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According to many sources, cicadas — the giant, gross bugs currently invading the eastern United States — taste vaguely like shrimp. So we say, why pay $15/lb. for the real thing when the ersatz version is sitting out there on your trees, fences, lamp posts, patio furniture, pets, and cars just waiting to be scooped up and cooked? Sure it might be a bit gross, but it's free!

Of course, there are other reports that say the cicadas taste like peanut butter, nuts, or asparagus, but we felt our shrimpy headline had the best chance of grabbing you. I mean, who would click on "How to Save Money on Peanut Butter?" Regardless, if you live in an area that has seen a cicada explosion, and you want to actually give this mind-bending culinary experience a try, there's apparently a cookbook to aid you in your pursuit. Recipes include such delicacies as Cica-Delicious Pizza, El Chirper Tacos, and Southern Cicada Tartlets. These insects are low in fat and high in protein, so they should fit well into many fancy diets, too!

Still distrustful? Someone at The Star-Ledger in New Jersey actually gave cicadas-as-food a try, and put the results on film for all to see. Keep in mind though that this is the same guy who cooked up a Canadian goose when that particular species was overpopulating the state, so he has a track record of being strangely drawn to this sort of thing.

Readers, would you ever give cicadas a try? Have you already attempted to eat some of the buggers? Let us know what you thought they tasted like in the comments below!

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Jeff Somogyi (DealNews)
@Rael - that is totally an urban legend! (They use them in the MOCHA ones!) :)
I thought Starbucks was already using cicadas in the Strawberry Frappuccinos.
*Tilts head*
Do you think this is a mother-effing game?