JCPenney to Customers: Sorry Guys, Let's All Be Friends Again!

By , dealnews Senior Feature Writer

The higher-ups at JCPenney know you're probably losing patience with them. Whether it was their decision last year to nix coupons and sales, or their secret price increases once sales returned, the company is now admitting its faults, missteps, and blatant errors, and asking its customers to give them one more shot. And to show you how serious they are, they made a YouTube video about it.

The 31-second clip, which has received about 200,000 views since it debuted on May 1, states that "what matters from mistakes is what we learn." The ad promises that JCP will listen to your concerns and aims to "make your life more beautiful." How it plans to do that isn't addressed, but thanks to the gentle narrator and Hallmark-esque video montage of cute children laughing, it almost made us believe it.

But readers, what do you think? Is this semi-apology enough to get you back at JCPenney stores? Or are your JCP shopping days over?

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if they fired the million dollar corporate leaders and disbursed their salaries to us customers in form of no strings attached gift game. its all about who goes above and beyond to grab my business
I never liked JCPenney before the entire debacle. So, it doesn't make any difference to me.
That's the beauty of the Internet. You can always check Penney's prices against the competition in a matter of seconds. Pretty hard to pull the polyester over the customers' eyes!
I loved their recent "no sales or coupons" policy. That's what brought me back! And the updated store designs and merchandising are a head and shoulders above Sears. I predict that without Ron Johnson's vision, they will go the way of Circuit City in a matter of literally a couple of years.
Lindsay Sakraida (DealNews)
@Malk Now I have to rent "Better Off Ted" so I can understand your joke.
The commercial sounds just like a Veridian Dynamics ad.
Lindsay Sakraida (DealNews)
I just realized: there are dudes in this ad, but you don't see their faces.
We refuse to shop in stores that play coupon and discount games. There are places you can shop for merchandise of the same quality that do not inflate prices and then offer an "amazing" discount coupon, and an even better one for 4 hours Saturday morning. The fact that so many fall for it or demand it boggles the mind. Yesterday I was about to pay double at Wallgreens because I could not produce my loyalty card. No effort was made to look it up or help me get the advertised price. I left everything on the counter and walked out. I cannot and will not play these games. Penny's every day straight forward pricing was just what we wanted.