Cheap Sunglasses or Designer Shades?

Some people look at sunglasses as disposable items to buy at the dollar store, others see them as fashion statements worth paying hundreds to get just the right pair. Our Green Dad columnist, Lou Carlozo, just wants to make sure that you get a pair that protects your eyes. So here are his eight tips to help you pick a pair that will suit your face and your budget at the same time.

Electronics for Your Weather Emergency Kit

When severe weather strikes, your normal sources of information and communication may not be available. Alfred Poor, offers some advice on what to put in your weather emergency kit so you will be prepared.

8 Ways to Shop Smarter in May

Need a swimsuit? A grill? A new pair of sneakers? Conventional wisdom would tell you one thing about your chances of getting a deal on these things in May, our data will tell you the real answer. We dug into our archives to find out the best time to buy the things you want right now, and what you should wait to get on sale later on.

Camping Gadgets That Will Keep You Plugged In and Powered Up

If your summer plans include any time off the grid and that makes you a little nervous — meaning you can't part with your email, your YouTube obsession or your Angry Birds — don't fret. We've got a list of gizmos that can help you stay connected when you are on the road.

New Identity Theft Dangers If You Shop, Bank or Play Games Online

If you think about cyber theft as an abstract concept that hasn't yet affected you, the three latest data breaches affecting major companies may finally hit close to home. Our consumer advocate, Mitch Lipka, tells you what you have to fear and what you can do about to protect yourself.

Rumors: Blue Screen of Death Makeover? New iPhone 5 Shape?

There is no rest for the Internet rumor mill. This week's list includes unconfirmed news of all sorts: a makeover for the blue screen of death, a new shape for the iPhone 5, a name for Apple's cloud storage and more.

Meat Matters: The Ins and Outs of Ordering Beef Online

It's grilling season, and if you're going to be throwing some burgers or steaks on the grill, you might want to consider this buying advice from our consumer advocate, Mitch Lipka, especially if you're going to be ordering meat online. Here's what you need to know to read the labels, get deals and keep your purchase safe.

Deals that say Happy Mother's Day

It's an established fact that moms put up with a lot, sometimes thanklessly. And while it may not make up for whatever unspeakable act of teen angst you might have put her through while growing up, at least with our Mother's Day deals, you can afford to show her the proper appreciation.

Cookware Chemistry 101: What Substance Makes the Best Pan?

Iron? Cadmium? Lead? Nano-ceramics? Picking a pan these days is like taking a chemistry lesson, with the focus on the type of metal used to make it. What's the best choice? Our Green Dad columnist, Lou Carlozo sorts out the science so that you can get cracking ... eggs, that is.

2011 Mother's Day Delivery Deadlines

From jewelry to flowers, the following vendors guarantee Mother's day delivery when orders are placed before the listed deadlines.

Get A Haynes Manual On Sale, and Other DIY Car Repair Tips

When your car breaks down, you might be stuck with a very big and very untimely bill. A little prevention can go a long way, not only to catch problems before they get big, but also to allow you to buy the parts you need on sale. Here are 5 savvy purchases you can make on sale now that will save you a bundle down the road.

What's Coming Next in the Free Shipping Wars

If you dream of a day when there is universal free shipping for online orders, you may have to wait a while. But in the interim, there's a new battle going on over shipping costs that can move us closer to that goal. Here's what shoppers can look forward to as the battle heats up.

Rumors: First iPhone 6 Rumor? Apple Cloud Music? Wii 2 Price?

Rumors are the bread and butter of the Internet. How so? They always land butter-side up ... or something. Anyway! We've spread them all out for you to see in our Rumor Roundup.

Sandals and Flip-Flops You Can Count On Forever, with Lifetime Guarantees

Nothing can rain on your summer parade like a blown out pair of flip-flops. Maybe it's time to upgrade from the dollar store to something more finely crafted that comes with a lifetime guarantee? We have rounded up your best options for sandals that you can count on.

Earth Day Deals and Freebies: Coffee, Shakes, Trees and More

Back when Earth Day started in 1970, it was a bipartisan event to celebrate nature. These days, it's a consumer holiday where you can score freebies and deals for reducing, reusing and recycling. See all the offers that our Green Dad columnist, Lou Carlozo, has rounded up for you.

5 Deals to Transform a Yard or Garden: From Live Plants to Live Lady Bugs

It's the prefect time to give your yard and outdoor space some much-needed TLC. Follow this list and you'll be set for a beautiful garden in five easy steps. Plus, you'll also save some money at the same time.

Internet Alarm Clocks Redefined: Sony Dash, Chumby 8, more

Internet alarm clocks are having a rough year as big-screen smartphones and app store-driven tablets have stolen their spotlight. However, despite their push into obsolescence, these night-table alarm clocks are refusing to budge. And with prices now heavily discounted, there's never been a better time to buy.

