Rumors: Sprint iPhone 5? Amazon Tablets? Wii Camera?

By Jeff Somogyi, dealnews writer

Here are a few of the rumors we've found this week:

  • iPhone coming to Sprint?
    CNET says the reasoning is because Apple placed a job listing for an engineer out of Kansas City, MO ... where SPRINT is located! Also located in Kansas City: The Kansas City Royals! (But no one expects them to win a pennant, let alone a lucrative iPhone contract.)
  • iPhone 5 will change where the LED flash is?
    According to pictures of a new iPhone 5 case that Gadgets DNA found online (pictured right), it appears the flash module has been moved to the other side of the device. For the consumer, this means better pictures, but a lighter wallet as, once again, the case they bought for their current iPhones will be obsolete. (I know it's only a couple bucks ... but it's EVERY TIME!)
  • Upcoming Amazon tablets will be called "Coyote" and "Hollywood"?
    At least says BGR, taking the fact that Amazon might release two tablets for granted. But, what do coyotes and Hollywood have in common? And why are they the perfect names for tablet computers? Well, because one, starved and emaciated, will eat up your children in the night ... and the other is a species of canine.
  • Apple's iCloud streaming service will store music on your device?
    A part of each track will be downloaded and held on your device, for faster playback later. You know, so you don't have to stream the music via your streaming service. (via macgasm)
  • Amazon servers implicated in Sony hacks?
    Bloomberg points out that the hackers rented space on Amazon servers to carry out the malicious attacks on Sony which brought the system down. This is like saying that Western Digital is also a responsible party, for making the drives the servers relied on. I have a bad feeling I've just given some litigious person a really good idea.
  • Nintendo's Wii 2 controller will have a front-facing camera?
    Because below you, pointing up is the perfect angle for this. It will revolutionize up-nostril video-chatting. (via develop)
  • "The Event" will see new life on Netflix?
    Huffington Post says the streaming / DVD service is going to swoop in and rescue the drama that NBC cancelled. This makes about as much sense as "The Event" did.

Jeff Somogyi is the dealnews Media Editor. He's just upset because he never found out what 'the event' from "The Event" was. See what else he doesn't know on his Twitter and on his blog.

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