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Price Matching Policies for Black Friday 2011

Price matching can give consumers an edge when shopping over the holidays, but not every retailer offers a price match guarantee. Even those who do offer it will adhere to different policies, and some won't honor those policies at all during Black Friday weekend. We've gathered a few tips you should keep in mind when shopping this holiday season, as well as a couple merchants who offer the best policies for Black Friday.

Buyer's Guide to Return Policies for Black Friday 2011

November is the start of the holiday shopping season, and while there are plenty of discounts to be had, sooner or later you're bound to find yourself disillusioned with one of your purchases. That's when it pays to know your store's return policy. So before your next purchase, brush up on our return policy cheat sheet for 2011's top 10 most-deal friendly online stores.

The Best and Worst Things to Buy in November

We finally made it to November, one of the happiest months for budget-conscious shopping. Many categories hit their lowest points during this month, usually around Black Friday (not surprisingly). But contrary to popular believe, it's not the best time to buy everything, so be sure to read our buying guide for advice on the best and worst things to buy in November.

Hoping to Score Deals at the New Apple Store on Black Friday? Think Again

Rumors began spreading last week that the upcoming Grand Central Terminal Apple Store in New York will be open and ready for business in time for Black Friday. And as exciting as that may be for weary travelers heading home after Thanksgiving, our research indicates that excitable Apple-philes would be wise to skip the grand Black Friday opening — as well as Black Friday sales at any Apple store — and shop at home instead. Watch our video for more!

Winter Gear and Goodies that Will Leave You Feeling Green All Over

A few weeks back, dealnews' Green Dad wrote about ways to prep your living space for the cold that's surely coming. This week, he's got eight ways to get eco-friendly outside the home, doing battle (and having fun) with winter in a way that's not going to wallop Mother Earth. Just because it's white outside doesn't mean you can't stay green on the inside, and reduce that carbon footprint of yours to a size much smaller than a snow boot.

The Pitfalls to Online Shopping

Ever taken an order all the way through checkout, only to discover that the coupon code you have has expired? Ever wondered why the site doesn't just allow you to check the code at the beginning, before you spend precious time entering credit card and shipping information? Ever made the face to the left while shopping online?

We feel your pain. dealnews editors shop a lot, so we've made this list of the most common pitfalls we see on retail sites today.

Last Year's Toys "R" Us Fab 15 List Demonstrates the Best Time to Buy Toys

Toys "R" Us recently released its Fabulous 15 list of the hottest toys for the holiday season, and as we approach Black Friday — the biggest shopping event of the year — you may think it's the ideal time to score the best deal possible on these items (while also getting your shopping done early). But slow down! We tracked the deals on last year's Fabulous 15 to see when the toys hit their lowest prices of the season, and you may do well to sit tight for awhile.

Lace Up for the Hunt: Deals and Buying Advice for Hunting Boots

When pumpkins appear on front stoops and the trees turn into a blaze of color, the season is near for a tradition hearkening back to the dawn of man: the hunt. The whole experience, however, can be ruined by making a poor choice on footwear. Who wants to stalk game on sore feet? We've got tips for selecting the proper hunting boots as well as coupons and deals to fit your budget.

Why Buy $1,000 Laptops? Details on Premium Specs & Black Friday Price Info

With so many inexpensive laptop deals published everyday on dealnews, a reader may be flummoxed as to why anyone should spend $1,000 or more on a notebook. We've created a guide to the premium features that make up that price tag, with reasons for why they might be right for you. And what's more, with Black Friday fast approaching, that high-end laptop might be more affordable than you think.

Refurbished FAQ: Sound Strategies for Buying Refurbished Goods

Every day, the dealnews editors uncover myriad refurbished deals that offer great savings when compared to buying new. But perhaps you're one of the numerous shoppers who is fearful of the word "refurb." Our Green Dad columnist, a big supporter of reconditioned goods, gives us the low-down on what consumers should look for when shopping for refurbs.