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8 Ways to Shop Smarter in May

Need a swimsuit? A grill? A new pair of sneakers? Conventional wisdom would tell you one thing about your chances of getting a deal on these things in May, our data will tell you the real answer. We dug into our archives to find out the best time to buy the things you want right now, and what you should wait to get on sale later on.

Deals that say Happy Mother's Day

It's an established fact that moms put up with a lot, sometimes thanklessly. And while it may not make up for whatever unspeakable act of teen angst you might have put her through while growing up, at least with our Mother's Day deals, you can afford to show her the proper appreciation.

Buy This, Not That: 5 Ways to Save on Camping Gear

Heading into the great outdoors some time this spring or summer? You're likely looking for gear. And while you might be tempted by all the high-end gizmos and gadgets, you can get by just fine with cheaper options, especially by finding items when they are on sale. Here are five swaps you can make that will save you money.

Fact or Fiction? 8 Myths About Your Car

With gas prices skyrocketing, you're going to see a lot of old myths about how to make your car run better. What's true? What's not? Our Green Dad columnist, Lou Carlozo, sorts the myths from facts when it comes to making your machine run smarter.

Meet Your Grilling Needs for Less With Our Shopping List

With spring finally showing its face in the north (and summer already closing in on the south), it's time to start planning for that ultimate celebration of being outside: The cookout. Naturally, many shoppers are itching to find deals on a grill — but it doesn't end there. With our discounted picks below, you'll save as much as $263 and still keep family and friends entertained all season long.

4 Ways Retailers Try to Attract Men to Shopping

Remember the old stereotype about men not wanting to stop and ask for directions (which has gone by the wayside now that many people have GPS)? That spirit of rugged individualism is alive and well when it comes to men doing their shopping. They want to be left alone in a clearly organized store and get out as fast as possible. So what's a retailer to do to entice male shoppers to stick around and spend some more money? Find out the four simple ways retailers are trying to tap into the psychology of men's shopping.

6 Best Choices for Food Storage Containers

When it comes to reducing the carbon footprint in the edibles department, our Green Dad columnist is a big fan of reusable storage containers. But what are the best options that will help save your food, your health and the earth, and at the same time help you save a few bucks? He's got a list of six great choices so you can truly enjoy your leftovers.

5 Must-Have Discount Tennis Gear Items: Shoes, Apparel and More

If you aspire to be or are one of the 30 million people in America who play tennis, then you might have already snagged one of the stellar daily racket deals we've listed. But, while a quality racket is likely to be your single most expensive purchase, you'll still need to buy some additional gear before you can hit the courts. And with our savvy picks, you can properly prep for tennis and still save at least $46.