Friday Funnies: May we interest you in some laughs?

Did you know that, every now and again, we slip a little gag, joke, or off-beat reference into our otherwise "just the facts, ma'am" deal write-ups? (After all, all work and no play made that guy in that movie go crazy*.) Maybe you've seen one or two, but over the last week there were a bunch of 'em! To make sure you don't miss a single one, we've rounded them up in our weekly Friday Funnies! Now go enjoy them!


The Beef on Grills and Equipment For The Fourth of July Weekend

With the long Fourth of July Weekend coming up, you'll want to know the beef on grills. Our Green Dad columnist and resident grilling expert Lou Carlozo breaks down the deals on grills and equipment, to get you prepared for a sizzling Fourth celebration.

How to Choose the Right HDMI Cable

If you go shopping for a 6' HDMI cable, you'll find them priced from $1 to more than $100. Alfred Poor breaks down the choices for you and helps you get the cable you need at the price that you want.

Why iPhone Still Has More Apps Than Android

In both the U.S. and international markets, Android is the most prominent smartphone OS. So why does iPhone have a better, larger selection of apps at its disposal? dealnews discovers that it's just not as easy or profitable to develop apps for Android.

Satisfy Your Driving Ambition to Golf With Driver Deals

To start golfing, any old set of clubs will do, but if you start pursuing the fine art of the sport, then you'll need to upgrade your equipment. Here's how to choose wisely, not only considering the type of clubs you buy, but also their price.

Rumors: iPhone 5 is a major update? Facebook music?

Rumors don't tell us anything important, but they sure are fun to read. For instance, are you at all interested to know about the next iPhone? Or about what Facebook has planned? If so, c'mon in and read our latest Rumor Roundup! It has the answer to these questions and more! Enjoy!

Are Plasma TVs Making a Comeback?

LCD technology dominates HDTVs, but plasma has posted recent gains. Alfred Poor looks into the factors behind plasma's improved sales and the forecasts for the future.

Sorting Kitchen Must-Haves from Must-Avoids

Is your kitchen full of small appliances and gadgets, some of which you can't live without and some of which you never use? Our Green Dad columnist, Lou Carlozo delves into this tangled web, and sorts out the bargains from the busts, the must-haves from the money traps.

Reviewers Name Best and Worst Shoe Buying Sites

When it comes to buying shoes online, you can't do much of a try-on. So consumer advocate Mitch Lipka turned to his friends at, an independent site that collects feedback good and bad on web sites, for a look at the online shoe stores worth stopping by and those you ought to run away from as fast as you can.

OS Battle: Windows 8 versus Mac OS X Lion

The Mac versus Windows debate is about to heat up again. Both Microsoft and Apple have next-generation operating systems in the works. So how well does Windows 8 stack up with OS X Lion and does Windows 8 have what it takes to win over new users (and keep current users from switching)? We compare a few key features to find out.

How Much GPS Can You Get for Your Buck?

Driving around your own town, you might stick up your nose at using a GPS, but if you're going on any adventures this summer you might want to give them a second thought, or think about upgrading what you already have. Here's a guide to the latest features and what they cost.

Don't Trust the Specs on TV Contrast Ratios

Contrast ratio is possibly the most important performance feature for an HDTV. Alfred Poor explains why you can't use the manufacturer's specifications to evaluate it.

The Top 5 Best (and Worst) Companies For Customer Service

Customer service isn't dead … yet. Not happy with a product? Not everyone will keep you on hold indefinitely. And some will even answer your email within the hour. Others still have a lot to learn when it comes to keeping their customers happy. Our Consumer Ally reporter Mitch Lipka talks to a survey company who rated the companies, and tells us his findings.

Get the Most Value Out of Your Luggage Deal

If you travel, you've seen the sad result of inadequate luggage, with clothes and other personal items strewn on the baggage carousel. You can avoid such embarrassment and inconvenience by getting the right bag, but sometimes it can be hard to tell what's a good value and what's just cheap. We've got a run-down of how to get the most value for your investment in a travel bag.

Celebrate Flag Day (and Prep for the 4th of July 2011) With Patriotic Apparel

Admit it. Flag Day is the step child of American holidays. You don't get a day off from work, there are no fireworks to celebrate, and it's frequently in the middle of the week, which makes 3-day weekend celebrations near impossible. But, we here at dealnews like to think of Flag Day as a sort of pregame for the upcoming 4th of July. Which means, it's time to stock up on uber patriotic memorabilia!

How Much Do You Really Know About Your HDMI Cables?

Do you know the difference between HDMI 1.3 and 1.4 and 1.4a? Alfred Poor reveals some facts about this common connection that may surprise you.

