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Gear Up For Jogging Without Running a Huge Tab

If the intermittent appearance of the sun recently has encouraged you to buy a new pair of running shoes from one of the numerous choice sales we've listed, then congrats! You've taken the first step toward spring fitness. But, if you truly want to shake off the shackles of cold-weather apathy and get moving, you still need an extra accessory or two.

Confessions of a Deal Junkie

In today's world of smartphones, RSS alerts and WiFi everywhere, what does it take to be a truly obsessive deal seeker? We found one guy who has taken the art of finding a deal to a whole new level. Find out his tricks.

The Sneaky Mind Tricks of Buying Chocolate

You know you want to buy chocolate, but do you know why? It's not just about supermarkets placing candy next to the cash register. There are secret feelings of guilt, hidden memories of pleasure and other factors at work. You might even be biologically predestined to need chocolate. Find out all the reasons why you buy chocolate in our psychological investigation.

How to Score With the HDTV Dating Game

Picking a TV to buy is a lot like getting married — you're going to be spending a lot of time together in your house, and you hope it will last forever. To help you pick a TV mate, dealnews has created its own version of a dating game (because we know what you're really thinking about when you hear about ultra-slim displays). Sit back, relax and enjoy the show!

8 Ways to Save While Snowbound in the 2011 Blizzards

Stuck at home this winter while the weather is blustery? Now's the time to take a look at the way you are dealing with the cold, and we've got suggestions for improvement, from the type of rock salt you use to the drafty spaces under your doors to cozy hot chocolate you can order online.