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How to Choose the Right HDMI Cable

If you go shopping for a 6' HDMI cable, you'll find them priced from $1 to more than $100. Alfred Poor breaks down the choices for you and helps you get the cable you need at the price that you want.

Why iPhone Still Has More Apps Than Android

In both the U.S. and international markets, Android is the most prominent smartphone OS. So why does iPhone have a better, larger selection of apps at its disposal? dealnews discovers that it's just not as easy or profitable to develop apps for Android.

Sorting Kitchen Must-Haves from Must-Avoids

Is your kitchen full of small appliances and gadgets, some of which you can't live without and some of which you never use? Our Green Dad columnist, Lou Carlozo delves into this tangled web, and sorts out the bargains from the busts, the must-haves from the money traps.

The Top 5 Best (and Worst) Companies For Customer Service

Customer service isn't dead … yet. Not happy with a product? Not everyone will keep you on hold indefinitely. And some will even answer your email within the hour. Others still have a lot to learn when it comes to keeping their customers happy. Our Consumer Ally reporter Mitch Lipka talks to a survey company who rated the companies, and tells us his findings.

Celebrate Flag Day (and Prep for the 4th of July 2011) With Patriotic Apparel

Admit it. Flag Day is the step child of American holidays. You don't get a day off from work, there are no fireworks to celebrate, and it's frequently in the middle of the week, which makes 3-day weekend celebrations near impossible. But, we here at dealnews like to think of Flag Day as a sort of pregame for the upcoming 4th of July. Which means, it's time to stock up on uber patriotic memorabilia!

8 Ways to Give to Better to Dad

Smart consumer culture rocks, but consumer waste and needless purchases made from some dim sense of obligation definitely don't. So behold some advice from Green Dad columnist Lou Carlozo for a making the most of Father's Day and other gift-giving holidays with gifts that matter and hit the heart.

How to Keep Your Data Safe From Hacking in the Cloud

The burgeoning world of cloud computing got more crowded and more cool with the addition of Apple's iCloud, but it also got a lot more dangerous. As consumers race to upload their data, what about the safety issues? Big companies are getting hacked left and right, so you need to read what consumer advocate Mitch Lipka has found out about keeping yourself in the cloud.

A Father's Day Gift Cost-Per-Use Analysis

While we here at dealnews are big fans of inexpensive purchases, we're also concerned about long-term value. For example, a $10 shirt is a steal, but if you never wear it, it's just $10 down the drain. So, while our readers prepare to shell out some dough for Father's Day, we decided to run a little cost-per-use analysis of some potential gifts to see which options stretch your dollar the most.

Be Sharp About Finding Deals on Knives

From hacking down branches to filleting a fish to breaking open impenetrable packaging on a new purchase, we all come across a need for knives on an everyday basis. But it's always best to find the best knife for the job, especially for use in the great outdoors. Here's a guide to the best knives for the purpose, and how (and where) you can get them for the best price.

Rumors: iPhone 4S in June? Cheap Amazon Tablets? Zynga IPO?

Is the iPhone 4S coming sooner than we thought? Is Amazon's tablet going to go easy on your wallet? Will you soon be able to buy Zynga stock using Facebook points? If the answers to any of these questions vex you, bravely step inside our latest Rumor Roundup to find out more. (We don't promise to have the correct answers, though.)

Is Paperless Ticketing Restrictive or Fan Protected?

There are secondary markets for everything these days, from baseball tickets to Groupons you regret. But what if the companies selling things like concert tickets decided they didn't like the idea that you could resell your purchase or give it away. They'd come up with something like "Fan Protected Paperless Ticketing." Consumer advocate Mitch Lipka explains what's changing and how you can protect yourself when buying tickets online.

Putting a Price Tag on Geek Chic Tech Gizmos

It's normal to exhibit personality with unconventional accessories, particularly as it applies to our beloved tech items. But a constant gravitational pull toward everything "geek chic" isn't the most cost-effective way to shop for certain necessities. We compared a few tech categories to see just how much more geek style is going to cost you.

Cheap Sunglasses or Designer Shades?

Some people look at sunglasses as disposable items to buy at the dollar store, others see them as fashion statements worth paying hundreds to get just the right pair. Our Green Dad columnist, Lou Carlozo, just wants to make sure that you get a pair that protects your eyes. So here are his eight tips to help you pick a pair that will suit your face and your budget at the same time.