Rumor Roundup: Have the Plans for Star Wars Land Been Smuggled to the Rebellion?


When the Internet runs out of news, it starts making things up. We think this is funny, so we round up all the lies and speculation and put them here. We call it the "Rumor Roundup" and we do it all for you! This week:

Disneyland Star Wars
  • Is This How Disneyland Will Look After the Star Wars Land Expansion? (see above)
    For lovers of the original trilogy: I find it's lack of details... disturbing.
    For The Force Awakens fans: (In Kylo Ren voice) The map to Star Wars Land... we know you found it. And now you're going to give it to the First Order.
    For fans of the prequels: Those movies are trash, stop liking them.

  • Were Only 3,000 Copies of Devil's Third Sold in All of North America Last Month?
    Before you snicker too heartily, remember that, with an MSRP of about $60, that's revenue of $180,000. If only we could all do as "poorly" as Devil's Third every month, huh? [Nintendo Enthusiast]

4-Inch iPhone
  • Is This a Video of a New 4" iPhone?
    Nice to see that we're going back to using practical effects and away from all this digital, green-screen business. Remember when the Apple iPhone 4 was just a tennis ball on the end of a stick that actors would have to talk to? Weird. [Apple Insider]

  • Is WebMD Up for Sale?
    Who needs to buy them, when any company can easily duplicate their functionality by having every symptom search redirect to a single page that says, "Maybe cancer? But you should probably talk to a real doctor." Because that's all I ever seem to get. [The Indian Republic]

Spider-Man Hoodie
  • How Will Spider-Man be Introduced to the Marvel Cinematic Universe?
    Like this: Spider-Man, the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Marvel Cinematic Universe, Spider-Man. Or, more likely, the person doing the introduction will have forgotten one of their names, so they'll say something like, "Do you two know each other?" and hope one of them jumps in with "No, I don't think we've met... I'm Spiderman. John Spiderman, I work in accounting." (This happens to me at every wedding I've ever been to.) [Bleeding Cool]

  • Is Huawei Working on an Android/Windows Dual-Booting Laptop?
    As any good farmer will tell you, two boots are better than one; however, with two boots, you might find yourself walking through a lot of @#$%. Also, you have to get up early to milk the cows and everyone blames you for Daylight Savings Time. [Ubergizmo]

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I know Walt tried to warn/prepare fans for what would happen in the future by saying the park would be ever changing, but instead of spending a billion or two on attractions at DL (and the resulting closure of Original Walt-era attractions that I haven't experienced) maybe they could just buy up a few dozen or hundred acres of property around the area to create a Third Gate?