Your Local Walmart Might Be Closing

Walmart is closing 154 underperforming US locations, including all Walmart Expresses. However, the company announced plans to open even more.

If you've gotten used to picking up groceries at your local Walmart, or using their "Express" stores, you might be out of luck. The country's biggest retailer announced last week that it will close 269 of its 11,600 stores, including 154 in the US.

For a complete list of the closing store locations, click here.

The decision follows several difficult years for brick-and-mortar retailers, driven by a slowly recovering economy and the rise of online retail. (Despite being the top brick-and-mortar retailer, Walmart has struggled to compete with Amazon online.) These problems were compounded by a weak fourth quarter of 2015, driven by warm weather and slow clothing and home goods sales.

This means Walmart is not the only store to announce closures recently. Earlier this month, Macy's said it was closing 40 of its department stores and cutting 4,800 jobs. And Sears Holding Corp. said it was closing a number of Kmart stores.

However, the chain simultaneously announced plans to open as many as 165 new stores. Walmart said the closing stores were underperforming, and many are within 10 miles of another Walmart. In fact, all 102 Walmart Express stores in the US are getting shuttered. These smaller centers, aimed at urban and rural areas, were meant to compete with dollar stores and groceries, but never got off the ground. Criticisms ranged from poor service to poor inventory.

The closures will affect 10,000 US workers. Walmart says it will try to transfer workers, and provide 60 days pay and/or severance to others, as required by law.

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Walmart is a great store, and Sambos club. None in Washington are closing. Just the low end states.
From the story, regarding Walmart Express stores:

"Criticisms ranged from poor service to poor inventory."

And that observation does not apply to all Walmart stores how?
(1) Did anybody else wonder why the focus in that photo above appears to be on the bush? (Looking at this on mobile.)

(2) Did anybody else wonder, "Wow, I've never seen that kind of fancy, tightly trimmed landscaping around a Walmart!"?
94 million people out of work. It's no wonder they have to close stores. This economy has been artificially propped up by the federal reserve printing hundreds of billions of dollars the past few years and it's starting to bite the fed now. Interesting to see what Amazons earnings per share will be on 1/28. I would suspect not good and the market will continue its slide.
Interestingly, it looks like most of the closings are in "race to the bottom" states that have no worker protections and have been throwing ridiculous tax breaks to companies to move jobs there. Pretty sad if those people can't even afford to shop at Walmart.
Build new building, have it Fail, then leave building for rent site of a take over dump lowering the standards of the already degrading area
orders should be made to renovate or bulldoze the area before leaving it vacant
Walmart does hate competition! Must suck to billions of dollars a still say " man, we're losing money".
only traitors shop at walmart. and advertise for them!