Did You Buy A "Hoverboard" From Amazon? Get a Refund!

Last year's most popular holiday gift might have been the most dangerous one, too. It's more than just a misnamed product — it's a hazard.
hoverboard fire

If you purchased a "hoverboard" from Amazon over the holidays, good news! You can get a refund! Whether yours currently looks shiny and new, or more like the blazing pile of plastic above, Amazon is offering no hassle-refunds to their customers for their "hoverboard" purchases.

It's NOT A Hoverboard!

Can we please all agree that these things should not be called "hoverboards," due to their significant lack of hovering? By now, you'd be hard-pressed to find someone on the planet who hasn't heard about the looming threat of these "hoverboards." Most companies seem to refer to them as some version of a "self-balancing scooter", but whatever they're called, apparently "hazard" should be part of their official name.

Currently, these "fauxver"boards are being blamed for destroying a kitchen in Kent, England, a housefire in Louisiana, significant damage to a New York home, and forcing the evacuation of a mall in Washington after one caught fire.

In early December, airlines banned the products, fearing the safety issues they might cause. Additionally, the US Postal Service stopped shipping them by air, Overstock.com stopped selling them completely, and Amazon and Target both suspended sales of the item temporarily.

Get Your Money Back Before Your House Burns Down

Now, Amazon is being praised for taking the initiative to help their customers who purchased one of these cheap fire-hazards masquerading as a scooterboard. Currently, Amazon is offering full refunds for all "hoverboards" sold on their site, a move that the Consumer Protection Safety Commission commended.

When the reports started stacking up on the dangers these boards pose, Amazon removed several brands from their site. In an effort to put consumer safety first, those customers seeking a refund should contact Amazon directly with their requests.

Readers, did you purchase one of these "hoverboards" from Amazon? And if so, will you take advantage of the refund they're offering? Sound off below!

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I've seen these around 350 to 400 at stores in my neighborhood. There are no signs warning of the dangers of fire and it looks like they're trying to get rid of the stock.
Do you need to ride to ride it back to the Amazon warehouse for the refund?