Rumors: iPod Nano Camera? PlayStation Network Back?

By Jeff Somogyi, dealnews writer

Here are a few of the rumors we've found this week:

  • Is this a picture of the iPhone 5's home button and speakers?
    macgasm says they got their hands on some iPhone guts (pictured right). Kinda creepy that we love something so much, we want to see its guts. Good thing people don't feel this way about celebrities ... well, most people.
  • Dark Tower film project canceled?
    Guess someone finally got around to watching all the other movies made from Stephen King books and realizing that most of them are just awful. (Oh, and the fact that they were trying to sell the studio on three films and two TV series! Greedy, greedy, Mr. King?!) (via Escapist Magazine)
  • PlayStation Network back online within the week?
    Though Sony has not given official word, PCWorld is reporting that it's possible you'll be back online fragging your friends soon. There are two groups that will be absolutely happy about this news: 1) Portal 2 players, who've been chomping at the bits to play co-op and 2) hackers, who have been chomping at the bit to invade the company a third time.
  • A bunch of Amazon Android devices coming, in time for the holidays?
    A couple of tablets and a smartphone, is what Android and Me is rumoring. "Take two tablets and call me on the smartphone". (Thus ends my brief Vaudeville career.)
  • Samsung's new 2560x1600 display is headed for the iPad 3?
    So says The Unofficial Apple Weblog, at least. Think of this: That is higher resolution than your TV and, at 10.1", a fraction of the size. Now, go smash your TV out of utter frustration of that fact.
  • Next-gen iPod nano will again have a camera?
    Wow. It is truely a wonderful time in which we live that such a device, with so many parts and functions, could fit in such a small form-factor. Whoops! I'm supposed to be all "jaded blogger jerk" about this stuff, right? *cough* How about, "What? No 4G wireless syncing, slide-out keyboard or Sirius/XM radio integration?! WEAK! (via cnet)
  • Apple adding natural language processing and recognition on the iPhone?
    The rumor over at macgasm is that Apple will team up with Nuance, the company who makes Dragon Dictation software), to have you speaking commands to your iPhone 5. Unlike current-gen voice-recognition programs, supposedly this one will actually understand you. (None of this "Phone? Call mom!", "OK! Calling BOB" business.) Yet it still won't open the pod bay doors. Jeez.
  • Apple's cloud music service will be better than Google's or Amazon's?
    HA! Which "music industry insider" did The Unofficial Apple Weblog talk to? Fanny J Fanboyerson?! "Yeah, we don't know much, but we DO know it's gonna be the best thing ever! What? How dare you imply that I'm bieng biased!"

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