8 Ways to Give to Better to Dad

Smart consumer culture rocks, but consumer waste and needless purchases made from some dim sense of obligation definitely don't. So behold some advice from Green Dad columnist Lou Carlozo for a making the most of Father's Day and other gift-giving holidays with gifts that matter and hit the heart.

How to Keep Your Data Safe From Hacking in the Cloud

The burgeoning world of cloud computing got more crowded and more cool with the addition of Apple's iCloud, but it also got a lot more dangerous. As consumers race to upload their data, what about the safety issues? Big companies are getting hacked left and right, so you need to read what consumer advocate Mitch Lipka has found out about keeping yourself in the cloud.

A Father's Day Gift Cost-Per-Use Analysis

While we here at dealnews are big fans of inexpensive purchases, we're also concerned about long-term value. For example, a $10 shirt is a steal, but if you never wear it, it's just $10 down the drain. So, while our readers prepare to shell out some dough for Father's Day, we decided to run a little cost-per-use analysis of some potential gifts to see which options stretch your dollar the most.

Battle: Google Android Market vs. Amazon Appstore for Android Apps

Purchasing apps isn't what it used to be — especially if you're an Android user. With the introduction of Amazon's Appstore, Android users now have two major stores from which to purchase apps. But how does the latter stack up with Google's Market, and which store, if any, offers the best deals? We compared the two stores to find out.

10 Father's Day Gift Ideas for the Car Guy in Your Life

Got a car guy on your Father's Day list? It can be daunting to try to pick out something for this discerning group; not just any gadget or trinket will do. Don't worry, just use our shopping list of 10 great gift ideas for car lovers and you'll be the Cadillac of gift-givers.

Rumors: No iPhone Rumors? Sony Acquisitions? Kanye West?

Where are all the iPhone Rumors? Why is Kanye West in Paris? Which company is Sony looking to buy? If the answers to any of these questions are something you would like to know, then step inside our latest Rumor Roundup! (As always, the correctness of our answers is dubious.)

How Much of a Power Hog is Your Flat Screen TV?

The EPA is coming out with a new Energy Star label for HDTVs. Alfred Poor tells you the surprising details about how much electricity they consume, and what new changes are coming to make them more energy efficient.

Infographic: How We're Spending Our Disposable Income

While dismal job creation news has been the big headline this week, there is some good news out there. Our friends at have dug through some data and found out that incomes are up over the first three months of the year. And with people making more, they're spending more. So what are they spending on? See a cool infographic of the data.

Show Your Team Spirit by Saving on Sports Memorabilia and Apparel

Sports can make people do funny things, like wear body paint on a naked chest in the middle of November. Sports fans are also willing to spend large sums of their hard-earned cash on memorabilia that will unequivocally declare their support for their chosen team or athlete. And now with our deals, they can save money in the process.

Best and Worst Things to Buy in June

June has more daylight hours than any other month, which means you have more time to shop. Don't get duped into buying things at a higher price than you need to. Arm yourself with our list of the best and worst things to buy in June and you'll be sitting pretty.

Be Sharp About Finding Deals on Knives

From hacking down branches to filleting a fish to breaking open impenetrable packaging on a new purchase, we all come across a need for knives on an everyday basis. But it's always best to find the best knife for the job, especially for use in the great outdoors. Here's a guide to the best knives for the purpose, and how (and where) you can get them for the best price.

Rumors: iPhone 4S in June? Cheap Amazon Tablets? Zynga IPO?

Is the iPhone 4S coming sooner than we thought? Is Amazon's tablet going to go easy on your wallet? Will you soon be able to buy Zynga stock using Facebook points? If the answers to any of these questions vex you, bravely step inside our latest Rumor Roundup to find out more. (We don't promise to have the correct answers, though.)

8 Ways to Get the Right Sandals for the Right Price

Got sensitive feet? Got a hike coming up? Got a budget you can't bust? Our Green Dad columnist, Lou Carlozo, offers up advice on how to pick the right sandal for the job, and how to get the best price on what you pick.

Summer Sandal Swap: Get Designer Styles for Less

As the temperatures progressively inch higher and higher, it's finally time to start shopping for footwear that won't leave your feet feeling stifled. We've rounded up several sandal options from top-shelf brands for both men and women, and then we found their much cheaper alternatives. With our doppelganger duds, you could save up to $40.

A New Approach to 3D Glasses From Samsung and RealD

The active shutter glasses that go with most of today's 3D sets can be heavy and expensive, but are passive glasses worth the compromises? Alfred Poor tells you about a new technology that delivers the best of both.

Battle: Best Gaming Smartphone: Sony Ericcson Xperia Play vs. Apple iPhone 4

Part Android smartphone, part PSP, the new Sony Ericsson Xperia Play is out to change the handheld gaming market. But does this "gamer's smartphone" really offer something different, or is it just an Ngage in the making?

Is Paperless Ticketing Restrictive or Fan Protected?

