VIDEO: Would You Pay For Facebook?


Biz Stone, one of the co-founders of Twitter, recently suggested that Facebook should offer a paid version which would strip out the ads. In this brief — yet lively — video discussion, our experts ponder whether or not they would pay to talk about cats with their friends.

What about you, readers? Would you pay a monthly fee for a Facebook account with no ads or upgraded features? Tell us in the comments section below.

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Dan Leadbetter
Contributing Writer

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No I would not pay for it
FB already screws you compromising your "privacy" (at one "end")..with a paid version, FB screws you twice (both "ends").
Absolutely! Facebook ads are a notorious source of malware (and wasted screen space). Anything to get rid of them. I already pay to keep ads away on other sites.
No. I don't visit facebook very often. Its a great idea but its also a colosssal time waste. If FB charges for access, MySpace and Google will easily fill that void.
Status Update: Bye Bye FB & Mark Suckerberg
Not only no but hell no.
Howell Mark
Never in a million years would I pay to use facebook
I don't use it enough to warrant paying for it--it isn't a "necessary" part of my life that the ads are worth paying money for to remove, to make things more pleasant or efficient. I could care less about the ads, and certainly don't read them. In fact, I think I usually just overlook them, but I'm not on Facebook much.
I don't use Facebook or social media due to my concern of privacy.
no, but i really wish they would charge so id have a reason to quit.
I only use Facebook to enter contests. Why would I want to pay for that?