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The Best and Worst Things to Buy in December

December is a month when you almost can't avoid shopping. You may have skipped Black Friday — overwhelmed by the offers, hype, and crowds — but the holiday season is a different beast all together, with gifts from loved ones, friends, and people you barely know, coming at you from all angles. Keep your holiday cheer level high by shopping wisely. We've pored over the extensive dealnews archives of sales, coupons, and individual products from years past to guide you in your quest for the most savvy purchases in December.

Winter Weather Preparedness: To Shovel, Scoop, or Blow the Snow?

The leaves have fallen, and have been raked and bagged. Now snow season is making its way down from the northern climes, and you'll soon have to shovel before you can walk in a winter wonderland. Before you resign yourself to breaking your back tossing snow with the standard shovel, read our feature on the various snow-removal options available — including a pretty nifty levered shovel — that can make your life easier.

Best Black Friday Toys Roundup: $5 Build-A-Bears, Little Tikes Bouncer, more

Although we've said that toys aren't the best thing to buy on Black Friday, we recognize that many people are itching to get the shopping done. If you just can't put it off, then peruse our roundup of the best Black Friday toy deals that are still available. We've found five Editors' Choice deals: a Gingerbread Boy or Girl from Build-A-Bear for $5 each, a talking bacon plush toy, a Little Tikes outdoor bouncer for $150, and more! New deals are popping up by the minute, and prices are subject to change, so please be sure to check before you buy.

Best Black Friday Camera Deals Roundup: 3 Canon Rebels for under $650, more

Smile and say cheese for our roundup of the very best Black Friday camera deals we've seen so far. We've found five Editors' Choice deals that are still available: Canon Rebels T1, T2, and T3 each under $650, a waterproof 3D camera, and more. New deals are popping up by the minute and prices are subject to change, so please be sure to check before you buy.

Best Black Friday Tablet & Reader Roundup: iPad for $480, NOOKcolor for $119

We've been keeping our eyes on the hotness meter all morning, putting together a roundup of the very best of Black Friday's tablet and eBook reader deals we've seen so far. We've found five Editors' Choice deals: an Apple iPad for $480, a B&N NOOKcolor for $119, and three other devices for under $300. New deals are popping up by the minute, and prices are subject to change, so please be sure to check before you buy.

Best Black Friday Blu-Ray Roundup: $35 Refurb Player with Netflix & $4 Movies

We've been keeping our eyes on the hotness meter all morning, putting together a roundup of the very best of Black Friday's Blu-ray players and disc deals we've seen so far. We've found five Editors' Choice deals: Blu-ray movies starting at just $4 each, a refurbished Blu-ray player with Netflix for $35, and more, but new deals are popping up by the minute.

Will Daily Deal Sites Celebrate Black Friday this Year?

Every day is almost like Black Friday when it comes to daily deal sites, but how do their offers stack up against deals from retailers on the actual shopping holiday itself? Last Black Friday, sites like Groupon and LivingSocial caught some flack when they ignored the shopping holiday and offered only their standard discounts. This time around, we may be in store for something special.

Holiday Shopping On-the-Go: Will You Shop from Your Mobile Device?

Numerous recent surveys have indicated that more consumers are planning to shop from their mobile phone during the holiday season, and several retailers predict increased numbers for Black Friday specifically. (It does seem pretty convenient, since Black Friday now starts on Thanksgiving day; you can shop without leaving the presence of family!) Will you partake in m-commerce this year?

8 Tips to Get the Best Deals on Black Friday

Although we list hundreds of deals each day during Black Friday weekend, sometimes you'll encounter an offer while shopping that doesn't appear on our site. How then can you discern whether it's actually a great bargain, or if you can get a better deal somewhere else? Here's eight steps to follow to make sure you're getting the most out of your Black Friday purchases.

Travel to Riviera Maya, Mexico on a Dime: 6 Resorts for a Winter Vacation

Although winter has yet to start officially, the weather throughout much of the country already has got many looking forward to a warmer weather reprieve. But why wait six months for summer in order to exchange your boots for flip-flops and work emails for beach reads? Take a trip to Mexico while temperatures are mild and the beautiful beaches aren't overrun with co-eds on spring break. We've found six vacation deals for resorts on the Riviera Maya, in proximity to the cities of Cancún and Playa del Carmen.