How to Navigate the Groupon Reseller Marketplace

Don't like your Groupon? Bought one too many deals from Living Social? Looking for a bargain from somebody's overzealous buying? You need to visit the coupon reselling marketplace. Our consumer advocate Mitch Lipka offers you a few tips for how to buy and resell with the confidence that you aren't being scammed.

Rumors: Cheaper iPhone 5? White IPhone 4 Ready? Wii Price Cut?

Are you the type who doesn't believe anything until you see in it print? Well, we've got quite a conundrum for you, then! Here in our Rumor Roundup, most everything's a rumor ... but it's in print, so it has some credibility. Paradox! Enjoy!

Buy This, Not That: 5 Ways to Save on Camping Gear

Heading into the great outdoors some time this spring or summer? You're likely looking for gear. And while you might be tempted by all the high-end gizmos and gadgets, you can get by just fine with cheaper options, especially by finding items when they are on sale. Here are five swaps you can make that will save you money.

Fact or Fiction? 8 Myths About Your Car

With gas prices skyrocketing, you're going to see a lot of old myths about how to make your car run better. What's true? What's not? Our Green Dad columnist, Lou Carlozo, sorts the myths from facts when it comes to making your machine run smarter.

Meet Your Grilling Needs for Less With Our Shopping List

With spring finally showing its face in the north (and summer already closing in on the south), it's time to start planning for that ultimate celebration of being outside: The cookout. Naturally, many shoppers are itching to find deals on a grill — but it doesn't end there. With our discounted picks below, you'll save as much as $263 and still keep family and friends entertained all season long.

Laptop Battle: Apple MacBook Air vs. Samsung Series 9

A svelte laptop will never go out of style, and while many consider Apple's current-generation MacBook Air the pinnacle of ultraportables, new models are starting to encroach on Apple's territory. The latest contender is the Samsung NP900X3A laptop. But does this Windows newcomer have what it takes to topple Apple?

The Day the Flip Cam Died: A Requiem

You might not have shed a tear of regret on hearing the announcement today that Cisco was calling it quits on the Flip camcorder, but our guest columnist, digital journalism pioneer Mo Krochmal, sure did. This is his sign-off to the Flip, which has served him well.

Catch of the Day: Sales on Outdoor Gear

Ready to get outside and play? You'll likely need some new gear to enjoy the good weather. We've rounded up the best deals we've found right now for everything from tents to jet skis.

Video: Smash Open a Laptop, Learn About Processors

Ever wanted to smash up a laptop and see what's inside? The nice folks at allowed us to do just that for a new video series. After cracking a laptop open, our first episode takes a look at processors, and explains how to choose the best one for your computing needs.

Rumors: iPhone 5 Photos, YouTube Overhaul, New Final Cut?

Sometimes it's hard to know what to believe. Here, in our Rumor Roundup we make it simple for you: Don't believe anything! Honest! What you'll find inside is just conjecture. (But still fun to read, right?!) Enjoy!

Online Music Stores: Where We Stand One Year After

May marks the 1-year anniversary of the abrupt demise of Apple's, a cloud-based streaming music service that was a game-changer. So who is now at the forefront of the digital music industry and what can we expect to see in the future? We take a look at the major players along with some of our personal favorites.

10 Internet Retailers Rated on Complaint Resolution

If you get bad service from a retailer and want to complain about it, what are your options and how likely are you to resolve the complaint to your satisfaction? Our consumer advocate, Mitch Lipka, has a handy list to help you figure out your likelihood of getting a positive resolution from 10 popular Internet retailers.

How Much is Switching to a 3D TV Really Going to Cost You?

We have seen major drops in 3D HD television prices over the past year, and at any given moment, our site is teeming with enticing deals on the new technology. But if you're considering taking the plunge and adding another dimension to your viewing experience, keep in mind that the spending doesn't stop with the TV alone — and with our recommendations, you'll save as much as $485.

Are Extreme Couponers Crazy, or Smarter Than the Rest of Us?

What would motivate someone to clip enough coupons to buy 150 years' worth of deodorant? Since we know a little about being obsessed with deal-seeking, we wanted to know what's going on in the brains of people who consider themselves "extreme couponers," and we found out it's not really all about saving money.

Verizon iPhone Drives up Apple's Market Share, but Samsung Still Rules

In the war over cell phone turf, Apple's release of the iPhone on the Verizon network really shook things up. February's stats are in, and while Apple isn't going to topple the market leader just yet, it definitely won the battle in February.

Buy This, Not That: 8 Easy Swaps to Save Money and the Earth

Say you're standing in the grocery store, mulling two different choices. What's going to tip the balance for you? Price? Impact on the earth? Now you can get the earth-friendly choice and save money, with these 8 easy swaps brought to you by our Green Dad columnist, Lou Carlozo.

5 Fastest-Selling Deals, and How Not to Miss Them

Did you know that Amazon deals sell out faster than any other store? Do you know which types of products sell out fastest? We publish almost 300 deals daily, so what's a deal seeker to do to keep up? We've listed the five fastest-selling deals on dealnews, and humbly offer up a solution to the problem of missing out: our new dealnews app.

