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10 Father's Day Gift Ideas for the Car Guy in Your Life

vintage car By Tom Barlow, dealnews contributor

If there's a car guy on your Father's Day gift list, (you know, the kind of man who stares at 57 Chevy's or Maserati's rolling down the street) you might be daunted by trying to find a gift that will thrill a member of this very discerning crowd. Not just any gadget or trinket will do. Never fear, dealnews is here with some deals on car guy gifts that range from the sublime to the amusing,

1. The Corvette Wireless Computer Mouse

What sports car more embodies the American spirit and sends the hearts of car guys going pitter-pat than the Chevrolet Corvette? At $55,000, though, few will ever get the thrill of climbing behind the steering wheel. For those dads who slave away at a computer, the Corvette wireless computer mouse (from Amazon for $32.62 with free shipping) will give them a chance to put the car through its paces. This would be even more fun when playing a car-racing game on the PC.

2. USB Car Power Adaptor

In an era where a dad would as soon leave his house without his pants as he would his smart phone, the USB car power adaptor (from ThinkGeek for $7.99) has become the lifeline for his digital life. This tiny device, which is also stylish, sleek, extremely small and endorsed by ThinkGeek (as opposed to $1 units you can find), fits into the 12-volt outlet in his car and will provide juice for all of his electronic devices. There is no need any more to buy car rechargers for every computer, cell phone, GPS unit and bottle warmer.

3. Hawaiian Shirt With Cars

Dad may be a button-down guy during the week, but he probably relishes the chance to kick back in some leisure duds on the weekend. Nothing says leisure like a Hawaiian shirt, and nothing would please a car guy more than a Hawaiian-type shirt covered with Corvettes or Shelby Cobras or Cadillacs (from MuscleCarApparel.com for $40 with $3.50 shipping).

4. French Fry Cup Holder

For the dad who dines and drives, this useful tool turns a cup holder into the perfect receptacle for that sleeve of French fries (from Amazon for $9.99 via Wizard Industries with $6.68 shipping). No more fumbling through the bag or wedging them between his thighs, no more rogue fries lost beneath the front seat, no more salt scum all over his dashboard.

5. Model Cars

Your motor-head dad probably built models of hot cars long before he could own one, but you might not know that model building can be fun long into adulthood, and certainly into retirement. In fact, many men gain the patience to do a proper job only as they mature. For the adult, Revell of Germany makes exquisite models of some of the world's best cars, such as the Ferrari 599 G TB Fiorano, a sleek, 620-horsepower beast. And how many dads can brag that their loved one bought him a Ferrari? (from ehobbies.com for $25 plus $9 shipping.

6. Car Wash Bucket

A true car guy deals with a lot of shame when his favorite ride is anything but gleaming, but many dads don't have the time or money to get a proper wash and detail as often as necessary. This gift kit (from gifts.com for $60 plus $8.36 shipping), with all the needed detailing products, will make it easier for him to keep his car pristine. The better gift, however, would be for you to use the products in this bucket to detail his car for him.

7. Magnogrip

Any guy who has worked on his car or any other mechanical device knows how hard it is to keep track of the screws and nuts as he disassembles. The Magnogrip (from ThinkGeek for $15 plus $5 shipping) is, essentially, a magnet worn on the wrist like a bracelet, a magnet capable of holding those screws and nuts ready and convenient for reassembly. Give him two, and he can pretend he's Magneto.

8. Vehicle Diagnostic for iPhone/iPad

Modern cars have engine on-board diagnostics, a portal through which information about your engine can be reported to a computer. The GL1 car diagnosis gadget will link the diagnostics port to your iPhone or iPad. With this link you can pick up readings from your car's computer to diagnose engine problems, great for those men who do their own maintenance. Dad can also use this device to recharge his smart phone or pad (from ThinkGeek for $100 plus $5 shipping).

9. Closed-hood Car Jump Starter

For the dad who is most likely to need to jump-start his car on the day he's wearing his most expensive suit, this closed-hood car jump starter (from ThinkGeek for $25 plus $5 shipping) could be the salvation of his wardrobe. No longer does he have to pop the hood and look for places to safely attach jumper cables. This device allows him to plug one end into his 12-volt outlet, the other into the same kind of outlet in another car. Within five to 10 minutes, enough charge will have built up to allow him to start his car; a clean, fast solution to what could be a grimy business.

10. AlcoHawk Digital Alcohol Detector

Nothing but bad things come from driving under the influence of alcohol, but sometimes drivers can be unclear about just how close they are to the legal limit. The AlcoHawk digital alcohol detector can be a lifesaver in such a situation (from Amazon for $37 plus free shipping with Prime), showing the driver when he shouldn't be on the road. To make this an epic gift, though, accompany it with the promise that you'll come and pick him up, without recrimination, any time he finds himself over the limit. You could be saving his life, and what better gift could you give on Father's Day?

Tom Barlow formerly wrote for Aol's WalletPop and DailyFinance, and in addition to his dealnews contributions, he currently writes about lifestyle topics for Forbes.com. You can follow him on twitter @tombarlow. You can also sign up for an e-mail alert for all dealnews features.
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