There are secondary markets for everything these days, from baseball tickets to Groupons you regret. But what if the companies selling things like concert tickets decided they didn't like the idea that you could resell your purchase or give it away. They'd come up with something like "Fan Protected Paperless Ticketing." Consumer advocate Mitch Lipka explains what's changing and how you can protect yourself when buying tickets online.

Rumors: Sprint iPhone 5? Amazon Tablets? Wii Camera?

This week's topics about which the internet made up rumors: iPhone 5, PlayStation, iTunes Cloud music, The Event and more.

Does Your Dream Trip Need Travel Insurance?

Hurricane season is on its way, and that means any great travel deals you book now are likely to fall during a difficult weather season. Our consumer advocate, Mitch Lipka, tells you how to avoid having trouble on your trip and with your travel insurance at the same time.

On the Apple Store's 10th Anniversary, a Look Back and Forward

Remember way back long ago, when you bought your Apple products from a little mom and pop shop? Or back when the Apple Store was new and actually offered things like coupons and price matching to lure in customers? On the Apple Store's 10th Anniversary, we look at how much things have changed and what the future holds.

Are You Ready for Super Thin TVs the Thickness of Cardboard?

You can't be too thin or too light, especially if you are a flat panel HDTV. Alfred Poor gives you the skinny on how they make TVs so thin, and what's coming to make them even thinner.

Best Ways to Justify the Price of an Above Ground Pool

If what you really want to do this summer is lounge around by the pool, don't let the cost stop you. Green Dad Lou Carlozo has figured out eight ways to lower the costs of buying and maintaining a pool right in your own backyard.

What You Get for Your Money With DSLR Camera Deals

Looking to buy a new digital SLR camera? We've dug into our archives to see what certain DSLRs really cost and what features you can expect to get for your money.

Black Friday Tracker: April Showers Bring May Black Friday Sales

The real Black Friday shopping sales still doesn't roll around until Thanksgiving, but retailers are stretching the season even further this year. So welcome to our first installment of our Black Friday Tracker. We've got the the latest on Black Friday and what retailers are doing right now to convince you that it's time for your holiday shopping.

The True Cost Behind a Google Chromebook

The long-awaited Google laptop is finally here. Manufactured by Samsung and Acer, respectively, the new Chromebooks will run Google's cloud-based Chrome operating system. Starting at $349, these laptops are priced well under the cheapest mainstream tablet, but how much value are they really offering the average consumer?

You Know Corning's Gorilla Glass Is Good, But How Good?

Glass is just glass, right? Actually, there are many types of glass, and Corning's Gorilla Glass is changing consumer electronics by offering lightweight protection from damage. Alfred Poor, explains if you want to make a special effort to buy products that list it on the spec sheet.

Rumors: iPod Nano Camera? PlayStation Network Back?

This week's unconfirmed news: iPod nano camera, iPhone 5 button pictures, PlayStation coming back, Amazon tablets, and more

Battle: Comparing the Cheapest Cell Phone Plans

Talk may be cheap, but unfortunately cell phone plans aren't. To help you choose a plan that's right for your budget, we compiled data on some of today's least expensive cell phone packages. Which carrier offers the most comprehensive plan for the least amount of money? Find out.

Get Some Deals to Keep Your House Cool

Here's the good news: Expert predict a dip in gas prices around Memorial Day. Here's the bad news: You're going to start paying for heavy air conditioning use pretty soon (if you aren't already). Green Dad has some tips on how to get save some money while cooling off this summer.

Best Deals for Credit Cards Come from Credit Unions

Two years ago, the rules for credit cards changed dramatically. Now a new study shows that while things have gotten better for consumers, the best changes have come from a specific type of card that offers lower interest rates and fewer fees. Consumer advocate Mitch Lipka explains.

Putting a Price Tag on Geek Chic Tech Gizmos

It's normal to exhibit personality with unconventional accessories, particularly as it applies to our beloved tech items. But a constant gravitational pull toward everything "geek chic" isn't the most cost-effective way to shop for certain necessities. We compared a few tech categories to see just how much more geek style is going to cost you.

Winner Josh Stevens Completes Year of Living Off Groupon Alone

One year ago today, Josh Stevens set out on a grand adventure to live off Groupons alone, and if he survived, he'd get a $100,000 prize. We have the update on how he spent his year and what Groupon has been up to.

The Latest on Radar Detectors: From Apps to Laser Jammers

Got a heavy foot when it comes to driving? As you can imagine, there's now an app for that. There are also a few other new tricks that radar detectors can do, and your access to them only depends on the price you are willing to pay.

Rumors: iPad 3D? iPhone 5 "Pro"? Android Phone for Women?

This week's unconfirmed news: Another dimension added to the iPad, two iPhone 5 versions, Android for women, and more.
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