Best Retail Brands of 2011

Have you ever thought about why your favorite brand ranks above all the others? Interbrand Design Forum has, with its list of the top 50 brands of 2011, highlighting three emerging trends for this year in retail. Find out how the best retailers are aiming for the prize with staying power: your business.

8 Things You Need Now to Get Your Garden Growing Green

While spring is taking its sweet time to arrive, at least on the East Coast, it's the perfect time to start gathering up the materials you need to go green — as in get your garden and lawn growing. Our Green Dad columnist, Lou Carlozo, has eight tips to get you started.

It's World Backup Day 2011: Do You Know Where Your Data Is?

In case you hadn't checked your calendar today for wacky holidays, it's "World Backup Day." This is the one day of the year set aside to remind you to back up your data and make sure that if your laptop fries, you won't lose all your pictures, home movies and music files. Oh, and in case you needed a little enticement, deals and freebies abound!

4 Ways Retailers Try to Attract Men to Shopping

Remember the old stereotype about men not wanting to stop and ask for directions (which has gone by the wayside now that many people have GPS)? That spirit of rugged individualism is alive and well when it comes to men doing their shopping. They want to be left alone in a clearly organized store and get out as fast as possible. So what's a retailer to do to entice male shoppers to stick around and spend some more money? Find out the four simple ways retailers are trying to tap into the psychology of men's shopping.

Nintendo 3DS vs Nintendo DSi: Is 3D Worth the Cost?

Like it has done with its mascot, Mario, Nintendo has rebooted its DS handheld multiple times. In the DS' latest incarnation, Nintendo is betting hard on 3D gaming, but is the new handheld a gimmick or is Nintendo trailblazing the future of mobile gaming? Find out in our DS gadget battle.

5 Tips for Spotting Fake Customer Reviews of Products

If you've ever looked at the customer reviews of a product before buying it, then you've also probably wondered whether the opinions expressed are even real. Truth is, some aren't, and if you want to trust what you see, you need to read our five tips for spotting the fake reviews, from consumer advocate, Mitch Lipka.

L.L. Bean's Free Shipping Offer Is About Customer Service

L.L. Bean is aiming to be the next Zappos, using free shipping as a customer service tool to stand out above other online apparel retailers. Will the gimmick work to draw you in?

Rumors? Pay With Your iPhone 5, Xbox Delays, Cloud iTunes Pricing

Contrary to popular belief, a lot of lies can be found on the Internet. When we find one, we wrestle it to the ground and throw it into our Rumor Roundup, for your reading pleasure. This week's edition is like mom's pie: Full of Apple! Enjoy!

Walmart v. Dukes Pits the Retailer Against Class Action Discrimination Lawsuit

After 10 years of battling, Walmart will be facing the Supreme Court to decide the future of what could be the largest class action sex-discrimination lawsuit in our history. What does it mean for the nation's largest private employer, and what does it mean for you?

One Way Shopping Online Is Safer Than Buying in Stores

When you buy something using your credit card, a lot of activity is taking place behind the scenes, and that activity differs whether you are buying online or in a store. Which is safer? Our consumer advocate, Mitch Lipka, details one way you may be safer buying online than in a store.

Move Over SCOTTeVEST, iClothing for the iPad is the New Accessory

Need a place to stash your iPad, but it's too big for your pocket or an armband or any other holster? This fashion need has now met the mother of invention and driven an entirely new line of tablet-friendly clothing. Here's what you need to stay on the cutting edge of mobile fashion with your iPad.

6 Best Choices for Food Storage Containers

When it comes to reducing the carbon footprint in the edibles department, our Green Dad columnist is a big fan of reusable storage containers. But what are the best options that will help save your food, your health and the earth, and at the same time help you save a few bucks? He's got a list of six great choices so you can truly enjoy your leftovers.

6 Ripple Effects on Electronics From the Japanese Disasters

While a great many products are made in China, some critical components for everything from laptops to cars to the iPad2 comes from the area in Northern Japan hit hardest by the disasters there. What does that mean for consumer prices in the U.S.? Here's how six different products will be affected.

5 Must-Have Discount Tennis Gear Items: Shoes, Apparel and More

If you aspire to be or are one of the 30 million people in America who play tennis, then you might have already snagged one of the stellar daily racket deals we've listed. But, while a quality racket is likely to be your single most expensive purchase, you'll still need to buy some additional gear before you can hit the courts. And with our savvy picks, you can properly prep for tennis and still save at least $46.

6 Ways to Stop Yelling at Customer Service Reps

Last week, more than half of our readers told us they tell at customer service reps at least some of the time, so today, we offer some practical advice on how to stop the yelling and start getting what you want. Here are six ways to get what you want without flying off the handle.

Core i7 Laptop Price Trends Reveal Magic Price to Buy

The mobile Core i7 processor is Intel's top-of-the-line laptop CPU. We graphed the best deals on first-generation 16" and 17" Core i7 laptops over the past 12 months and discovered the magic price to pay.
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