The dealnews Staff's Black Friday Wish List

Black Friday makes many of our staff members "feel like a kid in some kind of a store." (Simpsons reference, Google it.) So, while we're devoted to working the entire weekend to bring you the best deals on the web, we also like to take that time to do a bit of shopping ourselves. And wouldn't you, dealnews readers, be curious to know what our deal-shopping experts are on the hunt for? Look no further than our staff's Black Friday Wish List!

Prepare Your Car for Black Friday Shopping

Black Friday is just around the corner, and while all of us at dealnews will say you're better off shopping online rather than in-store, there may be some deals that you think are worth trekking outside for, leaving the comfort of your home in the wee hours of the morning. So let's look at some ways to to optimize your Black Friday experience by prepping your car for the shopping madness.

Brand-Name TVs Will See Black Friday Prices with Time and a Little Patience

While most HDTVs on sale during Black Friday will likely be from an unknown manufacturer, our research shows that you won't have to wait very long thereafter to see the same deep discounts on big-brand names. If you hold your horses remote and wait it out, you'll likely wind up with a better TV or a better price ... or both! But how long should you wait?

Data Storage Deals: Free Cloud Space & 4 Editors' Choice Drives, more

Most of us don't go around thinking about the joys of data storage, and then it happens: Your computer crashes, or you're in immediate need of a flash drive to hand-off an important document. We've got five data storage deals — four of which are Editors' Choice-caliber — that will address all aspects of your storage needs, from thumb drives to an SDHC card.

Buying Tips and Deals on Drills for Every DIY Home Repair Project

Are you a person who likes to do your own home repairs? Just be sure you're equipped with the right power drill, one of the most useful tools for the budding repairman. With the appropriate bits, drills can drive or remove screws and bolts, cut with a saw blade, sand with a drum sander bit, polish with a wire brush, and much more. Here's a rundown of the features you should look for when shopping for a drill, as well as a handful of deals on both beginner's and advanced models.

The Best of the Black Friday Ad Leaks We've Seen So Far

As we get closer to Black Friday, more and more ads keep finding their way onto the Internet. And with the number of rumored offers now mounting, it can be a tad overwhelming for a shopper to sift through. So allow us to assist you! We've rounded up some of the most notable offers, including a significant jump in electronics deals and a very impressive ad from Best Buy.

The Most Discounted eBook Reader: Amazon Kindle vs Barnes & Noble NOOK

With its latest round of eBook readers, Amazon has solidified its position as the eBook juggernaut to beat. But Barnes & Noble isn't going to give up without a fight, and the once-dominant retail giant has followed suit and slashed prices on its new line of NOOK readers. But when it comes to deals and pricing, is Amazon still king of the hill? We dug through our deal archives to find out which tablet sees the better bargains.

Black Friday Sell-Outs: Bait & Switch Advertising or Inventory Issues?

Around Black Friday, the term "bait and switch" gets thrown around quite a bit, but let's be clear: There's "Bait and Switch" and then there's "bait and switch." One is a legal definition, prosecutable, and the other is colloquial, used liberally to designate unfair merchant practices. But in the Internet age, do retailers still attempt to use this promotional tactic to draw big crowds for Black Friday sales?

An Especially Green Holiday: The Coolest Eco-Friendly Toys

The holidays will soon be upon us, and where you get your toys may not be of that much concern to you, so long as you grab a bargain. However, our Green Dad columnist, Lou Carlozo, believes there are other concerns to keep in mind, like safety and eco-friendliness. So we've rounded up deals on some eco-smart picks that even adults will want to get their hands on, from flying discs to working windmills.

dealnews Podcast - Episode 184: We're Semi Live!

The dealnews Podcast is broadcasting Episode 184 towards you, so open your ears and let us in! This week, for the first time ever, our panel sits in the same room and records face-to-face-to-face! While staring at each other, we discuss Apple owning up to battery problems, Consumer Reports handing out a "recommends" to the iPhone 4S, Amazon's Kindle Lending Library, the new NOOK Tablet, Verizon doubling its data plans, and more.