Rumor Roundup: Google Babel? Amazon 3D Phone? NOOK Sale?

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When the Internet runs out of news, it starts making things up. We think this is funny, so we round up all the lies and speculation and put them here. We call it the "Rumor Roundup" and we do it all for you! This week:

  • Google Babel Will Actually Be Called Google Hangout?
    Actually, it'll be called "Google's version of Facebook Messenger, but without ChatHeads, so why bother?" [Phandroid]

  • Google Wants to Open Retail Storefronts That Only Sell Google Glass Glasses?
    So, 100 times a day, one of the 99% of "normies," unaquainted with Google's niche project, is going to walk into the "Glass Store" and wonder why they don't sell prescription frames. The workers are gonna love this. [Android Authority]

  • EA Has Stopped Developing Games for The Wii U?
    Was it because the Wii U didn't treat their players like criminals and demand always-on copyright protection? (No, I have NOT gotten over that, yet ... and neither should you!) [Wii U Daily]

  • Amazon Developing a Phone with a 3D Screen?
    This glasses-less technology will make it look like your phone screen has depth. At least it'll mean something on your phone has depth, because your friends' Facebook posts certainly don't. "This food has bacon on it! #Food" [Mobile Burn]

  • Facebook Wants to Buy Crowd-Source Traffic App Waze for $1 Billion?
    I swear, the first time someone "Likes" that I'm stuck in traffic, I'm going to blow my top. [Forbes]

  • Microsoft Wants to Buy NOOK for $1 Billion?
    First order of business: Remove the home button so users spend extra minutes trying to find their way out of the book their reading. (Yes, I'm still mad about that, too!) [TechCrunch]

  • Google Is Revamping Maps?
    To be more friendly, directions will now be given as they would have been back before the Internet: "Go three blocks and make a right near the Dairy Queen. If you get to a bridge you've gone too far. Oh, it's either three or four lights, I don't know which. We're the big red house on the left. The second big red house ... well, the other is more of a maroon." [PC Mag]

Jeff Somogyi is the dealnews Media Editor. He was never good with directions and because of Google Maps, never has to be either! See more of his directionless thoughts on Google+, Twitter or on his comic book blog.

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