Rumors: No iPhone Rumors? Sony Acquisitions? Kanye West?

By Jeff Somogyi, dealnews writer

It's WWDC time again, and that means that this week's rumors are lacking a certain Apple-ness:

  • Is this a photo of the Nexus 3?
    According to MobileCrunch's source, this device (pictured, right) is Google's next flagship phone. Before the final release, though, I hope they figure out a way to not make it look blurry in pictures ... and less photoshopped, too.
  • No PlayStation 4 anytime soon?
    Apparently the Internet, as it will, took something Sony CFO Masaru Kato said out of context and spun it into a rumor of an imminent next-gen PlayStation, says PCMag. That's exactly the kind of good rumor Sony wants to avoid right now so the world can focus on their constant failings and shortcomings. Gosh, Sony, someone hands you a goose that lays golden eggs and you think, "350° for an hour will be just about right!"
  • Sony to buy IMAX or Netflix?
    Though the facts offered up as to where the money would come from is nebulous, GameRant says this will be the perfect tactic for Sony to diversify their "revenue streams." And by that they mean: "expose a wider population to identity theft." (See, a rumor of a PS4 would have given me enough good will for your company that I would have felt bad making this joke at your expense, Sony! Oh! I still would have made it, but I would have felt bad about it.)
  • Kanye West designing a clothing line for 2012?
    As The Telegraph reports that Kanye is in Paris right now, working on his own fashion line. We think it'll be out later than 2013, though, because he'll keep running up to the seamstresses, grabbing their sewing machines, and saying, "I'mma let you finish, but..." (Yes, I know that joke is two years old, thank you. I just thought it was shagadellic enough that you'd show me the money for it.)
  • Microsoft to announce Xbox Live Diamond subscriptions?
    Sings SlashGear: This upgrade (BAH BAH BAH!) will deliver TV shows (SO GOOD, SO GOOD, SO GOOD) to your TV (BAH BAH BAH!) via your Xbox console-uh.

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