Rumors: iPad 3D? iPhone 5 "Pro"? Android Phone for Women?

By Jeff Somogyi, dealnews writer

Here are a few of the rumors we've found this week:

  • Next-gen iPad will have a 3D screen?
    CNET heard from a "Hollywood insider" that the iPad 3 will feature glasses-free 3D and lots of content. O'course, a "Hollywood insider" is the kind of person who green-lit Wild Hogs and made Gwyneth Paltrow a star.
  • Apple moving to ARM processors for its laptops?
    Apple is dropping Intel, says SemiAccurate, and shifting to its own in-house brand of chips. Steve Jobs will, no doubt, get up on stage and tell you how much faster this'll make their notebooks. (But, let's be honest, if he painted flames on the side and told Apple fans that it made the thing run faster, they'd believe it.)
  • Next Xbox being tested at EA?
    Develop says that it's nothing more than guts in a PC case, though. Computer guts, of course! Microsoft hasn't moved to occult computing ... yet.
  • Apple's MobilMe to become cloud service called "Castle"?
    A castle in the clouds?! Call it Apple Eyrie! Hodor! (via The Mac Observer)
  • iPhone 5 will come in regular AND "Pro" versions?
    Is your "the iPhone 5 will be cheaper, not redesigned" rumor clashing with your "the iPhone 5 will be totally redesigned" rumor? iPhone Download Blog rectifies the situation by creating a third rumor that allows for both to be true. That's, like, Solomon levels of wise, or something.
  • HTC to announce an Android phone "for women"?
    So says This Is My Next, at least. Well! This will either be the best thing to happen since sufferage, or the worst attrocity perpetrated against equal rights since "Math Class is Tough" Barbie.
  • AT&T customer service rep. says iPhone 5 is not coming out this year?
    You know what, MacRumors? I've worked in customer service. Do you know what the first rule of customer service is? Tell the customer what they want to hear. (Ask any customer service representative and they'll tell you that themselves ... provided it's what you really want to hear.)

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