VIDEO: What Services Are the Most Difficult to Cancel?

Recently, The Consumerist posited that cable companies intentionally make it difficult to cancel services, so customers will choose to stick with the company, rather than put themselves through any hassles associated with cancellations. In this brief — yet lively — video discussion, our experts ponder the services we continued to pay for because canceling was too hard.

What about you, readers? Have you ever stuck with something longer than you intended too, simply because of the hoops you knew you'd have to go through to cancel? Tell us in the comments section below.

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Time Warner gave me a real hassle when trying to switch to Verizon. I scheduled Verizon start up with a month delay thinking that even if Time Warner gave me a problem I would have plenty of time. After numerous hoops Time Warner would not send my phone number. Excuse after excuse. I tried to cancel the TV and internet after Verizon was installed but, again delays after delays. Their nonsense wound up costing me about $125.00 for services I didn't need and made every effort to cancel.
Gold's Gym is still calling me trying to extort money from me.
When I was trying to cancel my Banks of America and Wells Fargo account, I have to go to another state to do it. They do not allow cancel it by phone but they do not have any bank open in Louisiana. Wells Fargo closed the account. But Banks of America still send me letters to inform me there is no money in my account.
Cablevision customer service is da best, no contracts, free installation - best internet speed around with LightSpeed, tons of channel - now they are throwing in free Stars and ShowTime - all in HD.
Don't use their phone service much, but it comes as part of the package 3 in 1, all at reasonable price of under $90/month. Heard horrible stories about Time Warner.
When we switched from T-Mobile to AT&T Wireless we got slapped w/ a cancellation fee even though we were well past our contract & on a month-to-month basis.

We are considering changing from cable internet access to DSL but AT&T customer service cannot tell how far we are from the central office. (Astounding since distance is a factor in the level/quality of DSL service received.)

Years ago, we were put on hold a long, long time trying to cancel AOL & once we got through the CS rep was rude and abrupt.

Our local Comcast office has long lines so we have put off buying a modem instead of renting because we dread waiting in line to turn in the rental and the possible hassle involved in activating the new modem.
Did someone say that leaving a cellular provider was difficult? It was trivially simple to leave AT&T cellular service - just port the number to the new provider and AT&T automatically closed the account, pro-rated charges, and did not play any dirty tricks. I was pleasantly surprised.
Greg the Gruesome

About a year ago, I had a little over a month left in my one-year Sirius XM subscription. I contacted them online to ask how I would go about changing to a month-to-month "Mostly Music" plan, as I didn't listen to any of the non-music channels. I assumed that I couldn't make a change until my year was up, but they informed me I could change at any time and I would get a credit for the remaining term of my one-year plan. And I was able to make the downgrade online without a hitch.


I thought AOL got left in the dust because broadband became widely available and affordable.
AOL was absolutely positively THE worst. Took me over a year to get them to finally stop billing me and recoup their illegal charges.

Then my mom passed away and they kept billing her even after they were notified of her death and insisted on a copy of her Death Certificate. Unbelievable... and no surprise why AOL got left in the dust by its competitors.
Sirius XM.. They are horrible.
I have found that when I explain that I will go to the credit card company and dispute the charge, the offenders have always found a way to stop charging me and have sometimes been able to credit past charges. That is one of the reasons I use a credit card rather than direct draft from my bank account when it is an option.
Lindsay Sakraida (DealNews)
@bilboBagit I think you mean, stupid [insert any gym name here]
stupid Bally's