentage of gamers have one so its not worth it. When every xbox owner has to have one I guarantee you see good integration with it in games and better games coming out for it. The ps4 is a very good system but the xbox one has a lot more possibilities.
I have only had Xbox game systems in my home. I've played the PS1 and PS3 but was not won over. The Xbox is just my personal preference. Yet, with their original announcement of the Xbox One limitations, I was immediately a fan of the PS4. Now, with Microsoft's policy reversal, I would be more likely to purchase an Xbox One except for the Kinect. It's a novelty and I have no real interest in using it. That it is "always on" and recording makes me even less interested. When MS releases a Kinect free Xbox One, I will very likely to purchase it. That being said, if the PS4 is backwards compatible, I would buy it day one.
The Xbox One is still a weaker system, will still have the always-on Kinect and is still more expensive. PS4 is still the way to go
According to my gamer teenagers, the only advantage the Xbox has over the PlayStation is Halo.

Of course, I've always felt that Microsoft had the advantage over EVERYONE when it comes to arrogance. I believe I've been shown to be correct once again.

Microsoft. Xbox. Done.